Basil & Bark Design Templates für Blogger

Basil & Bark Review: Editorial Design Templates for Bloggers

You want to create a digital product? The Basil & Bark Design Templates help you to create professional PDFs, images, graphics. Use the existing templates and fill them with your colors and content.

What if you never had to design another worksheet, graphic, or slide deck again?

Basil & Bark

Basil & Bark has already done the job for you!

Simple, straightforward and strategic design templates designed with creative online entrepreneurs in mind.

  • Design Templates für Blogger
  • Lead-Magnet und Opt-ins
  • Webinar Vorlagen
  • Kunden Preislisten und Begrüßung
  • Vorlagen für Online-Kurse
  • Social Media Grafiken
  • Pinterest-Marketing-Grafiken
  • Affiliate Promotional Pack
  • Brand Board und Brand Elemente

The template sets are available for the following programs:

  • Canva
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Affinity Designer
  • Apple Keynote (slide desks only)

The templates are particularly suitable for you if you do not have your own graphics program. Then you can use Canva to create your PDFs and graphics for free and professionally.

Alysha’s templates allowed me to focus on the actual content of my lead magnets instead of distracting myself with the design.

What exactly are editorial design templates?

Templates are fully customizable themes. With any design software, you can change the fonts and colors, add new photos, and insert your own content. This is how you create your unique, branded images, marketing assets or a digital product.

Who are the templates for?

Basil & Bark Members Area
Basil & Bark Members Area

The templates created by Basil & Bark are designed for creative online entrepreneurs, such as.B bloggers, podcasters, digital course writers, influencers, and freelancers.

As a blogger, I can concentrate on my content, the templates give me the framework for this. So even I can create professional graphics, images and PDFs. The design templates for Instagram and Facebook are also super good.

Included marketing strategies

Basil & Bark Examples
Basil & Bark Examples

The products follow trends in the online business that help you use the most up-to-date and effective
marketing strategies in the industry.

The strategic templates have often brought me new ideas for new products. In the last lead magnet I added a crossword puzzle at the end of the document because Basil & Bark has a great template for it. You then offer your freebie within your articles, or on a separate Landing-Page.

Free updates forever

Basil & Bank wants to offer the best design templates in their category. When an update is released, anyone who has already purchased the template will receive the latest files at no additional cost, even if the value and/or price of the product increases.

Professionally designed

Alysha, the designer, has a degree and professional experience in the field of editorial design. She herself has created all products with the utmost care and also gives support.

Simple, up-to-date and interlocking

All fonts are included and do not need to be purchased separately. You create mockups yourself instead of buying them for expensive money. In addition, the products are designed to mesh seamlessly as a complete marketing system.

What can I create with Basil & Bank?

Template editing with Canva
Template editing with Canva

The templates are delivered in fully optimized, done-for-you designs, including:

  • Lead Magnet and Opt-ins
  • Webinar Templates and Instructions
  • Welcome/Pricing Guide for Customers
  • Everything you need for your online course
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Marketing graphics for Pinterest content
  • Affiliate Advertising Package (for your affiliate program)
  • Brand board and brand elements
  • Workbooks for your readers
  • Instagram Grid Builder
  • Graphics for your podcast
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Each product consists of a template set with many pages and graphics. Usually much more than you can then use directly for a PDF or for your own product.

How much does the Basil & Bank graphic miracle cost?


Everything good has its price. This is also the case with the design templates from Basil & Bark.

If you really only need one product, get it as a single purchase. You’ll get a lifetime of updates and support for it.

Especially as a blogger, however, I use some templates from B&B, which is why I decided to become a member. Contrary to most memberships, however, you only pay once and have access to all existing and newly added templates forever. Membership can change to monthly payment at any time without a lifetime deal.

Individual products/templatesMembership
useunlimited / own productsunlimited / own products
ContentA template setAll template sets incl. new
Price $4.00 to $37.00$ 227.00

It’s best to take a close look at what you really want to use and then decide if the lifetime membership for $227.00 is worth it for you.

If you have already purchased individual products before your lifetime purchase, write a message to Alysha, then you will receive a discount.

Membership Benefits

  • Instant access to the entire template collection in the members area
  • Almost 50% off the entire template collection – a total saving of over $150
  • Free, early access to all future templates added to the collection
  • Lifetime updates for each product, even if they add value

Design Template Products

There are currently over 25 template sets. If I were to present them all in detail, it would go beyond the scope. That’s why I only describe my favorite sets and list the rest below.

All templates for your lead magnet builder

Ultimate Lead Magnet Builder

With over 70 unique design templates, including lists, charts and trackers, this package is ideal for creative bloggers and companies in any niche. Perfect if you want to grow your email list.

Templates for services and prices

Services and prices

This product is designed to support creative services. Create price lists and service catalogs. With these templates, you will quickly reach your goal and can take care of more important things.

Templates for your webinar

Templates for your webinar

This makes it easy to create an engaging and highly converting webinar or master class. The template is strategically structured, with digital offerings and online courses.

Other template sets:

Alle Basil & Bark Produkte
Alle Basil & Bark Produkte
  • Ultimate Instagram Grid Builder
  • Ultimate Instagram Stories Builder
  • Ultimate Pinterest Pin Builder
  • Ultimate Tech Mockup Builder
  • Affiliate Promotional Pack
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand & Mood Board
  • Roadmap Lead Magnet
  • Masterclass Action Guide
  • Challenge Lead Magnet
  • Online Course Workbook
  • Online Course Calendar
  • Blog & Podcast Media Kit
  • Editorial eBook
  • Online Course Thumbnails

Want to see an example?

I created my editorial plan masterclass lead magnets with the Basil & Bark templates:

Redaktionsplan Masterclass

18Seiten inkl. Redaktionsplan-Vorlage

Direkt in deinen Posteingang 👇

Conclusion: Design templates for bloggers

Mockup Templates in Affinity Designer
Mockup Templates in Affinity Designer

I use Basil & Bark’s design templates for all my designs, PDFs, lead magnets and social media graphics.

Yes, the designs are mostly without colors and look a bit naked. But that’s what we wanted! You should use your own brand colors and graphics to make the result unique.

My recommendation: Use the Editorial Design Templates for Blogger and save a lot of time!

The video shows you all design templates:

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  1. Hi Jochen, ich kann es leider nicht mehr empfehlen. Sie hat den Shop gewechselt und seitdem kann ich mich nicht mehr einloggen. Auf E-Mails oder Nachrichten auf allen Plattdformen (Creativemarket, Etsy) antwortet sie nicht. Sehr schade!

    1. Hallo Mareike,
      ja da hast du leider recht. Ich nehme an die Templates waren nicht so profitabel wie sie sich das vorgestellt hatte.
      Ich nutze die Vorlagen aber noch immer für meine Leadmagneten und bin sehr zufrieden damit.