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SEO and Marketing Portal by Jochen Gererstorfer

Welcome to Blogger Pilot, the magazine for SEO and marketing!

The topic of online marketing covers countless areas and core topics. We have oriented ourselves to our own interests and talents. SEO, social media and technology are Jochen’s hobbyhorses. We are also very talented in marketing, content creation and WordPress. Of course, there are also many overlaps. Who can get past WordPress today? If you are interested in internet marketing, you will also have to take care of technical issues. The other way round, of course, in the same way. Have fun browsing and reading.

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Internet Marketing and WordPress Blog

If you want to create your first own blog, I can recommend WordPress. As theme, we mostly use Divi for our customers. For keyword research I have Rank Tracker and Long Tail Pro in my SEO toolbox for several years. But in the first weeks and months you mainly need stamina and a lot of hard work. Only then you can make your website a crowd puller and survive the first time without visitors. With our online marketing news and tutorials you will surely reach your goals on the web quickly. If you want to create a shop, please remember the laws in Germany.

Keep going and have fun!

Affiliate marketing should be kept in mind from the very beginning. As a source of income you can use it to successfully position your company and your website. A good source of traffic is search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Advertising or paid visitors usually can only be recommended in the second step. Google Ads and Facebook work best, if you want to rely on CPC Traffic. Also keep in mind, as a manager you are always responsible for the content of your website. The same applies if you include foreign advertisements on your site. Tips for the right and professional handling on the web.