Divi AI Turns Your Blog Into a Content Engine

Divi AI Turns Your Blog Into a Content Engine

Welcome to the world of automated website creation and maintenance with Divi AI! This innovative tool is designed to speed up the tedious and time-consuming processes. Powered by OpenAI’s powerful artificial intelligence, Divi AI can generate high-quality content and stunning images tailored to your exact needs.

In the tradition of Divi and Elegant Themes, one of the leading themes and plugins for WordPress, Divi AI combines WP’s intuitive and user-friendly approach with artificial intelligence. This approach makes Divi AI an indispensable tool for anyone looking for an efficient and effective way to create, update and manage stunning websites.

Advantages of Divi AI for WordPress

By automating the content creation and image generation processes, Divi AI allows you to focus on the aspects of your business that require your direct attention.

With Divi AI, you can effortlessly create high-quality, customized content that engages your audience and effectively conveys your message. Whether you want to write a blog post, create a product description, or simply fill your website with relevant content, Divi AI delivers.

Otherwise, Divi AI is an invaluable tool when it comes to image generation. Instead of spending time on stock photos or editing images in Photoshop, Divi AI learns from your content and generates appropriate, aesthetically pleasing images that can be instantly integrated into your website. At least that’s what the AI is trying to do :) – more on that below.

What makes Divi AI special?

Divi AI is more than just a tool – it’s the next evolutionary step in the world of web design and content creation. With the growing influence of artificial intelligence in the digital world, Divi AI is another step towards the ability to generate content and images using the most advanced AI technology.

Special features and functions of Divi AI

The outstanding features of Divi AI lie in its ability to generate high-quality content and stunning images in real time. It simultaneously offers several features that are specifically aimed at making the web design process easier to handle. These include:

  1. Unlimited generation of text & images: Create an infinite amount of text and images to suit your specific needs.
  2. Intuitive interface: use an easy-to-use editor that doesn’t require any code knowledge.
  3. Personalized content: Get content based on your specific needs and requirements.
  4. AI-guided learning: Let Divi AI learn and evolve steadily and effectively from your website content.

By providing these features, Divi AI makes web design and content creation a straightforward and smooth process. Discover the many benefits Divi AI has to offer now!

Divi AI as a constant learner

How Divi AI learns about your website

At the heart of the Divi AI system is an advanced machine learning algorithm. Its central job is to learn from your input and the context of your website. With each new interaction and content added, it improves and optimizes its understanding of your specific needs and preferences.

This continuous learning allows Divi AI to create more detailed and specific content and images that perfectly match your individual style and brand identity.

In my testing, I couldn’t see the self-learning capabilities directly. It seems to happen in the background.

About Divi AI’s contextualized content production

Context is key to the success of any artificial intelligence, especially in content generation. Divi AI integrates this aspect captivatingly. Through “learning by doing,” it constantly improves its ability to deliver contextually appropriate and relevant content.

This process involves deep analysis of the key themes, pitches, and linguistic nuances present in your existing content. This allows Divi AI to better understand your audience and create content that is tailored to your specific context and target audience.

It’s important to note, however, that first there needs to be content that the AI can then learn from. So if you revise existing text, the AI can learn from that.

Advantages of unlimited use

Divi AI is the most cost-effective option when it comes to AI-generated content for websites. Both ChatGPT Plus and Jasper are significantly pricier to use. ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per user per month. Jasper charges $39 per user per month.

Divi AI, on the other hand, costs just $14.40 per monthly subscription or $172.80 annually. Not only is this significantly cheaper than the alternatives, but you also get unlimited access to text and image generation. Plus, Divi AI is seamlessly integrated with Divi, while ChatGPT and Jasper are stand-alone solutions.

By the way, 100 trials are available to you for free for testing.

Endless text and image generation with Divi AI

When it comes to content creation, Divi AI offers a world of possibilities through its unlimited text and image generation. No matter the size of your website or the variety of your design needs, the AI-powered system can constantly create new text and images that perfectly fit your requirements.

Divi Text AI: Your new writing partner

No matter where you are in the Divi Editor, as of Divi version 4.22.0, AI is at your fingertips for every text field.

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How Divi Text AI improves your writing

The new Divi AI button
The new Divi AI button

At the end of the day, it’s the words that tell your story to your online audience. With Divi Text AI as your new writing partner, you can make sure those words are always chosen with the utmost precision and relevance.

6.2 Using Divi Text AI for high-quality content

The quality of the content you offer on your website can have a significant impact on your brand perception and SEO performance. Divi Text AI helps you excel in this area by creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content.

A whole list of text features for content creation
A whole list of text features for content creation

By combining artificial intelligence and deep text analytics, Divi AI can generate relevant and engaging content tailored specifically to your audience. With smart keyword integration, Divi Text AI improves the visibility of your website and increases your chances of reaching higher ranks in search engine results.

Caution: Don’t adopt texts blindly! The AI can’t fool your sophisticated brain. Check every line for correctness.

Divi Image AI: Your solution for customized images

Divi Image AI is a bit hidden
Divi Image AI is a bit hidden

See that little gray AI icon on the screenshot? That’s where the new Divi Image AI is hidden. But on mouseover, the button lights up colorfully.

How Divi Image AI creates images to your liking

The impact of images on a digital medium cannot be overstated. Images attract users and draw them into your content. Divi Image AI is your partner to create images according to your specific ideas and needs.

You have the choice between “Generate me AI” and “Generate automatically”. With the first option, you can still choose a style and specify your own image instructions. With automatic, Divi will try to generate the image based on your text.

First you should choose your appropriate image style:

  • Photo
  • Difital drawing
  • Concept art
  • Vector graphic
  • 3D rendering
  • Drawing,
  • Abstract art
  • Comic book
  • Watercolor
  • Painting
  • Anime
  • Cartoon
The predefined image styles.
The predefined image styles.

Then you give your instructions to the AI. The so-called prompt.

When generating the image, you should also type in English. I just typed in “Draw a webmaster sitting in front of his computers”.

For this I got four suggestions:

Four image suggestions for my prompt
Four image suggestions for my prompt

The four images are nothing special, but I had much worse results. With Midjourney, for example, I never got good images. Whereas others create true masterpieces.

Now you can select your favorites with one click and it will be inserted into your website.

The possibilities of image creation with Divi Image AI

Divi Image AI goes far beyond simple image generation. It also offers a wide range of image styling options so you can fine-tune your images according to your specific needs. This includes resizing, color correction, image composition and more, giving you complete control over the visual presentation of your website.

Results with Divi AI

Divi AI image samples
Divi AI image samples

Sample images created by Divi AI

OpenAI is not a mere hypothesis. It is a proven and effective image generation system that has already achieved impressive results. From simplicity and elegance to colorful and detailed, Divi AI has created a diverse portfolio of sample images that reflect different design aesthetics and styles.

These sample images provide a glimpse into Divi AI’s potential and flexibility to produce high-quality and aesthetically pleasing images.

Roadmap and upcoming features

These new features are coming soon
These new features are coming soon

What AI features are coming next?

  • Code Generation
  • Full Layout Generation
  • Image Editing

While you focus on the current feature set, the dedicated team of developers and AI experts is already working on the next innovative features. The approach is clear: continuous improvement to ensure Divi AI stays ahead of the curve and meets your needs and expectations.

The upcoming features cover diverse areas such as advanced text and image generation, deeper integration with your WordPress installation, and intuitive user interfaces. Each new feature is designed to improve the user experience and give you more control and efficiency when creating web content.

Discounts and special prices for Divi AI launch

40 % on Divi AI
40 % on Divi AI

Be quick, and you’ll get the 40% discount on Divi AI. You don’t need a separate coupon. As long as the discount is active, you will get it automatically.

Frequently asked questions

The speed of content production depends on the length and complexity of the request. However, Divi AI is designed to work quickly and efficiently, typically delivering results within minutes.

Yes, Divi AI has the ability to produce a variety of content, including but not limited to blog articles, product descriptions, and social media posts.

As a WordPress plugin, Divi Builder brings the page builder from Divi theme to other WordPress themes. It offers the same features and therefore all Divi AI features.


At the end of the day, Divi AI offers you a world of possibilities when it comes to website content creation. You get access to powerful AI tools that can automate and improve your text and image generation. At the same time, the tool is constantly evolving to meet the dynamic digital marketing environment.

Divi AI’s unlimited use means you’re on an almost endless journey of learning and discovering new content. So you can create websites that are not only engaging, but also optimized for SEO.

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