5 SEO Tips from Industry Professionals

5 SEO Tips from Industry Professionals

Being able to place themselves at the top of the search engine rankings is enormously important for companies so that they can be found by potential customers and thus generate new sales. However, SEO optimization, which can promise more traffic to the companies’ homepage, not only costs valuable time, but also money.

Especially for smaller companies, it is therefore particularly difficult to write good SEO texts in the long term because the competition does not sleep and continues to work continuously. But ongoing traffic can be generated if you follow the tips of search engine optimization specialists

The professionals know exactly what is critical and how to rank high in the search engine rankings eventually.

1. Know your competition

It is essential for every company not only to keep an eye on its own business, but also to keep an eye on what the competition is up to. Even in online marketing, it is of great importance to look beyond the horizon and to follow the internet presence of the surrounding companies.

Particularly when you have to take sales losses into account yourself, it is important to take a look at your competitors and see how they advertise their products and services. This is precisely when it often pays to train an employee in search engine optimization.

Optimize organic search criteria

Watch the competition with Semrush.
Monitor the competition with Semrush.

In order to stand out from competing companies and thus attract more customers, optimized organic search is predominantly important. Organic search displays texts from companies in the search engines that have not been purchased.

Here, the true ranking winners are shown without having to spend large sums of money on advertising to the search engine operators. Algorithms display the results that contain relevant information about the searched term and thus can be interesting for the reader.

For companies, this means that they not only have to write exciting and interesting information about their services and products themselves in order to land high up in the search engine rankings. They must also regularly check how the competition is performing.

What information, what knowledgeable insights, do they provide to interested potential customers? Of course, you should not copy from each other, but not only potential customers, also the competition may take a look at the homepages of other entrepreneurs.

Compare content

Straight medium-size enterprises must often fight hard against the competition, to make so prospective customers on itself attentive. Search engine optimization specialists advise their clients to occasionally take a look at the competitors’ websites and see what kind of content they offer to prospective customers.

Often, small businesses lack the knowledge and time to create a semi-professional homepage that can offer the important content and thus generate sustained traffic. Not only are descriptions of services and products essential, but a behind-the-scenes look at the business can attract interested customers and thus provide the desired traffic.

Identify structure

Clutter prevents potential customers from lingering on the homepage for long and perhaps even ending up wanting to buy a product or order a service. How do competitors structure their homepage? What can you do better on your own website and maybe even design it better than the competition? Is the homepage professionally designed, or have amateurs tinkered with it themselves?

Are customers integrated?

Does the competition offer their customers the opportunity to actively participate on their offer? Is there a forum, how can people get in touch with the company, and how are customers kept happy while surfing the homepage so that they stay on the website as long as possible?

Finding the right keywords

Companies are found when customers are drawn to the search engine ads with specific keywords. However, it is not always so easy to identify the appropriate keywords that prospective customers use to search. It’s not always just the names of the products and services, but often related terms that get lost if left out as an important keyword. Diversity in the description is therefore indispensable for entrepreneurs who want to make their web presence SEO-ready.

Keyword research with Sistrix
Keyword research with Sistrix

It is absolutely necessary to know the search terms of real prospects and not only to use terms given by computers. People are not computers and can therefore search for services and products using a wide variety of terms. Entrepreneurs should therefore search the Internet themselves and see what terms are mentioned in the context of the goods or services and use them in the generated texts to increase visibility.

3. Use social media

Facebook, Instagram and Co. are ideal ways to advertise for free and also offer potential customers a little behind-the-scenes insight. Smaller companies in particular can set up free profiles on social media channels and generate new prospects here.

Thanks to the ease of use, even smaller entrepreneurs who have little idea about building websites can easily create a page for their company and thus interact with prospects and customers. Not only advertising, but also interesting articles about employees, work processes or even competitions, say specialists in search engine optimization, attract prospective customers to the channel and can attract the attention of new customers.

Intriguing photos, important dates or even private insights provide exciting content that can attract readers and thus draw attention to the company. Funny content, away from glossy advertising, attracts real prospects, because they want to get to know the companies they buy from better.

Entrepreneurs should not underestimate the possibility of presenting themselves free of charge in social networks because today almost everyone uses Facebook, Instagram and Co. and finds out about new suppliers and interesting products as well as exciting services here occasionally.

4. Write texts for people, not for search engines

The empty text document is waiting for engaging content for your visitors.
The empty text document is waiting for appealing content for your visitors.

Of course, the analyses of the search engines are enormously important so that an entrepreneur can place himself with his homepage far above in the rankings. But the customers who want to learn something about the company on the homepages are not computers, but real people who want to read informative and exciting texts. Therefore, one should not only generate texts that ensure better placement in search engines and are full of keywords, but create texts that contain good readability and diversity, i.e. variety of keywords. Not only specialists immediately recognize texts that have been generated only for the search engine, but also the potential customer recognizes that it is actually not him, but the search engine that is being addressed.

If you do not trust yourself to write a text that is SEO-optimized, easy to read and interesting so that potential customers stay longer on your website, you can hire professional writers who can create such texts.

5. Stay interesting

In addition to unique search queries, there are also queries with mixed search intent.
In addition to unique search queries, there are also queries with mixed search intent.

Companies that use a website but do not maintain it regularly need not be surprised if they fall further and further down the search engine rankings. Especially owners of medium-sized companies use the opportunity to build visibility, or even to register in social media, then the website is forgotten after a short time, so that no new content is published.

As a result, fans or prospects soon lose interest in looking around the company’s pages, because there is nothing new to see here.

The competition, however, keeps generating new texts. Can place itself in such a way in the long term in the rankings of the search machines far above and ensures for the fact that the interested new customers, in addition, regular customers over a longer period linger.

A blog that is tailored to the interests of the target group ensures that interesting texts appear again and again, which contain keywords and thus support the ranking.

5 SEO Tips Conclusion

Those who regularly post intriguing and entertaining articles can place themselves in the search engines in the long term and thus prevail against competitors. In this case, regular means ideally posting new articles on a weekly basis, but at the latest posting new texts on a monthly basis in order to increase the visibility of the homepage. However, it should not only be texts, but also appealing videos, provided with meta tags, high-quality product images or illustrations provide a better overview and ensure more traffic and more clicks.

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