Hostpress Review - Super Fast WP hosting

HostPress Review - Fast WordPress Hosting

My unbiased HostPress review! HostPress offers extremely fast WordPress hosting. In the meantime, many hosting providers have responded to the enormous demand for the popular WordPress content management system. The range of specialized server solutions is huge and accordingly it is difficult to find the right provider.

We have thoroughly tested the WordPress hosting service provider. Find out in this article what makes this hoster so special and why a move is worthwhile, especially for online stores.

By the way, HostPress has been certified by TÜV Saarland since May 2023 and has received the grade “very good”.

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HostPress: More than just a web hoster

Of course, you can also simply host your WordPress site with one of the big providers like 1&1 or HostEurope. In fact, 60% of WordPress users currently do that as well. But why it makes sense to look at one of the smaller hosts specialized in WordPress, we tell you in this article.

German web host HostPress is one of these specialized managed WordPress hosts, and they offer even more than just hosting your website. As absolute WordPress experts, they not only provide you with a web space on their own servers, but also manage your entire website, if desired. The all-round hosting package guarantees security, fast loading times and absolute optimization. So your WordPress is ready for anything and you don’t have to worry about anything

Just recently awarded third best host for WordPress worldwide by Cloud Spectator’s global market analysis, HostPress is the undisputed frontrunner among German providers . The startup from Saarland is fully dedicated to providing premium service to WordPress customers. They have made it their mission to improve WordPress websites, be it for loading speed or general optimization.

HostPress offer customized deals, from hosting only to complete all-round services.

HostPress is just superfast WordPress hosting that I recommend to all my customers.

HostPress advantages and disadvantages at a glance

HostPress Panel - Plesk
HostPress Panel – Plesk
  • Outstanding performance – speed that is second to none
  • first class support
  • free migration from other hosts
  • high security standards
  • automatic WordPress backups and updates
  • high server availability
  • extensive offer of tools, plugins and tweaks
  • many functions and settings directly from the dashboard
  • very user-friendly with Plesk interface
  • Hosting optimized for WooCommerce
  • including domain and unlimited subdomains (DNS)
  • Money back guarantee for 30 days
  • non-binding assessment of performance improvement before making the switch


  • High costs
  • Customer support from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

I know, with my HostPress review I should probably list more negative points, but that’s all I found.

What’s in favor of HostPress?

HostPress is without a doubt a special hosting provider. We have listed some outstanding advantages for you:

Special features of HostPress

WordPress Hosting Features
WordPress hosting features
  • Staging
    Go wild and experiment with cloned websites in the staging area. If you like a design, it can be adopted as the main site at any time.
  • Plesk interface
    You get an absolutely user-friendly operation including extensive functions with the popular hosting control panel Plesk.
  • Extensive extras
    HostPress offers optimizations for BuddyPress, WP Rocket with the RocketCache.
  • High securitybook your personal security planEvenin
    the basic version HostPress offers excellent protection for your WordPress site. You get free backups, SSL integration and automatic updates including malware detection. Some very good security settings are available via the Plesk user interface.
    If that’s not enough, you can additionally book extensive security plans. These include daily backups, 24/7 uptime monitoring or seamlessly integrated firewalls. However, these additional security services are associated with quite high costs.

  • WooCommerce Support – the offer for online storesHostPress
    is a very good decision for WooCommerce stores for various reasons. The fast loading time forms a major argument along with the strong security. However, the hoster from Germany has dedicated itself even further to WordPress stores and offers you full support in case of problems with the WooCommerce installation. Choose the right tariff model for this.
  • Use WordPress without restrictions
    You will not experience any restrictions in WordPress plugins, some of them are also available directly from the HostPress dashboard. You get free access to installation files via the Plesk interface. You can also enjoy extensive caching settings, and features like a backup manager and app installer provide additional customization options for your website’s security and performance.


Schnelles WordPress Hosting für deinen SEO Erfolg
Super fast WordPress hosting for your SEO success

The fastest WordPress host in Germany? HostPress claims this title for itself. We have taken a closer look at what is probably the biggest advantage of HostPress.

We get the maximum out of your WordPress!


One of the main arguments for HostPress is the incredibly short loading time. The operators talk about a halving of the loading time after the move to HostPress.

It doesn’t really require any studies to realize that a fast website loading time is beneficial. Nevertheless, the results of the relevant tests by Amazon and Google are impressive. For example, Amazon talks about 1% loss in sales with only 0.1 seconds longer loading time. Knowing how sensitively Internet users now react to loading times certainly speaks in favor of a fast web host.

But not only users benefit from a faster website, search engines also judge loading times very strictly, so they play a considerable role in the ranking.

Fast hosting is therefore an important SEO factor.

How can HostPress generate such fast loading times?

Of course, the superior performance of HostPress is not a coincidence. The WordPress specialists are constantly working on being able to offer the optimized hosting for WordPress. Several functions are coordinated with each other at HostPress and ultimately lead to the best result.

Stabiles und maximal schnelles WordPress Hosting
Stable and maximum fast WordPress hosting
  • Performance analysis in advance
    HostPress is sure of its business and offers this service free of charge.
    Even before the switch , you get an analysis of slowing down factors of your WordPress and an estimate of how the performance will be improved after the relocation of your website . We are not talking about if, but how much.
  • Cache Preloader
    All subpages and contained files are cached to be delivered super fast when needed. The cache preloader ensures that your content is always up to date and loading times are minimized.
  • Own RocketCache
    Developed by HostPress specifically for WordPress, Rocket Cache is exclusive to HostPress users. The perfect interaction of WP Rocket and special server configurations is the main reason for the outstanding performance of HostPress. RocketCache is the secret weapon of the small startup company from Sauerland, Germany.
  • 10.000 accesses per second
    HostPress’ special caching enables an incredible 10,000 hits per second on your site.
  • WP-Rocket License
    The most popular caching plugin for WordPress is included in the hosting package and guarantees optimization of your site’s speed.
  • Active support for optimization
    HostPress is more than a hoster, because you also get active support in optimizing your WordPress. The service team makes sure that your WordPress website runs at maximum speed. Special analysis tools are often used.
  • Hosting optimization for WooCommerce online stores
    Online stores are particularly dependent on fast loading times and place high demands on the hoster. Besides security and performance, flexibility is what counts most. Your host must be able to grow with your store and its demands and react quickly to scaling requests. HostPress offers with flexible rates always the right offers for you and your store.
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But now on with my HostPress Review!

Big topic security: How secure is HostPress?

Every website operator has to deal with the important topic of security. Especially when sensitive data is processed on the site, such as is the case in online stores, security must come first. The hosting provider plays a crucial role here.
HostPress takes these tasks seriously as a hoster. A variety of security standards ensure the safety of your blog and your visitors.

SSL certificates

HostPress offers not only a free SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt certificate), but also the option to choose from three different paid certificates. Standard SSL, Wildcard SSL, Business SSL with extended evaluation (EV).

Geo-redundant backups

Backup and Restore in Plesk
Backup and Restore in Plesk

Depending on the tariff HostPress keeps your backups for 7 to 30 days. If you have a problem with the site during this time, HostPress will restore the desired version for you. The backups do not take up any of your storage space. Additionally, own backups are also possible via Plesk.

Geo-redundant backups offer a comprehensive security solution for your website. To ensure the highest possible level of protection for your data, HostPress performs not one, but two full backups of your site every day.

These backups are stored in different data centers. With this measure, the premium provider ensures that in the event of a failure in one data center, your data is stored securely in another. This means that your website can be restored quickly and efficiently, even in the event of a crisis.

The HostPress SecurePlan

Always up to date with the right updates

HostPress SecurePlan
HostPress SecurePlan

The WordPress software, themes and plugins should always be up-to-date for a smooth use.
You don’t want to worry about costly updates to your site and want to avoid the downtime associated with faulty updates in any case, then the SecurePlan is the right offer for you. Let the specialists HostPress take care of it and sit back and relax.

Mobile use

An increasingly important topic and therefore not to be neglected is the use of your website on mobile devices. In the case of HostPress, there is not much to say about this. In short, you can manage your WordPress site from a tablet or smartphone without any restrictions.

Ease of use

The dashboard at HostPress itself is tidy and clean. Through the partnership with Plesk, you get a really great user experience. Switching between WP, HostPress and Plesk is smooth and requires no password entry. The functions are accessible with just a few clicks and the functionality is guaranteed with all popular browsers.

Support and customer service

HostPress Support
HostPress Support

Another plus point is the excellent support provided by the small company from Germany. Especially considering that the big players mostly come from English-speaking countries, German-speaking customers in particular benefit from the support team at HostPress.

Not only do you get a well-functioning support service via mail, live chat and phone, but also an extensive FAQ and tutorial section. Even though the support is only available to a limited extent during normal office hours, there are no waiting times whatsoever.

Migration from other providers is free of charge and possible without much effort. You let HostPress do it or do it yourself with the necessary WordPress plugin and detailed instructions.

Is HostPress the right solution for you?

Customers who want to put their WordPress hosting in professional hands, attach great importance to performance and security, are excellently advised with this premium provider.

A big advantage are the first-class scaling possibilities. HostPress grows with its customers and flexibly always provides the right tariff package.

Especially webshops, which often grow unpredictably fast, benefit from this reliable partner.
However, you don’t get this above-average service for free.


Keep in mind that HostPress specializes in premium service and this comes with corresponding costs. HostPress is a premium host and not the perfect solution for every project.

If you need an all-around service and run a high-traffic or fast-growing site, HostPress’ rates are absolutely reasonable.

The individual rates of HostPress at a glance:

CPUs2 vCPUs4 vCPUs8 vCPUs4 vCPUs
Storage space5 GB SSD15 GB SSD30 GB SSD160 GB SSD
WP Rocket license111unlimited
Backups14 days14 days14 days7 days
€ 19,00 / month€ 39,00 / month€ 79,00 / month€ 115,00 / month
Prices for annual payment

This review is part of my hosting comparison

For the full rundown, check out the best WordPress hosting.

HostPress Review Conclusion

Because HostPress is still a small company, a particularly customer-oriented service is possible. Together with the customers an individual concept is discussed, which works optimally and does not only enable your unhindered growth, but supports it.

Now you just need a strong theme like Divi or Astra for a really stable website.

It is not the cheapest provider, but good service has its price. HostPress is confident in its performance and offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

After my HostPress review, I know the hoster is absolutely specialized in WordPress and will not only make your website faster and more secure, but will stand by you as a reliable partner no matter where your project takes you.
Thanks to the manageable internal structures of the startup company, flexible adaptations are possible quickly and easily. This is a big advantage over the big players.