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Host Europe: The Price-Performance Winner Among WordPress Hosters

You will probably already know Host Europe. The hosting provider is a real giant in the German market and was always at the forefront when it came to features and functions. Host Europe also offered its own WordPress hosting packages early on, but did little or nothing to customize them, which is why they were uninteresting from my point of view. Here you can find my experiences with Host Europe.

A lot has happened at HostEurope in recent years and now the company’s WordPress hosting is much broader and more effective. Reason enough for me to tell you right now that Host Europe is definitely the price-performance winner among WordPress hosters.

If you are looking for a particularly fair deal, then you should definitely read on. In the article, I’ll tell you more about the company and what it offers in terms of WordPress.

Host Europe under the Microscope

Host Europe in February 2011 - via
Host Europe in February 2011 – via

Host Europe was founded back in 1997, in the early days of the Internet, but since 2017 the company officially belongs to GoDaddy, a hoster from the US. With more than one million customers and over 700 employees in the company, a turnover of above 150 million euros is generated per year.

In general, Host Europe is one of the largest providers on the market and has many customers in Europe, especially in Germany. The provider owns two carrier-neutral data centers in Cologne and Strasbourg, which have a capacity for around 24,000 servers. Because the hoster also offers all possible types and forms of hosting, from web servers to web space packages, almost everyone can find a suitable product. Host Europe was and is for many the provider when it comes to web hosting in Germany.

Not without reason, GoDaddy paid almost two billion euros for the acquisition of the Host Europe Group. At that time, several other services belonged to this group, as Host Europe had also diligently purchased and bought up in order to massively expand. These included brands such as Webfusion, DomainFactory and Domainmonster.

From label hosting to WordPress hosting

VPS, WP Hosting und Dedicated Server
VPS, WP Hosting and Dedicated Server

Personally, I had hosted smaller and larger projects with Host Europe from time to time over the years. In the past, a lot of static websites, but then increasingly WordPress. Host Europe quickly recognized the trend and was one of the first (at least as far as I know) to implement server-side caching, which gave WordPress in particular even more performance.

Nevertheless, the WordPress hosting offered was for a long time a pure label hosting. This means that normal web hosting packages or servers were offered under a new label as WordPress hosting. At least, that was my personal impression, because special customizations required by the content management system were not apparent for a long time.

Honestly, though, I have to say that WordPress still ran absolutely fast at Host Europe. In addition, the server-side caching worked extremely well, so that quite a bit of performance could be extracted. Over time, there were more and more customizations and special products that were purely about WordPress and its features.

Three categories with a total of eight rates

Host Europe: WordPress Hosting Prices
Host Europe: WordPress Hosting Prices

In the meantime, Host Europe is very eager to deliver the right WordPress hosting to every user here. Overall, the hoster markets this in three categories, with a total of eight different rates. So there should be the right WordPress hosting for everyone, including you.

Today, I would like to explore these eight plans together with you and find out for whom exactly they are suitable. Above all, I would like to put the WordPress hosting from Host Europe through its paces. What is the hoster really good for in the field of WordPress? Let’s find out together.

Visitors / month25.000100.000unlimitedunlimited
Storage space30 GB75 GBunlimitedunlimited
Backups30 days30 days30 days 30 days
€ 4,95 / month€ 7,95 / month€ 9,95 / month€ 24.95 / month
There is also a one-time setup fee of € 9.99. Prices for monthly payment and incl. VAT.

You can save the setup fee if you choose a contract period of 12 months.

WordPress Hosting

First of all, WordPress has quite ordinary WordPress hosting in its program. This almost sounds boring, after all we are used to every plan having exciting and great sounding names. For me, however, it is extremely pleasant that Host Europe remains rather neutral here.

Basic: A website and a .de domain are included here, as well as 30 gigabytes of storage space. According to Host Europe, the package is suitable for 25,000 visitors, at a monthly cost of 4.99 euros. A fair deal.

Deluxe: There is plenty of storage space at Host Europe, here even 75 gigabytes. Domain and WordPress website are again included and up to 100,000 visitors are no problem. For this you pay 9.99 euros per month.

Supreme: With 14,99 Euro the Supreme WordPress Hosting is still very fair. One WordPress website is allowed, there is no limit to the number of visitors and unlimited storage space is also part of the package. Backup, malware scan and staging are also included.

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WordPress Hosting Professional

With the WordPress Hosting Pro, Host Europe primarily targets those who want to host multiple WordPress websites at once. This can be private, but also targeted agencies or self-employed who manage or install WordPress for their customers.

Pro 5: The Pro 5 tariff includes, as the name suggests, five WordPress installations. In addition, up to 800,000 visitors per month are allowed. Staging and backups are also included. All this for just 29.99 euros.

Pro 10: For 49.99 euros a month, you then get up to ten WordPress websites included, 80 gigabytes of storage space, staging and backups, and up to one million visitors a month.

Pro 25: Same game with the Pro 25 tariff. Here, 25 WordPress installations, on 100 gigabytes of storage are allowed. Two million views per month are included, and at a price of 99.99 euros. Malware scan, backups and staging is of course also back in the game.

Pro 50: Can it be a bit more? If the answer to this question is always “yes”, then this tariff is the right one for you. Here Host Europe grants you 200 gigabytes of storage space and allows you to install up to 50 different WordPress websites. Up to four million visitors are allowed. Malware scan and backups take place daily and staging is of course also possible here via 1-click solution. However, you will then also pay 174.99 euros per month here.

WordPress Hosting E-Commerce

For store owners or those who want to become one, Host Europe offers a WordPress Hosting E-Commerce. Quite interesting, I think, because many providers neglect this area or do not even go into it in more detail. Host Europe has at least set up its own WordPress hosting for it and knitted a corresponding tariff.

INFO: WordPress E-Commerce means WooCommerce

E-Commerce: In the E-Commerce WordPress Hosting you are allowed to run a WordPress website or a WordPress store. There is unlimited storage space for your store, the .de domain is free for one year and the SSL certificate is even included permanently.

There is also no limit on the number of visitors in this package. Instead, there is free access to specific WooCommerce extensions. Backups, staging and malware scan are, as with all WordPress hosting packages from Host Europe, automatically included here as well.

Technology and functionality at Host Europe

Host Europe guarantees performance with its WordPress hosting via special server clusters and an integrated CDN. In some packages, the SEO optimizer from Yoast is already pre-installed, as well as automatic updates are active, just like daily backups and malware scans.

Advantages and features of Host Europe
Advantages and features of Host Europe

Host Europe doesn’t really reveal much about the technology, though. On the website, everything remains nicely neutral. It’s more about guaranteed performance here, so users shouldn’t bother with hardware facts or server comparisons. I think that’s okay, because WordPress hosting is often aimed at beginners or advanced users, or simply at those who don’t want to optimize or set up everything themselves. So why throw terms around, it’s all about performance in the end.

If you want to transfer your existing blog or website to Host Europe, there is 1-click migration for that. 1-click is a big topic here. 1-Click staging is also on board, so it should provide a staging environment for every user in the easiest way possible. Caching takes place at server level, so it’s extremely effective and fast. If you do need help, Host Europe provides very knowledgeable support. At least, the latter was always the case with my requests and often I was helped more than would have been expected from a support.

This review is part of my hosting comparison

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Conclusion about Host Europe WordPress Hosting

Basically, I already told you the conclusion within the introduction. Host Europe is a clear price-performance winner for me with its WordPress hosting. This is due to the very fairly designed packages, which are significantly more accommodating in terms of visitor numbers or memory than is the case with other WordPress hosters.

Managed WordPress hosting video tutorials
Managed WordPress hosting video tutorials

The plans are structured in such a way that you not only find the perfect package for you, but at the same time you don’t have to pay too much across the board to get any special feature. Small bloggers thus pay small, while big bloggers have to dig deeper into their pockets. This is very much in line with the real deal. After all, a small WordPress website probably has much less revenue than a large portal. Anyone who wants to run e-commerce, also gets here a specially adapted to WooCommerce tariff.

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Personally, I can only report good things about HostEurope. It’s been a while since I’ve been actively using it, but I’ve always been more than satisfied in terms of performance and support. The operation is a bit fiddly here and there, but that does not detract from the fact that Host Europe is particularly fair and thus the price-performance winner among WordPress hosters. Oh yes, the web space provider also has a website builder, of course.

Host Europe Review


The provider Host Europe offers shared hosting, servers, domains and email hosting. Especially interesting is the WordPress hosting for one blog each starting at € 4.99 per month. For multiple blogs in one account and WooCommerce, there are special rates with more resources, but also higher costs.

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