BBcode to HTML converter

EN: Advanced BBcode to HTML converter with support for more tags and formatings.
DE: Erweiterter BBcode zu HTML Konverter mit Unterstützung für mehr Tags und Formatierungen.

Supported BBCode tags

BBCode HTML Name
[b][/b] or [strong][/strong] <strong></strong> strong
[u][/u] <u></u> underline
[i][/i] <i></i> italic
[quote][/quote] <blockquote></blockquote>
long quotation
[color=][/color] <font color="red"></font> font color
[font=][/font] <font face=""></font> font
[size=][/size] <font size=""></font> font size
[url][/url] <a href="" title=""></a> link
[flash][/flash] <embed width="" height="" src=""></embed> Flash
[swf][/swf] <embed width="500" height="400" src=""></embed> Videos
[img][/img] <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a> image
[h1][/h1] <h1></h1>

heading 1

[h2][/h2] <h2></h2>

heading 2

[h3][/h3] <h3></h3>

heading 3

[h4][/h4] <h4></h4>

heading 4

[h5][/h5] <h5></h5>
heading 5
[h6][/h6] <h6></h6>
heading 6
[p][/p] <p></p>


[sup][/sup] <sup></sup> superscript
[sub][/sub] <sub></sub> subscript
[ul][/ul] <ul></ul>
    unordered HTML list
[li][/li] <li></li>
  • list item
  • [center][/center] <div style="text-align:center"></div>
    [right][/right] <div style="text-align:right"></div>
    [left][/left] <div style="text-align:left"></div>

    Advanced BBCode tool

    BBCode to HTML converter

    English description

    This advanced BBcode to HTML Converter tool allows you to translate more than just the standard tags.

    You may have written texts in a forum and want to convert them to HTML. Then the BBCode to HTML Converter is just the right program for you.

    Paste your BBCode into the upper form and click the Convert to HTML button. If you want to replace line breaks with a br-tag, check the box (Convert \n (ASCII line break) to <br />).

    Free to use / Für kostenlose Nutzung