The best Divi plugins and extensions

The Best Divi Plugins and Extensions

These are the best Divi plugins and extensions! Although the popular Page-Builder for WordPress comes up with very extensive features, the wishes of Divi users remain open again and again, who would be happy about one or the other extra. For these cases, numerous extensions and plugins from third-party manufacturers have been developed in addition to the Divi Theme.

But which plugins are recommended? We have summarized the best extensions for the Divi theme.

1.Divi Pixel – The No.1 Plugin for DiviAdditional Modules$49.00/year
2.Divi SupremeAdditional Modules$40.00/year
3.Divi Toolbox by Divi LoverAdvanced Features€ 49.00
4.Divi Plus by divi extendedAdditional Modules$59.00/year
5.Divi CakeIndividual plugins$10.00 – $25.00
6.Page-Builder Everywhere by divi.spaceFull Site Editing$29.00/year
7.Divi Rocket by divi.spaceCache Plugin$49.00/year
8.Product Carousel by divi.spaceWooCommerce$39.00/year
9.Divi Overlays by divilifePopups$24.00/year
10.Divi Bodycommerce by Divi EngineWooCommerce£24.00/year
11.Divi Mobile by Divi EngineMenu for Mobile£12.00/year
12.Divi Blog Modules by DiviGearBlog$25.00/year
13.Advanced Divi Heading Modules by DiviGearTitles$29.00
14Divi Layout Library by Divi DenLayouts$49.00/year
15.Divi Events by Be SuperflyEvents$19.00/year
16.Image Intense by Be SuperflyPictures$29.00/year
List of the best Divi plugins

Divi Pixel – The No.1 Plugin for Divi

Divi Pixel Plugin
Divi Pixel Plugin

Don’t let the rigid framework of a Page-Builder limit you when designing your website. With hundreds of customization options and 26 strong custom modules, there are no limits not only to the functionality but also to the look of your website.
The design possibilities of your website are greater than ever with Divi Pixel and will give your users a very special user experience.

With over 200 setting options, Divi Pixel opens up a wealth of new possibilities. Many of them can be personalized and work in addition to the theme settings.
Here’s a little overview of the categories and setting options.

General settings:
They include options for headers, navigation and footers, among others.
In addition, you will find numerous features that will make it easier for the user to use your site:

  • Login Page
  • Browser scrollable
  • Back-To-Top Button
  • Map marker

Blog Settings:
Here you can design the page as desired. Choose a style and design the blog page as you like.

  • Navigation
  • Icons
  • Remove frames or sidebars
  • “show more” button
  • Author Box
  • Customize the comment area

In addition, the Divi Pixel Builder allows you advanced settings for mobile optimization of your page and for social media. Additional features such as a personalized 404 page and 20 new modules for the Divi Page-Builder round off the offer of this successful plugin.

Single: $49.00 per year for one page
Plus: $99.00 per year for three websites
Unlimited: $149.00 per year
Lifetime license: $299.00 unlimited in time and pages

Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme Modules
Divi Supreme Modules

They call themselves “DIVI Doctor”
Divi Supreme is a wonderful tool filled with everything you need to build a unique website. But that’s not all, because Divi Supreme offers more. With 9 years of WordPress experience and 12 years of development, this WordPress plugin doesn’t just focus on modules and extensions. It offers other comprehensive services such as website design, repair of Divi pages, moving of web pages. As long as it has to do with WordPress and Divi, Supreme is the right contact person.

Supreme is available in two versions.
Divi Supreme Light opens up 20 modules and three expansions for free. The Pro version is packed with 40+ premium elements and 7 useful enhancements that will take your Page to the next level. Divi Supreme Pro is the perfect tool for Divi professionals.

However, unlike many free plugins, the free light version already offers a wide range of design options and applications that you cannot realize with the Divi Builder. There are currently 20 modules, the number is increasing. Nevertheless, you will come across some useful extensions and components that will only be available after purchasing the Pro version. A good example of why buying the Proversion can pay off is the Divi Supreme Button. Although it is also included in the free version, the design options are limited here. Only in Supreme Pro can you use the unique hover animations or images/video lightbox.

In any case, the Supreme plugin is one of the best plugins for Divi and will open up undreamt-of possibilities in your Divi Page-Builder.

$ 40.00 – per year, 1 website
$ 79.00 – per year, unlimited number of pages

Divi Toolbox by Divi Lover

The Toolbox
The Divi Toolbox

The Divi Toolbox by Divi Lover is, as the name suggests, an addition to the Divi Theme. Just like in a “toolbox”, this compact tool contains a collection of useful extensions to the Divi Page-Builder. Especially suitable for users who want to make quick and uncomplicated adjustments to their Divi website, but do not want to or cannot work on HTML or CSS codes. The integration of Toolbox into the Divi Customizer is super simple and will convince both WordPress beginners and professionals.

For whom is Toolbox suitable? The features of the extension focus primarily on design customizations of the website. So if you are looking for extensions in the functional area, you should look around at the other plugins. If you want to personalize and design headers, footers or mobile phone displays or create popups and 404 error pages yourself, you will enjoy Toolbox and get to your destination quickly.

Divi Toolbox Features:

  • beautiful 3D hover mit effect
  • custom popups
  • 6 Preloader graphics
  • unique blog layouts
  • Header and navigation
  • Footer adjustment
  • Smartphone Customization

The Toolbox license is available from € 49,00. We think the comparatively high price is justified, because the theme extension of Divi Lover comes up with many features that will give your site a professional touch. No coding at all.

Divi Plus by divi extended

Divi Plus Modules and Extensions
Divi Plus Modules and Extensions

You get an incredibly extensive module package for the Divi Theme with this addition from Divi Extended. A single plugin with 50+ modules, 4 extensions and over 30 starter templates leaves nothing to be desired in terms of website design.

Divi Plus is easy to use and offers a variety of options for more beautiful and unique websites. Easily integrate beautiful and functional elements into your website and give it the personal touch you want. All you need is a little imagination, the Divi Plus plugin gives you the tools to implement. And if you want it to be fast or if you need inspiration, then just use the 200 ready-made sections for your website.

Some Divi Plus modules

  • Fancy Text Module
  • Advanced Buttons
  • Logo Slider
  • Flipbox Module
  • Testimonal Slider
  • Text Highliter
  • Floating Image
  • Hotspot Module
  • Before-After-Slider

Divi Plus is available in the Extended version for $149.00. With this license you can use the product unlimited. If you only need the plugin for just one website, you’re in for $59.00. The price includes extended customer service and future updates, as the tool is constantly being expanded.

Divi Cake

Divi Cake Marketplace
Divi Cake Marketplace

Unlike other Divi plugins, Cake does not offer module collections, but individual extensions to improve Divi functions or integrate new features. Useful features in small portions – just pieces of cake. Divi Cake is a Divi marketplace.

With Divi Cake you only buy what you really need. Choose from 67 functional and practical modules to optimize your Divi webpage.

Popular Cake Modules for Divi

  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Before-After-Slider
  • Blog Extras
  • Carousel module
  • Divi Event Calendar

Here is the list of all cake ingredients for Divi. In addition to the plugins, Cake also offers a huge selection of child themes and starter template layouts.

Since Divi Cake does not offer a package, but the individual items can be purchased separately, they are relatively inexpensive at a price between $ 10.00 and $ 25.00 per plugin.
If you really only want to make one or two special adjustments to your Divi side, Divi Cake is a suitable alternative to the extensive competitors. But if you want to redesign and expand your Divi theme extensively, the large module packages are the cheaper option for you.

Page-Builder Everywhere by

Page-Builder Everywhere
Page-Builder Everywhere

Turn your Page-Builder into a site builder.

Page-Builder Everywhere allows you, just as the name promises, to use Divi Page-Builder in areas of your website that Divi didn’t actually intend.

This Divi plugin is for all those who not only want to think outside the box, but also want to design their website accordingly.

The handling of Divi is so practical and simple, so it is not surprising that users wish to be able to use it in every area of the site. With Page-Builder Everywhere for Divi this is now possible. Areas that previously could only be edited with complex code changes can be adapted with this extension with drag-and-drop in the WordPress theme. A header above the header or a separate footer for the login area are just the beginning.
With this plugin, you can now intervene in areas of your website that are usually withheld from you without extensive programming knowledge with Divi. Edit category pages, search pages, archive pages or the 404 error page as well as footer, header or sidebar.

The plugin uses your ready-made Divi layouts from the library, so you need to create them first.

The provider offers several packages. Depending on the number of websites on which it is to be used, the price ranges from $ 29.00 – $ 449.00.

Divi Rocket by

Divi Rocket Cache Plugin
Divi Rocket Cache Plugin

Another successful tool from specializes in speed.
Modeled after the world’s most powerful caching plugin WP-Rocket, Divi Rocket is designed to optimize your Divi website for speed.

This will not only please your users, but also the search engines because loading time undisputedly plays a major role in search engine optimization (SEO).
The Divi Rocket plugin can be controlled directly from the Divi settings and makes handling super easy. Since this caching plugin is specially designed for Divi, it is compatible with all Divi sites without exception and works with all web servers.

  • Divi-Aware Server-side Caching
  • Browser Caching
  • Disables caching for specific users
  • Database Optimization
  • GZip compression – compresses divi website by up to 80%
  • Divi System Specifications Analysis
  • Lazy Loading – the only lazy loading feature for Divi Pages. Does not load content until it enters the visitor’s viewing area by scrolling.
  • Coming Soon: Minimize and combine CSS and Javascript
See also
Divi Cloud - Cloud storage for Divi layouts and content

Also for Rocket offers Divi.Space different packages. Starting at $49.00 for a website, up to the unlimited license for $449.00.

Product Slider for WooCommerce
Product Slider for WooCommerce

You have an online shop and want to present your products in style and increase the conversion rate? Then you’ve come to the right place. This WP plugin for Divi and WooCommerce offers you beautiful, simple and absolutely customized product sliders and carousels for your shop.

Integrate product sliders wherever you want, easily with drag-and-drop in the Divi theme. Product Carousel is the right plugin for anyone who wants to present their articles in the online shop in a beautiful, appealing and modern way. The more than 100 setting options for your product slider allow you to design the perfect slider, no matter for which shop.

Features at a glance:

  • Arrange and design your own product lists
  • Intelligent sorting
  • advanced Scroll settings
  • Custom Slider speed
  • Custom Control icons
  • Call-to-action Button on Product image
  • Sales mark on Product image
  • Make product reviews visible
  • Cool Hover effect
  • And More

Equal 6 packages offers Divi.Space for this Ecommerce Plugin. The single license costs $39.00 up to the premium package for just under $449.00.

Divi Overlays by divilife

Divi Overlays
Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays by divilife is the ultimate popup builder. This Divi plugin is the easiest way to fullscreen overlays, popups and modal screens in Divi Page-Builder. With Divi Overlays you use the power and flexibility of Divi and use it to design overlays. Then let them appear in the desired place on the website by clicking, or you can use automatic triggers such as timer, scroll delay or exit popup.

Examples of overlays

  • Price
  • Contact forms
  • Multi-step forms
  • Image Galleries and Image Sliders
  • Shopping Cart Overlays

Divi Overlays also allows you to place different settings depending on the device. Imagine you want to offer an app for download. What you need in this case is a popup that appears exclusively on mobile devices and is also adapted for Apple or Android devices – no problem with overlays.

As with the products, you can also choose between different categories with this plugin. Starting at $24.00 dollars for just one website to unlimited access around $129.00, there will surely be the right package for you.

Divi Bodycommerce by Divi Engine

BodyCommerce Plugin

The plugin for Divi WooCommerce online stores.

For whom is Bodycommerce suitable? For anyone who wants to create a unique shop with Divi and WooCommerce.

One plugin for everything – from shopping cart to checkout

The shopping cart is an important element of any online store. With Bodycommerce you increase customer satisfaction and at the same time lower “shopping cart corpses”.

Page Optimization
Optimize your online store – from the product page to the order. You know what your customers want, with this comprehensive tool you can align a Divi WooCommerce shop according to these needs.

Checkout page
In the checkout process of an online store, every little detail counts. BodyCommerce gives you the tool for a checkout page that completes the sales funnel and helps your customers make a seamless purchase.

The eCommerce plugin from Divi Engine is available as a free trial version, so you can first test the features and design options in detail. However, the annual license is very cheap anyway with £ 24.00 per page.

Divi Mobile by Divi Engine

Divi Mobile Menus
Divi Mobile Menus

After the many extensive all-rounders, we now introduce you to a very specialized plugin. Divi Mobile from the manufacturer Divi Engine. Divi Mobile is a menu plugin specifically for mobile sites.

91% of Internet users up to the age of 39 surf with their smartphones, compared to 79% of anyone over the age of 40. Since it makes sense to adapt your own website to the smaller screens.

With the Divi Mobile Mobile Plugin you can create pretty and functional menus for mobile devices without any codes. All settings are integrated in the Costumizer, so that the editing can easily happen in the Divi Live Preview as usual.

Different menu types, whether hamburger icons or sub-menu, can be combined and changed at will, giving you a unique menu for your mobile users. Create layouts in the Divi library and integrate them into the mobile menu. For truly unique mobile navigation.

£12.00 for one page
£197.00 for lifetime unlimited license

Divi Blog Modules by DiviGear

Blog Modules
Blog Modules

Divi Blog Module is a plugin from DiviGear. With this plugin, you can create your exclusive layouts using a variety of design options. Create your blog page quickly and easily according to your wishes in Divi Bagebuilder.

Divi itself offers only two layouts for blogs, which can only be adapted and changed with coding knowledge. That’s a pity, considering how many websites now run blogs.

Divi Blog Module offers the solution for all those who want more freedom in the design of their blog without having to make coding.

Design your blog page from scratch or use one of the more than 45 layout templates for a faster result. With this plugin you no longer have to be restricted by your Page-Builder in the design. With this extension, you decide on the layout of the preview page how the buttons are designed or the images are displayed. Edit the filter function according to your needs and insert a stylish hover function for the blog images. In short, make your blog a unique experience for your visitors.


  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • works with all browsers
  • Create your own blog pages or integrate blogs to any page.
  • unlimited design possibilities
  • 45+ Divi Blog Skins
  • design your content as you like, such as title, frame or preview text.
  • Compatible with Divi Theme and Divi Page-Builder.

$ 25.00 – three websites
$ 39.00 – Unlimited number of pages

Advanced Divi Heading Modules by DiviGear

Advanced Divi Heading Modules
Advanced Divi Heading Modules

Another DiviGear tool is the Advanced Divi Heading Module. It consists of two different heading styling modules for creating very special headings. Both modules offer a variety of different options to help you design your desired headings.

Advanced Heading Module – the Swiss Knife under the heading designs
This module offers three different text boxes with all setting options. Design headlines with color, font and many other design options for beautiful and unique headlines beyond the norm.

Key Features

  • three text boxes
  • Background settings for each text box
  • Dual-text function – put two texts on top of each other
  • Display element – block or inline
  • Crop function for texts

Animated Heading – makes your headlines dance
The Animated Heading module offers 9 different animations for headings. A collection of 9 effects exchange words for each other, individual words or letters can be provided by different animations. For example, make individual words or letters disappear and replace them with new ones. With this module you can create website design at the highest level without generating a single code, simply in the Divi Theme.

Key Features

  • 9 different text animations
  • three separate text boxes
  • Background for all content areas
  • Frames for each individual content area
  • design individual distance between the areas

$29.00 one-time

Divi Layout Library by Divi Den

Divi Den Layout Collection
Divi Den Layout Collection

Divi Layout Library is the largest collection of WordPress layouts with currently over 1600 ready-made sections and layouts plus 15 website templates. With this plugin, you get full access to the Divi Den on-demand layout library. The layouts are designed to a very high standard and offer, for example, animations and hover effects that are not found in the Elegant Themes.

Especially recommended for professional web designers, because this one plugin can be the basis of hundreds of customer websites.


  • A cloud library with access through the plugin in Divi
  • Save layouts to your Divi library after downloading or upload them directly to your website.
  • New products appear every month
  • Customer
  • YouTube Guides and Articles
  • free 30 minutes introduction
  • Access to business tools such as social media cards or PowerPoint & business card templates
  • Access to 600 + Photoshop PSDs, 20 mockup templates & 290 icons

Divi Den offers monthly or annual licenses. The price starts at € 12.00 month for a domain. If you want to use the plugin for an unlimited number of domains, € 179.00 is due annually.

Divi Events by Be Superfly

Divi Events Modules
Divi Events Modules

A useful plugin with a simple task. It quickly and easily integrates and shares event calendars on your Divi page, edited and designed in Divi Builder.
Show your events in a list view for long titles or mobile view. Edit the title, buttons, date and time and design the layout the way you like.

$19.00 annually or included in the Superfly All-Access Pass.

Image Intense by Be Superfly

Image Intense for Divi Visual Builder
Image Intense for Divi Visual Builder

Another plugin from Be Superfly and the last one in our Divi plugin list. Image Intense puts an end to Divi’s boring image animations. With this small but fine plugin you can transform texts, images or buttons into real eye-catchers through exciting and new animations.

Over 20 image hover transitions, buttons, opacity settings and many more features.

$29.00 per year


The Divigrid Post Grid module in the editor.
The Divigrid Post Grid module in the editor.

Divi Grids help you create grids for posts, pages and galleries.

DiviGrid is a premium plugin that extends the functionality of the Divi theme and adds additional features. It allows you to create stunning, dynamic and customizable designs for websites without the need for programming skills. With DiviGrid you have full control over the number of columns, line spacing, content alignment and much more.

Currently, you can find 16 stylish modules for graphically complex Divi grids.

$ 29,00 per year

Best WordPress Hosting

Hosting recommendations are usually garbage.

Often extremely cheap hosting packages for $ 3 are recommended, others advertise a $ 100 VPS, because they earn the most as an affiliate thereby. In the end, we all just want the fastest possible web space for as little money as possible.

And optimized for WordPress!

What else is important? The server should be a fast backbone for your website and the support should answer as fast as possible, and preferably in your language.

You can get all this at Cloudways from $ 10,00 / month.

Conclusion the best Divi plugins

Although the Divi Theme offers many flexible options for customization, we are still happy about the plugins of the third-party providers, which open up numerous more options for users.

The already extensive offer of the most popular drag-and-drop Page-Builder Divi is now supplemented with numerous plugins and extensions, so that no design wishes for the website remain open. Especially nice for users without programming knowledge, because the adaptation of the theme code is no longer necessary.

The Divi plugins save users a lot of time and effort, because changes that otherwise had to be made by programming are now easy to implement in the Divi Builder. Purchased the appropriate extension, installed and every Divi page can become a web design masterpiece. Conclusion of our test – there is a suitable plugin for every conceivable change at a fair price.

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