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DomainFactory: Understandable WordPress hosting for little money

In Germany, there are certain hosters that basically everyone who is even remotely involved with websites knows. These are usually Host Europe, DomainFactory and All-Inkl. These three providers are familiar to everyone because they have been around for a very long time and have also been able to build a name for themselves through good support and/or service.

In today’s post, I’ll take a closer look at the hoster Domain Factory together with you. I am especially interested in the WordPress hosting, which promises a perfect basis for the content management system. Whether DomainFactory can keep this promise and how the pricing in connection with the performance really looks in the end, I’ll tell you now a little more detailed.

DomainFactory is also a part of GoDaddy

Screenshot of the DomainFactory website in January 2022.
Screenshot of the DomainFactory website in January 2022.

Just like Host Europe, DomainFactory is now part of the GoDaddy group of companies. However, this does not at all mean that the provider would not function independently and thus also implement its own offers and ideas. Especially support and performance were always worth a recommendation at Domain Factory, as I learned from close acquaintances.

With more than 200,000 customers from all areas, more than one million managed domains and 20 years of experience, Domain Factory is definitely one of the old hands when it comes to web hosting. So it’s logical that DF now also offers specialized WordPress hosting.

A small peculiarity is that the company itself invested in climate-neutral hosting at a very early stage and has always advertised it. In addition, DomainFactory grants you a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can extensively test and try out every plan there without having to take any risk. If you don’t like it after the two months, you simply go back to your old web space and get your money back from DomainFactory.

Reduced WordPress hosting for WordPress websites

Domain Factory Server Software
DomainFactory Server Software

What strikes me right away, and what I find exceedingly interesting, is that unlike many competitors, DomainFactory doesn’t provide packages for multiple WordPress websites per se. Each plan seems to be designed to run a single WordPress blog in the best possible way. Therefore, anyone who wants to build another WordPress website will have to book a second package.

Strictly speaking, this is not quite true, because DF still has the so-called Pro packages on offer, which are suitable for several blogs at once. In essence, however, these are aimed at entrepreneurs or agencies that manage WordPress for customers and therefore want to operate or install several WordPress websites at once. The normal blogger therefore needs another classic package, which is only available in a single tariff.

Personally, however, I honestly like this reduction quite well, because the different business areas can then not roughly mix. So as a blogger, I take one of the normal rates, and as a self-employed person, I consequently take the Pro rate. That’s simple and makes sense in this context. What makes less sense is that DomainFactory’s offers are not as independent as they first appear.

For low demands, a homepage construction kit is also available.

Tariffs of DF are similar to those of Host Europe

Right from the start I have to say that the rates are basically exactly the same as Host Europe offers. Since both belong to the same company, I would simply say that they are indeed the same rates. In a brief comparison with Host Europe, the data is exactly the same. So I assume here that builds its WordPress web hosting on the basis of Host Europe and thus offers more or less the same product.

But that also makes sense, since both companies, as mentioned before, are now part of the GoDaddy group and DomainFactory has already been bought out by Host Europe before that. Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the same hosting. The differences show up in the interface, the support and the little niceties.

Basically, I also have to and would like to mention at this point that many hosters rely on products from other providers, for example servers from Amazon. Nevertheless, they still offer their own impulses and refine their WordPress hosting. So let’s not be fooled by this and take a quick look at the packages. Unsurprisingly, however, they are named exactly the same as WordPress hosting at Host Europe.

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Visitors / month25.000100.000unlimitedunlimited
Storage space30 GB75 GBunlimitedunlimited
Backups30 days30 days30 days 30 days
€ 4,95 / month€ 7,95 / month€ 9,95 / month€ 24.95 / month
There is also a one-time setup fee of € 9.99. Prices for monthly payment and incl. VAT.

Basic: A WordPress website and 30 gigabytes of storage space are included in the Basic tariff. SSL certificate and e-mail are included, the domain must be booked separately. There is also a limit of 25,000 visitors per month, for 4.99 euros.

Deluxe: The Deluxe rate includes 75 gigabytes of storage space and the .de domain is included, as is the SSL certificate. The limit here is 100,000 visitors per month. There is also 1-click staging and the SEO optimizer included. All this for 9,99 Euro.

Supreme: If you like to run your WordPress website without limits, you are in good hands with the Supreme tariff for 14.99 euros per month. Storage space and visitor limits are completely omitted here. All amenities and extras remain.

E-commerce: If you want to run your own store on the basis of WordPress or WooCommerce, the e-commerce tariff is made for you. Again, there are no limits, all the extras of the other tariffs plus a few extras for WooCommerce itself. Cost 29.99 euros per month.

Pro Rates: I do not want to go into the Pro tariffs again individually here. The differences are mainly in the storage space and the ability to install more than one WordPress website. So if the normal WordPress hosting is not enough or if you simply run several blogs at once or manage them for customers, reach for one of the Pro rates.

The data centers are located in Strasbourg and Cologne. You can also host your website in the USA. The location can be selected when setting up your homepage.

The following features are available with every tariff:

  • File manager
  • phpMyAdmin
  • 1 email mailbox
  • SSL certificate
  • daily malware scan
  • 1 mariaDB database

DomainFactory and the hardware details

Just like Host Europe, DomainFactory gives little insight into the actual performance or built-in technology of the servers used. What is clear is that a CDN is also included here, the Varnish cache has been activated, load balancing is available and everything meets the current requirements that WordPress has.

Datacenter in Straßburg
Datacenter in Strasbourg

WP-Cron and a custom .user.ini are also possible on the server for individual settings. Backups, malware scan and migration of an existing blog are also not a problem. Everything about WordPress hosting is trimmed for simplicity, however, and I look for details about the servers’ hardware in vain.

Instead, DomainFactory simply promises that each of the packages can handle a certain number of users. This is great for beginners, since they don’t have to orientate themselves on RAM or CPU, especially since they usually have no idea about that anyway. It is easier to determine how high the number of visitors is. Still, I’d rather have more facts about the hardware and technology in the background.

This review is part of my hosting comparison

For the full rundown, check out the best WordPress hosting.

Conclusion about WordPress hosting at DomainFactory

As the little sister of Host Europe, DomainFactory is not very independent when it comes to WordPress hosting, it seems to me. The packages are identical to those of Host Europe. However, that’s okay with me for now, so I won’t belabor the point. After all, the hosters both belong to the same group of companies. For whom you decide in the end, is then ultimately more or less the same.

Just like Host Europe, DF is not automatically a bad hosting choice. But in this case, I would rather choose a package from Host Europe, simply because my personal experiences are already available here. I have used DomainFactory rather less in recent years, even though I have generally heard a lot of good things about the provider.

If you are already a customer, there is nothing against switching to a simple WordPress hosting. The rates are fair, in my opinion. Not for nothing I had titled Host Europe as a clear price-performance winner. I could do the same with DomainFactory, since prices and scope of WordPress hosting are identical.

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