Steigere deine SEO mit Morningscore: Ein umfassender Leitfaden

Boost your SEO with Morningscore: A comprehensive guide

Are you looking for ways to get your website to the top of the search engines? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you’ll learn how Morningscore can help you achieve your SEO goals.

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Morningscore Guide

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Morningscore is an all-in-one SEO tool specifically designed to make SEO easy and efficient. It offers an intuitive user interface with features such as rank tracker, keyword research and backlink checker. The tool is suitable for SEO beginners to experts to effectively gain traffic and customers.

We know it can be frustrating if your site isn’t getting the attention you want – but don’t worry, we have the solution. With expert knowledge and practical tips, we’ll show you how to use Morningscore effectively to improve your online presence. Whether you’re an SEO newbie or an experienced webmaster, this guide has useful insights for everyone. Come on, let’s walk the path to a successful website together!

INFO: Unfortunately, I didn’t realize when I took the screenshots that I had set the English language interface. Morningscore is fully available in German!

What is Morningscore and how can it improve your SEO?

Morningscore Overview
Morningscore Overview

Morningscore is an intuitive all-in-one SEO tool that is particularly suitable for small businesses and webmasters. It offers a user-friendly interface that enables even SEO novices to boost their website efficiency. Core features include:

  • Keyword tracking and research: daily tracking of keyword rank and an extensive keyword database for effective research.
  • Competitor Analysis: Scan and analyze competitor websites to gain an edge in SEO strategy.
  • Website health monitoring: Complete website scan to identify and fix issues.
  • Backlink management: Overview of new and lost links to build a strong backlink profile.

One of the most important features of Morningscore is its ability to provide you with an overall SEO score. This score is based on various factors such as your website’s organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlink profile and technical SEO. By tracking your SEO score over time, you can measure the effectiveness of your optimization efforts and identify areas that need improvement.

Morningscore also offers unique features such as “Guided Missions” with game-like elements that guide users in optimizing their SEO strategy. Users receive XP for completing missions, which provides additional motivation.

What does Morningscore cost?

Morningscore prices
Morningscore prices

Morningscore offers a flexible pricing structure that allows the tool to be customized according to the needs and growth phase of the business. From basic features for beginners to advanced tools for SEO experts, Morningscore covers a wide range of needs.

Especially for smaller companies and website operators, the tool offers an interesting price structure compared to the big players such as Semrush or Sistrix.

Main functionsKeywords
Health missions

Health missions
Health links
Health reports
Health reports
Website scan
Website scan
Price / month€ 45,00€ 65,00€ 119,00€ 239,00

For special requirements, Morningscore allows you to create individual plans in a personal online meeting.

In addition, there is a 14-day free trial that provides full access to all features so you can test the tool’s performance before you buy.

The Morningscore metric

Morningscore Metric
Morningscore metric

The Morningscore metric is an innovative tool for evaluating the organic traffic of a website. It is calculated from the monthly clicks from Google on a website, multiplied by the price you would pay for these clicks on Google Ads. This metric makes it possible to quantify the value of organic traffic in monetary units, which enables a direct comparison with paid traffic.

The Morningscore is determined by analyzing the performance of your keywords on Google.

The exact calculation is based on the following formula:

(number of searches/month X position) X cost per click = score/month

It is based on four key metrics:

  1. Traffic volume: the monthly number of searches for specific keywords on Google.
  2. Click-Through-Rate (CTR): The percentage of link clicks on a results page for a given keyword.
  3. Organic traffic: The “free” traffic that results from Google search queries. It is calculated using the formula traffic volume times CTR.
  4. Cost-Per-Click (CPC): The price paid for a click on a Google ad.

The morning score metric can be calculated both for individual keywords and as the sum of all ranking keywords. It makes it possible to directly record and optimize the financial value of SEO measures. This makes SEO more transparent and tangible, especially for companies that want to precisely understand and control the ROI of their marketing activities.

The most important functions of Morningscore for SEO optimization

Now I would like to take a closer look at the individual features with you.

Keyword management

Keyword management from Morningscore
Keyword management from Morningscore

Efficient management and analysis of keywords to improve visibility in search engines.

Morningscore’s keyword research tool is an efficient instrument for SEO professionals and marketing enthusiasts. It offers an extensive database and is known for its ease of use and accurate data.

The main features include:

  1. Rank Tracker: Here you can add important keywords and track their development in Google daily. The tool also suggests intelligent keywords.
  2. Keyword suggestions: Automatically generated suggestions help you discover relevant keywords that could fit your business or customers.
  3. Filter options: With the smart filters, you can weed out irrelevant keywords and search more effectively for the keywords you want.
  4. Competitor analysis: you can view your competitors’ keywords to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly and improve your position in the search results.
  5. Local and global keyword search: the tool allows you to discover and track both local and global keywords.

Morningscore also offers a powerful algorithm that evaluates the difficulty of keywords. This helps you to better assess the ranking potential and possible ROI of a keyword.

Link management from the SEO tool Monrningscore
Link management from the SEO tool Monrningscore

Comprehensive review and analysis of incoming links to optimize the link structure.

Morningscore offers a comprehensive, user-friendly backlink checker tool as part of its all-in-one SEO platform. This tool allows you to see the complete backlink profile of your website, including new and lost links. It also offers the ability to analyze your competitors’ backlinks, helping you to understand their strategies and improve your own.

New and lost backlinks
New and lost backlinks

A special feature of Morningscore is the link score. This gives you an idea of how strong your link profile is compared to your competitors. This is particularly useful for assessing your position in the competitive environment and adjusting your SEO strategy if necessary.

Morningscore’s backlink tool also tracks lost links, so you will be notified quickly if a link is lost. This allows you to react quickly and potentially win the link back. You can also discover new backlink opportunities by examining the link profiles of other websites.

Another useful feature is the link scanner. This allows you to enter manually created backlinks and quickly verify them in the tool without having to wait for them to be discovered naturally.

Website health check

Onpage health of your website
Onpage health of your website

Detailed check of the website for technical and content-related SEO factors to improve website quality.

The Onpage SEO Checker is designed to analyze and improve the SEO performance of your website. This feature checks a website’s compliance with Google’s guidelines and gives it a score from 0 to 100. Up to 10,000 landing pages can be scanned during this process, with each detected error weighted according to its severity.

The focus is on identifying problems that could affect the ranking of a website. These include slow loading times, missing keywords or poor backlinks. In addition to identifying problems, Morningscore also offers detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to fix these problems. The problems are prioritized according to their importance, which is particularly helpful for small teams who want to make their SEO work effective.

Individual pages with problems
Individual pages with problems

Another important feature is the automated monitoring of the website. Morningscore performs regular crawls to continuously monitor the performance of the website and highlight improvements or deteriorations over time.

SEO missions

Vorgeschlagene Missionen zum Abarbeiten
Suggested missions to work through

Interactive tasks and goals to help users strengthen their SEO skills and boost their website performance.

Morningscore is an SEO tool that offers a unique feature called “SEO Missions”. This feature allows users to set and track specific goals for their search engine optimization. SEO missions are essentially tasks or goals that aim to improve a website’s visibility in search engines.

Each mission focuses on a specific area of SEO, such as improving on-page optimization, building backlinks or boosting performance in specific keyword areas. Users can choose from a range of predefined missions or create their own customized missions.

By defining and completing these missions, users can structure their SEO strategies and measure their progress. Morningscore also provides detailed insights and analytics on each mission to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer a clear and goal-oriented approach to SEO.

By the way, you can book certified SEO professionals from Fiverr directly from Morningscore.


Reports for you and your clients
Reports for you and your clients

Create comprehensive, customizable SEO reports to monitor and analyze website performance.

Morningscore is an SEO tool that offers an intuitive reports feature. This allows users to create detailed analyses of their website performance.

With the reports feature, users can clearly visualize important SEO metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings and backlink profiles. Unique to Morningscore is the ability to calculate the financial value of SEO activities, providing a clear estimate of ROI.

The reports are easy to create and can be customized for regular updates and presentations to stakeholders. This feature is particularly useful for marketers and bloggers who want to make data-based decisions and effectively communicate the progress of their SEO strategies.

Website Scan

In-depth analysis of any website to identify keywords and links that contribute to ranking.

Morningscore’s Website Scan feature is an essential tool for website analysis and optimization in the context of search engine optimization (SEO). This feature thoroughly scans a website to identify technical issues, on-page SEO errors and opportunities for improvement.

For me, this is the most important tool for competitor analysis.

The scan covers various aspects, such as checking meta tags, content optimization, mobile responsiveness and loading times. Once the scan is complete, Morningscore provides a detailed report that gives clear advice and recommendations for action to improve the SEO performance of the website. This feature is particularly useful for website owners and SEO experts looking for a comprehensive and accessible solution to boost their online presence.

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The importance of keyword analysis in Morningscore for an optimized website

Use the comprehensive keyword tool
Use the comprehensive keyword tool

Keyword analysis is a crucial part of search engine optimization (SEO) and plays a central role in the functioning of Morningscore, a comprehensive SEO tool. Morningscore provides users with a powerful keyword research tool that is characterized by a huge database and accurate data. This makes it possible to effectively identify relevant keywords that can improve a website’s ranking in search engine results.

Efficient keyword analysis starts with identifying search terms that are relevant to both the content of the website and the search queries of the target audience. Morningscore facilitates this process by providing suggestions and filter options that allow keywords to be precisely tailored to the needs of users. The tool considers not only the popularity of the keywords, but also their level of difficulty, which provides a realistic assessment of the chances of a good ranking.

Morningscore also helps users to analyze the competition. By viewing the keywords of competitors, users can better plan and adapt their own SEO strategy. This competitor analysis is particularly valuable as it provides insights into successful strategies and helps to identify gaps in your keyword strategy.

Another important feature of Morningscore is the ability to monitor keywords for their effectiveness on a local and global level. This allows companies to adjust their SEO strategy geographically and reach a more targeted audience.

Morningscore is an innovative SEO platform that integrates a powerful backlink analysis tool. This tool gives you a comprehensive view of your backlink profile and allows you to analyze your competitors’ backlinks to strengthen your backlink strategy.

By using Morningscore, you get a detailed overview of your current backlinks. You can identify new and lost links, which allows you to react proactively to changes in your link profile. This information is essential to improve your ranking in search engines.

One of the strengths of Morningscore is its ability to analyze your competitors’ backlinks. This gives you insights into their strategies and helps you discover new backlink opportunities. You can identify successful link sources and use this information to diversify your own backlink portfolio.

Understanding linkscore and competitive space

Morningscore offers a special metric – the linkscore. This shows you how strong your link profile is compared to your competitors. Understanding your link score and competitive space is crucial to deciding whether you need more backlinks or should optimize other SEO aspects.

Enter new links manually.
Enter new links manually.

The platform also allows you to manually enter backlinks that you have built and have them verified. This feature is particularly valuable for SEO agencies and those who hire agencies, as it provides instant proof of the work done.

On-page optimization with Morningscore: tips and tricks

On-page optimization is an essential part of a successful SEO strategy. Morningscore, a powerful SEO tool, offers me numerous ways to improve my website. Here are some tips and tricks on how I use Morningscore effectively for on-page optimization:

1. Keyword research and analysis

  • I always start with thorough keyword research to identify relevant search terms. Morningscore helps me to find keywords that have both high search volume and low competition.
  • I make sure to identify primary and secondary keywords that match my target audience and content.

2. Optimizing the meta tags

  • I use Morningscore to optimize title tags and meta descriptions. I make sure they are appealing and contain my main keywords.
  • Good meta tags increase the click-through rate (CTR) of my pages in the search results.

3. Increase content quality

  • I use Morningscore to check the readability and relevance of my content. I make sure that my texts are valuable for both search engines and readers.
  • I integrate my keywords naturally into the text and avoid excessive keyword stuffing.

4. Internal linking

  • A solid internal linking structure is essential for SEO. I use Morningscore to ensure that my pages are effectively linked together.
  • This makes it easier for search engines to understand the context of my pages and improves the user experience.

5. Optimization of images

  • I make sure that all images on my website have alt tags that describe the images and contain relevant keywords.
  • Morningscore helps me to check the size of my images to minimize loading times.

6. Mobile optimization

  • With more and more users accessing the internet via mobile devices, I make sure my website is mobile-friendly.
  • Morningscore gives me insights into how well my website performs on different devices.

7. Fast loading times

  • The loading time of my website is an important factor for the user experience and search engine optimization. I use Morningscore to identify areas where I can improve the loading time.

8. Analysis and adaptation

  • SEO is a continuous process. I use Morningscore regularly to analyze the performance of my website and make adjustments.
  • I keep an eye on my rankings, organic traffic and conversion rates and optimize based on this data.

How to keep an eye on your competition with Morningscore

As a professional blogger and content marketing expert, I know how important it is to always keep an eye on the competition. Morningscore is a comprehensive SEO tool that helps me analyze my competitors’ online activity and adjust my strategies accordingly. Here are some practical tips on how you can use Morningscore to effectively monitor your competition:

  • View full profiles: With Morningscore, I can see the entire backlink profiles of my competitors. This helps me to understand their link building strategies.
  • Find hidden backlink opportunities: I often discover hidden backlink opportunities that my competitors are using and can develop similar strategies for my website.

2. Use linkscore as a benchmark

  • Measure authority: Morningscore offers a proprietary link score that measures the authority of a website. This gives me a quick overview of how I compare to my competitors.
  • Adjust SEO strategies: Based on these findings, I adjust my SEO strategies to improve my ranking.
  • Detect new links: I receive instant notifications of new links pointing to my website, allowing me to quickly capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Recover lost links: Morningscore also shows me lost links, which allows me to recover them quickly.
  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses: I can see my competitors’ strongest and weakest links and better understand their strategies.
  • Diversify link profiles: This information helps me to diversify my own link profile and outrank even the strongest competitors.
  • Comprehensive website research: With Morningscore’s scanner function, I can investigate any website on the Internet and view its complete backlink profile and keywords.
  • Discover endless new link opportunities: This allows me to find countless new link opportunities, both inside and outside of my niche.

With Morningscore, I have a powerful tool in my hands to closely monitor my competitors’ SEO activities and adjust my own strategies accordingly. This in-depth analysis helps me to strengthen my online presence and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Morningscore vs. other SEO tools: What makes it unique?

Morningscore stands out from other SEO tools due to its affordable price-performance ratio. It offers essential features at a fraction of the cost of comparable tools, making it particularly attractive for small to medium-sized businesses.

Gamification: Füge eigene Missionen und Aufgaben hinzu.
Gamification: Add your own missions and tasks.
  1. Gamified SEO experience: Morningscore differentiates itself from other SEO tools with its unique, gamified approach. The platform uses game elements to make working with SEO fun and easy. This is achieved through small SEO missions that deliver results and reward users upon completion. This gamification motivates SEO beginners in particular by making the process less technical and more engaging.
  2. Measuring organic traffic value in dollars: Another unique selling point of Morningscore is its ability to quantify the dollar value of a website’s organic traffic. This feature provides users with a clear understanding of the monetary value of their SEO efforts, which is often difficult to capture with traditional tools. This metric allows businesses to effectively evaluate the profitability of their SEO strategy.
  3. User-friendly interface and comprehensive features: Morningscore offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface that allows even non-experts to work effectively on their SEO. At the same time, the tool covers a wide range of SEO needs, including keyword research, backlink analysis, technical SEO and competitive intelligence. This combination of ease of use and comprehensive features makes it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced SEO professionals.

Success stories and company experiences with Morningscore

As a user of Morningscore, I have the opportunity to gain unique insights into the SEO successes and experiences of various companies. These stories are not only inspiring, but also offer practical tips that you can integrate directly into your own SEO strategy.

1. Targeted market expansion

At Smooth Robotics, Marketing Manager Jacob Dyrehauge used Morningscore to establish the brand in new markets. The tool helped to identify relevant keywords and strengthen the online presence in new market segments in a targeted manner.

2. Prioritization of SEO measures

Mark Guldbrandsen, founder of the blog, used Morningscore to efficiently prioritize his SEO efforts. The tool helped him identify the most important SEO elements and allocate time and resources wisely.

3. A playful approach to link building

Julie Aasbjerg Andersen, a psychologist and passionate Mario Kart player, found Morningscore to be a fun way to approach link building. The intuitive and entertaining interface made it easy for her to understand and implement the necessary SEO steps.

4. Motivation and direct comparison with competitors

For Haveglad, the motivating universe of Morningscore was a key factor. The ability to directly compare SEO progress with that of competitors provided valuable insights and motivated continuous optimization.

These success stories show that Morningscore is a versatile and user-friendly SEO tool that can help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence and achieve their SEO goals. By incorporating these real-world examples into your strategy, you can achieve similar success and effectively optimize your website.


To summarize, Morningscore is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their backlink strategy. With its extensive analysis features, ability to analyze competitor backlinks and affordable price, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to succeed in digital marketing.

👉 Here’s what to do next

  • Start with a detailed keyword analysis to optimize your content in a targeted way. Use Morningscore to identify keywords that match your offer and your target group.
  • Improve your backlink strategy by using Morningscore’s backlink checker tool to identify new linking opportunities and strengthen existing ones.
  • If you use WordPress, you should also have an SEO plugin activated.

As an experienced online marketing expert with over two decades of professional experience, I have extensive knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. I have managed numerous successful SEO campaigns for various companies, always focusing on data-driven strategies and innovative solutions. My experience in using various SEO tools, including Morningscore, allows me to offer sound insights and practical tips.

Morningscore Guide


Morningscore is an all-in-one SEO tool specifically designed to make SEO easy and efficient. It offers an intuitive user interface with features such as rank tracker, keyword research and backlink checker. The tool is suitable for SEO beginners to experts to effectively gain traffic and customers.

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