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Elementor with its Templates and Site Kits is one of the most popular drag and drop Page-Builders for WordPress. However, for beginners, using it can be cumbersome and confusing if they still need to install a paid WordPress theme for it, or if they have to start designing the website from scratch

The folks at Elementor have put some thought into this and launched the new Website Kits, which make things easier, faster, and better looking. In this article you will learn what it is all about and how exactly you as a beginner can create a new website with a kit in a few simple steps. So let’s get started!

What are Elementor Website Kits?

Elementor Kits are design templates that you can access conveniently from your WordPress installation, provided you already have the Elementor plugin installed. This collection of Elementor templates (Kit Library) is now quite extensive. There are about 100 templates available, made for quite different website themes and niches (e.g. online stores, fitness, crafts).

The template kits are initially divided into categories:

  • Business and Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Portfolio
  • Creative and Artists
  • Blogs
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Food and Drink
  • Events and Entertainment
  • NGOs
  • E-commerce and WooCommerce
  • Education and LMS
  • Beauty and Hair
  • Technology / Engineering

Using tags, you can filter even further by topics and professions. On the top right, you’ll find another filter for Featured, New, Popular and Trending, which you can use to look for recency and popularity.

The Elementor Site Kit creates the complete WordPress website. If you were looking for particularly beautiful themes before, you can now leave that alone. The kit offers all the design elements you know from premium themes based on Elementor.

With this new product, Elementor might have made a big hit, as it has some advantages over various premium WordPress themes.

Tip: Check out the Elementor Cloud!

What are the advantages of the kits?

The special thing about the kits is that these layouts are directly integrated into Elementor. So, there is no need to use a special (paid) WordPress theme. They are easy to install, but can be set up and modified in many different ways. In my example in the next chapter, the current default WordPress theme “Twenty Twenty-One” is installed.

The Elementor Kits Library in the WordPress Admin
The Elementor Kits Library in the WordPress Admin

The quality of the templates is very high. They were all developed internally at the Israeli software company Elementor Ltd. and are therefore perfectly adapted to the Elementor plugin.

What stands out is the beautiful and professional design: really perfect if you want to start an online business. The kits are also responsive and look very good on smartphones and on desktop PCs. Attention has also been paid to the website speed. Techniques are used that are as economical as possible with resources.

Generously, you get most of the features in as many as five page templates even with a free account. Most of the other kits require a Pro account, and some even require an Expert account. You can, of course, customize the design in your kit, though, so you might be fine with a free template.

Elementor Kits advantages at a glance:

  • no additional paid WordPress-Theme needed anymore
  • perfectly optimized for Elementor Page-Builder
  • high quality, beautiful and responsive design
  • free kits with almost all functions available
  • own kit can be created, which can then be used on multiple websites
  • fast Elementor templates installation
  • easy to use

As you can see, the kits have a lot to offer. In the following chapter you will learn how to install them.

How to use Elementor Website Kits on your website?

Install Elementor in WordPress for free.
Install Elementor in WordPress for free.

First of all, it is important that you install the Elementor plugin in the latest version. Learn how to install a plugin.

After that, you need to connect to your Elementor account so that you can use the templates. The account is free of charge.

Here you can find the template kits.
Here you can find the template kits.

Once you have done that, you will see the menu item“Templates” on the left side, where you will now find the desired option“Kits Library”.

If you click on it, you will get to the template portfolio. There, with a few quick clicks, you can take a closer look at all the templates, including all the pages that are pre-built in each kit. This differs slightly depending on whether you have a free or paid account.

Open the Template Kit Demo.
Open the Template Kit Demo.

So that you don’t have to install each kit just to take a closer look at it, the full demo is displayed first.

In the full view, you will then have a green button called“Apply Kit” in the top right corner, which will start the actual installation.

This Elementor kit can only be installed with an Expert account.
This Elementor kit can only be installed with an Expert account.

In this example, however, I unfortunately get a red button saying“Go Expert” because I unfortunately don’t have an Expert account. Use the three small icons in the middle to switch between desktop, tablet and mobile views.

The installation takes only a few moments. A little later you can view all the new pages on your website. You can also edit and customize them with the typical Elementor interface.

Edit the new pages with Elementor Page-Builder.
Edit the new pages with Elementor Page-Builder.

Tip: The photos in the design templates are free to use! So you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement.

So the installation is super fast and easy and is implemented with a few clicks. So you can quickly start customizing your website.

Elementor template sources

You are surely looking for the best Elementor templates for your blog or Landing-Page. The search is over! Besides the Elementor library, there are many other good offers of free and premium templates.

You can find the best deals for Elementor templates here:

Envato WordPress Template Kits and Blocks

Envato is the largest marketplace on the Internet for digital products. The market leader is particularly specialized in Elementor templates and therefore offers two points of contact. Once as a subscription and once as a single purchase.

Template Kits by Envato Elements

Huge selection of Elementor templates.
Huge selection of Elementor templates.

Incredible 542 Elementor WordPress themes you can use for free if you are a member. I use Envato Elements mainly for the images and graphics, for about $ 16 per month you get a great deal.

ThemeForest Marktplatz

ThemeForest Marketplace
ThemeForest Marketplace

ThemeForest is the online store for paid WordPress themes, from the same company Envato.

Here you can find ready-made template kits, plugins and addons and complete premium themes for Elementor.


TemplateMonster Elementor Marketplace
TemplateMonster Elementor Marketplace

The TemplateMonster marketplace for graphics and design has been in business much longer than many of its competitors. Also here you can find a large marketplace for Elementor templates only.

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You can buy the templates individually, or subscribe right away with Monster One access for $7.75 monthly.

Astra Starter Templates

The Elementor Starter Templates from Astra.
The Elementor Starter Templates from Astra.

The Astra theme has relied heavily on Elementor from the beginning. This is also noticeable in the Starter Templates, where you can currently find about 190 great templates for Elementor.

Many of the Elementor templates are free, but for the majority you need to own Astra Pro.


Elementor templates with online storage
Elementor templates with online storage

The Templately service offers templates for Elementor and Gutenberg. At the same time, you also get cloud storage for your own creations.

For free you will get 1286 Starter Items and additionally 895 Pro Templates are available.

Katka Elementor Template Pack

Professional Elementor Page Templates to Create Beautiful Websites Faster
Professional Elementor Page Templates to Create Beautiful Websites Faster

Elementor Template Pack by Katka offers professionally designed templates and popups.

For a one-time $27.00 you get 114 popup templates.

If you pay $47.00 you get the popups and 135 Elementor templates.

Commercial use is explicitly permitted.

OceanWP Elementor Templates

OceanWP Elementor Templates
OceanWP Elementor Templates

The popular OceanWP WordPress theme is known for its alignment with Elementor.

Here, the ready-made Elementor templates are called demos. With the free theme there are only 15 demos, but if you treat yourself to the Pro version, you can enjoy 210 templates. By the way, also available as LTD (Life Time Deal).

Working with the templates

Once you’re familiar with the new working environment in your WordPress installation, you can get to work on the installed Elementor Site Kit Library. In addition to the home page, you will usually create a few more pages like “about us”, or “contact us”.

If you want to edit one of these pages, open it with Elementor and replace the corresponding images and texts. Global settings, such as colors and logo, you can adjust as usual under the WordPress menu item “Design”

With a Pro account you also get templates for your content pages (e.g. blog articles), which makes the work a bit easier. However, this is not necessary to work effectively with the template.

If you install multiple template kits, you will also get the pages created twice.
If you install multiple template kits, you will also get the pages created twice.

By the way: If you are not satisfied with the current kit and install a new one, the generated pages will be duplicated afterwards. Therefore, it is advisable that you delete the pages before you select a new kit. If you delete them afterwards, you will have to adjust the URL title form of the new pages.

Extend Elementor

With the right plugins you can get much more out of Elementor. There are extensions that provide additional widgets and those that provide Elementor Template Kits. I have listed some of them below:

FAQ – Questions and answers about Elementor Website Kits!

Basically this is possible. However, this may overwrite various settings and create new pages. You can of course create a backup to get back to the previous website version. You will have the best experience if you use a very fresh WordPress installation

In this case, you should consider what advantages the kit offers you. Many themes also use Elementor as a Page-Builder. With one of the kits you only need Elementor and no special theme anymore. But if you like to use Divi for example, the change is not worth it.

There are currently five kits available that are free. Within the free templates you get all the features needed to run a website. With a Pro account you get something more, like templates for single posts, or for category pages. But this is not absolutely necessary to get a nice website.

Most kits you get with the Pro Account. Especially if you are looking for specific design templates, the investment is worth it. However, if you have experience using Elementor Page-Builder, you can also customize the free templates to your liking. As before, however, various blocks in the Page-Builder are still basically only available to Pro members.

The best way is to use a hosting provider like Hostpress. There you can simply book a package that suits you with a domain name and install WordPress with a few clicks. You also need to create a free account at elementor.com and install the Elementor plugin on your WordPress site. Then follow the steps above in the article

Conclusion about Elementor Website Kits

For beginners, Elementor has launched a very special treat that can potentially turn into a real gamechanger. Installing a WordPress site with demo content has never been so easy and went so fast as with Elementor Website Template Kits. Moreover, once installed, the website setup is kept very simple, perfect to work with as a beginner.

This is also a welcome innovation for advanced users, who save a lot of time because of this simplicity. You can create your own kits, which can then be used on all pages. This will save you a lot of time if you want to create many similar websites.

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The biggest advantage is that you no longer have to buy an expensive WordPress theme to create a great website. This is now “all inclusive” so to speak in your Elementor plugin

In my opinion, this new product is a very successful move that will probably sweep one or the other provider of premium WordPress themes from the market.

You should check out my article on the Elementor layout if you’re new to the topic. It is all about sections, columns, margins and paddings.

Competition for Wix and co?

To compete with the particularly accessible website builders like Wix, or even Shopify, the Elementor Kits Library with its countless Elementor templates are a step in the right direction. Still, many newcomers may be put off by the fact that they have to take care of hosting, etc. themselves.

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