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Avatar customization options

  • Face shape
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Eye shape
  • Iris
  • Eyebrows
  • Glasses
  • Hair
  • Mustache
  • Beard
  • Clothing (shirt, sweater, jacket, sweater, shirt, tie)
  • Background (different patterns, monochrome)

Free usage

You can use your avatar wherever you want. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. But it’s best to use your avatar picture directly as a profile picture on social networks.

If you use Gravatar, you can immediately upload and use your avatar there too.

With my Avatar Maker you create your image as a caricature. Without any drawing skills, in just a few clicks.

You have the choice to download your avatar as PNG or SVG file.

  • Select the PNG format for immediate use in social media.
  • Select the SVG format if you want to edit the image further.

Avatar Generator Features

Female and male

Both male and female alias image can be created.

Avatar image

Avatar creation with more than 300 graphic objects (faces, eyes, hair, clothes, etc.).


Apply any color to the graphic parts.

Shadows und Highlights

The Avatar Maker automatically calculates colors for shadows and lights.

Random Avatar

Create a random fake character with any combination of parts and colors.

Reset Function

Reset the Alter Ego to its original state to start creating again.


Created avatars can be shared via Pinterest and Twitter.


Upload created avatars to secure.gravatar.com without leaving the generator.

Retina perfect

The Avatar Generator Service is a vector-based app. It is perfectly presented on high-resolution displays.

Touch Support

Works well on touch-sensitive devices with a combination of responsive features.

Three download options

Two PNG sizes and also one SVG file! Special PNG size for iOS Retina devices.

Responsive Interface

Create your free avatar also on your smartphone and tablet.

Avatar App

You can also use our Avatar Generator app on your smartphone to create your comic avatar.

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