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WPspace Review 🚀 The Affordable WordPress Hoster

I was looking forward to the review and speed test from the WPspace WordPress hosting expert. My experience with the affordable WordPress hosting from Germany with sufficient server resources.

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WPspace Review

EUR 14.99

WPspace is a cloud hosting provider specialized in WordPress. This promises short loading times and excellent visitor response. With each package you get staging, emails, backups and an SSL certificate. Additionally, there is a WP Rocket and Divi license included.

I have written and also talked on the phone with WPspace for a long time. For the WordPress hoster, satisfied customers are important, I quickly noticed. The support is always available during the day and solves problems skillfully.

But now let’s look at the provider in detail!

What is WPspace?

Screenshot der WP-space.de Homepage.
Screenshot of the WP-space.de homepage.

WPspace stands for reliable and extremely fast WordPress hosting, including personal support from real WordPress experts!

WPspace has recognized the demand for fully-managed and above all fast providers especially for WordPress. This is exactly where the strength of the company from Koblenz lies.

WordPress hosting means choosing and aligning the hardware and software to respond optimally to the needs of this CMS (Content Management System).

Also, you get your isolated area at the server that only your website can access. These dedicated server resources are important when another website on the same server suddenly requires an excessive amount of processor time. This way, downtime only occurs for that one website, and your blog continues to run at full speed.

WPspace packages and prices

Managed WordPressFreeProPro XLWooCommerce
Visitors / month25.00050.000100.000250.000
Storage space300 MB5 GB15 GB50 GB
CPU & RAM1 vCore CPU 1 GB RAM2 v Core CPU & 2 GB Ram4 vCore CPU & 4 GB Ram8 v Core CPU & 8 GB Ram
WP Rocket and DivinoYesyesyes
€ 0 / month€ 14,99 / month€ 29,99 / month€ 69.99 / month
No setup fee. Prices for annual payment, plus VAT.

With monthly payment, the prices increase to € 19.99 for Pro, € 34.99 for Pro XL and € 74.99 for WooCommerce, so it’s worth considering carefully beforehand and paying annually.

The monthly prices, with annual prepayment.
The monthly prices, with annual prepayment.

With a mass hoster like All-Inkl you do not need to compare the prices, of course. But for comparable WordPress hosters, WPspace prices are convenient. This is a big plus for WPspace!

Instructions: how to set up WPspace

Step 1: Start for free

The best way to get started is to click on the big “Start for free” button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Free removal service

WPspace 14 days free trial, with migration service.
Try WPspace for free for 14 days, with migration service.

The following screen will explain how you can try the Pro plan for 14 days. Even the migration will be done for you automatically.

  1. Create a free WPspace account
  2. Arrange a migration date
  3. Complete the move & performance evaluation

Click on “Register for free”.

Step 3: Register

Fill out the registration form.
Fill out the registration form.

In the registration form you enter your data and choose a password. Later you can login with your email and password.

Your WPspace dashboard without product and domain.
Your WPspace dashboard without product and domain.

Now you will be automatically logged into your WPspace dashboard. Here you can have a look around or complete your data. Other than that, we don’t have anything to do here for now.

Instead, open your inbox.

Step 4: Arrange relocation service

The emails with the link to the moving appointment.
The emails with the link to the moving appointment.

In the confirmation email from WPspace, you’ll find the “Book free relocation service” link. Click on it to make an appointment in the new tab.

Choose a suitable moving date.
Choose a suitable moving date.

A calendar will open in a new tab, choose a day and time for your moving date.

Step 5: WPspace does everything for you

Now you just need to wait for your appointment and the support will take care of everything for you.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait long. There are appointments available every business day.

Have fun with your fast WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting Features

  • Included mailboxes
  • Cronjobs
  • Free relocation service
  • Let’s Encrypt certificate
  • PHP 8.x
  • NGINX and OPcache
  • Automatic backups
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Firewall
  • Malware Scanner
  • DDos protection
  • Plesk WordPress Tookit
  • Staging
  • WP Rocket and Divi license
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WordPress Toolkit

Das WordPress Toolkit
The WordPress Toolkit

There is nothing more awesome than the WordPress Toolkit from Plesk. This tool takes care of all the important WordPress tasks for you. Many of them even fully automated.

The most important functions are:

  • Install new WordPress instances
  • Add existing WordPress instances manually
  • Migrate remote WordPress instances
  • Clone a WordPress instance
  • Create a staging environment
  • Synchronize data between WordPress instances
  • 1-Click-Dardening
  • Mass management of WordPress instances
  • Manage plugins and themes
  • Automatic updating
  • Maintenance mode management
  • Debug management
  • Password protection
  • Search engine indexing management

This will save you some plugins already.

WP Rocket License

File optimization and caching with WP Rocket
File optimization and caching with WP Rocket

I am quite a big fan of WP Rocket and have it running on all my websites as well. Unfortunately, the caching plugin is only available as a paid version. With WPspace, the license is included and the plugin is already pre-installed.

Divi license

Divi Page-Builder Theme
The popular Divi Theme

Divi from Elegant Themes has been around for a long time. Hardly any other WordPress theme has completely reinvented itself so often. This is not the only reason why Divi is one of the most popular themes worldwide.

I have already created many blogs with this premium theme. Many of my clients choose this theme.

A license is included with WPspace and the theme is pre-installed.

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Company from Germany
  • Fast cloud server
  • Premium licenses included


  • No CDN included

Who is WPspace suitable for?

WPspace is for any website owner who wants to deliver the best possible user experience to their visitors. Even if you don’t want to worry about the technology, but still need a really fast page load.

Do you have an online store with WooCommerce, you will also find the right package with enough resources.

WPspace speed

Test environment: Kadence Coffee Beans
Test environment: Kadence Coffee Beans

For the test environment, I installed the free Kadence theme with the Coffee Shop starter template. Additionally, the Kadence Blocks are necessary. I have uninstalled all other themes and plugins. PHP version 8.1 is active.

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is a basic metric for measuring connection setup time and web server responsiveness, both in the lab and in practice.

WPspace Time to First Byte: 0.07 – 0.66 seconds

The screenshots from GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights clearly show the loading times:

Even though WP Rocket is already installed, I did my speed tests without it at first to get consistent test results:

Then the speed tests with WP Rocket active:

You see, even with an elaborate website, WPspace is super fast. Even WooCommerce is active with the template.

WPspace Alternatives

WPspace Support

The WPspace Help Center.
The WPspace help center.

You can get support via phone, email, help center and chat.

The help section is sufficiently filled. This is important for me because I always look there first. If I don’t find what I’m looking for, I try to chat. On weekdays, you get an answer within minutes.

This review is part of my hosting comparison

For the full rundown, check out the best WordPress hosting.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the provider delivers really fast webspace. Have a look at my screenshots, there you can find the exact data of GTmetrix and PSI.

No, it is a dedicated cloud hosting. This means that the resources you book are yours alone, and you don’t have to share them with other customers.

Yes, you can try WPspace for free for 14 days. The provider will even do the relocation for you.

Conclusion about WPspace as WordPress hoster

I am actually very fond of WPspace. The offer is good, the speed is outstanding and the scope of services is impressive. I have only good experiences with the web host from Koblenz.

I also find it very cool that WP Rocket and Divi are already included. Also, the WordPress Toolkit I would not want to miss more.

For 14,99 Euro per month you have a fast webspace with many premium tools, which you won’t find at other hosters. With the Pro tariff you get along forever, most blogs are far from 50,000 visitors per month.

So what do YOU think about WPspace? Will you try the WordPress hoster?

WPspace Review


WPspace is a cloud hosting provider specialized in WordPress. This promises short loading times and excellent visitor response. With each package you get staging, emails, backups and an SSL certificate. Additionally, there is a WP Rocket and Divi license included.

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