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WP-Projects Review - WordPress LiteSpeed Provider

WordPress hosting has become a big trend, but especially in Germany the selection of suitable hosters is still rather small. This is partly due to the fact that WordPress has a few very special peculiarities and requirements that need to be met on the server side. Not every hoster knows about it or wants to change his infrastructure accordingly or build a completely new and adapted structure.

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Because of this, only a few, but in the meantime very well-known WordPress hosters have established themselves. These offer for the most part no other packages for web hosting, but focus entirely on the content management system WordPress. With these hosters, everything is thus optimized for WordPress and to achieve the highest possible performance with the CMS. One of these providers is WP-Projects and I would like to introduce you today in a little more detail.

Other LiteSpeed hosters have summarized in an overview.

Short overview of the WordPress hoster

WordPress Hosting from WP-Projects.de. Fast LiteSpeed servers in Germany.
WordPress Hosting from WP-Projects.de. Fast LiteSpeed servers in Germany.

A special feature of WP-Projects is the high-quality service as well as the particularly strong network infrastructure. The provider’s servers are located at a company with a direct connection to an Internet hub and uplinks to Deutsche Telekom (DTAG), Level 3, DE-CIX, TINET and AMSIX. This sets the course in terms of performance right from the start.

The packages that the WordPress hoster provides for you are always geared towards a single project in terms of performance. So WP-Projects does not allow you to run multiple blogs or domains per plan. This is also shown by the fact that only one domain is included and all others have to be booked additionally. However, this is the case with almost all WordPress hosters I know.

Otherwise, the rates differ more in the storage space or the number of MySQL databases. About the pure performance is not revealed much. Only the PHP memory limit suggests that you should book one of the larger packages for well-visited blogs. At first glance, all this is known and understandable, without hidden costs, clauses or nasty tricks.

WordPress server for the increased demands

WP-Projects servers for blogs with high traffic or large WooCommerce stores.
WP-Projects servers for blogs with high traffic or large WooCommerce stores.

If you have higher demands on WordPress hosting and own a well-frequented blog, the normal rates will soon not be enough for you. WP-Projects has introduced the so-called WordPress servers for this purpose. Basically, these are V-servers optimized for WordPress. The term V-Server means separate units on a root server, which have secured resources.

If you decide for a WordPress server, you get a fixed and promised performance, which you can always count on. This is especially important if your blog has a high number of visitors or you run a store based on WordPress, which accordingly requires a few more resources. Also, if your blog sometimes collapses at peak times, i.e. it lacks performance at prime time, the WordPress server is definitely not the worst choice.

Maintenance is done by WP-Projects, so by and large, you don’t have to worry about anything with the servers either. Moreover, unlike the single plans, it is not a problem here to run multiple WordPress installations or blogs side by side. The performance is thus dedicated. Up to 8 cores and 32 gigabytes of RAM are currently possible. Thus, even large projects should be feasible.

WordPress hosting with staging, firewall and other extras

Now, adapting the infrastructure to WordPress is only one side of the coin. The other is that there are certain conveniences that simplify working with the content management system and especially its management accordingly. WP-Projects also offers some such extras, which have now become a permanent part of such WordPress hosters.

WP-Projects staging, backup, and 1-click installation.
WP-Projects staging, backup, and 1-click installation.

The standard here is the WordPress installation by clicking on the appropriate button. Faster installation of the CMS is hardly possible. So you do not have to fight through the configuration of WordPress and download the system independently. Just click and WordPress will be installed in your hosting by WP-Projects. This is fast and also completely hassle-free, no matter how well you know the technology.

However, one of the things I like best here is the staging. In general, staging has become an important matter with WordPress to be able to try out new features, themes and plugins accordingly. WP-Projects offers its own staging environment for this purpose, which works at the push of a button and is accordingly easy to use. Even if you don’t have any experience with staging yet, you will find your way around without any problems. Thanks to the synchronization function, it is also possible to work within the staging environment and leave the live site almost completely static through clever caching.

DDoS Protection and Firewall.
DDoS Protection and Firewall.

To make sure your blog is properly secured, there is a web application firewall (WAF) on top, an automatic malware scanner, DDOS protection and a secure lock against the usual brute force attacks. After all, WordPress is known for the latter. Daily backups ensure that basically nothing can happen and there is always a backup available, should there then be a failure.

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Move to a WordPress hoster with WordPress

Like most major WordPress hosters, WP-Projects has a relocation service for existing WordPress blogs. This means one thing for you, and that is you don’t have to worry about transferring your data. If you wish, WP-Projects will do it for you and from start to finish.

The move to WP-Projects.
The move to WP-Projects.

To do this, after ordering a plan, you submit the desired data so that WP-Projects can access your blog. The team of the hoster then copies all the files of the WordPress installation and transfers them to the booked package. After a thorough test to make sure everything is up and running properly, your WordPress blog is then available to you at the new hoster. Without changes or losses, so exactly as before with your old hoster.

The relocation service of WP-Projects is available completely free of charge and part of each tariff, as it says on the website. So if you choose the WordPress hoster, you can also hand over the move of WordPress to the professionals at the hoster itself. They then know exactly what they are doing and where possible sources of error lie. All this Saves time and headaches, especially of course if you are a beginner in WordPress.

Prices and rates at WP-Projects

WP-Projects Prices
WP-Projects Prices

The prices at WP-Projects are extremely fair and therefore affordable for everyone. At least I think so. The start is made by the tariff for beginners, which costs only 14,90 Euro per month. The next higher Pro plan costs 29,90 Euro and is followed by the Business plan, which in turn costs 49,90 Euro per month. A single domain is always included. If you want more, you can book it separately.

If you outgrow the packages and need more power, then you will find this in the form of V-servers or WordPress servers, as they are called at WP-Projects. These provide fixed resources and are thus suitable for large websites and stores based on WordPress. Since they are managed servers, WP-Projects takes care of all the administration and setup for you. Basically, they work just as easily as the WordPress hosting in the smaller tariffs.

Price-wise, the servers are significantly more expensive. Here, the entry-level offer starts at 119 euros, while the Pro server already costs 189 euros. The business server then comes in at 299 euros, but has more than enough performance to meet even the most demanding offers.

Conclusion about WP-Projects as WordPress hoster

I like that WP-Projects is not aimed at a limited target group, but everyone can grow together with the WordPress hoster. What starts with a small blog can become bigger and the rate change is accordingly simple to handle. If the own project becomes huge at some point, you can also rent a WordPress server, but stay with the same hoster and the familiar service.

I like that because I find it important that the provider gives me room to grow. So WP-Projects scales for me as a customer. If I need more power or more blogs, I’m in good hands here. But even if I only want to run a small blog as a hobby, I do nothing wrong with WP-Projects and get my all-round carefree package. Everything is included and I don’t have to worry about technical aspects. You should definitely consider this LiteSpeed hosting.

It’s these amenities that end up inspiring. Plus, there really is a lot included and everything has been thought of at WP-Projects. From the quick installation, the relocation service of existing blogs, a firewall, to the daily backups and automatic malware scan. At a small price, of course. Especially compared to other WordPress hosts, you really get a lot here.

WP-Projects Review

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Ease of use

WP-Projects is a specialized WordPress hoster that relies on LiteSpeed server as its server software. This works much more efficiently than Apache, but at the same time is compatible with .htaccess syntax. Additionally, moderate prices make this web hosting provider an excellent choice.

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