Tools for Bloggers and Webmasters

A small collection of useful tools for webworkers, webmasters, copywriters and anyone who might need them.

SERP Snippet Generator

» SERP Snippet Tool

For optimal meta tags. With instant preview. No more too long and truncated metas.

.htpasswd Generator

» htpasswd Generator

Generate the encrypted passwords for Apache and nginx directory protection.

Avatar Generator

» Avatar Generator

Create your avatar. With many variations you can create your likeness.


» SVG to CSS

Convert SVG images to CSS code to use them as background. Must-have for every webmaster.

BBCode to HTML converter

» BBcode to HTML

Translate your BBCode to the current HTML format. With advanced options.

Backlink Checker Tool

» Backlink Checker

Discover the backlinks to your website, or spy on other blogs.

SEO Analyse für deine Webseite

» Your SEO Report

How well is your site optimized? The analysis will be sent to you by e-mail.

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