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Create smart Landing-Pages with WordPress and Thrive Architect - Hydrogen

Hydrogen, the latest smart Landing-Page set for Thrive Architect. The new technology from Thrive Themes allows you to create smart automated Landing-Pages. Use global colors and custom mockups without image editing for Google Ads and any type of Landing-Page.

When one of the best WordPress plugins and the latest Smart Landing-Page technology join hands, great things happen. In our case, the Smart Landing-Page Set Hydrogen as an enriching component of one of the best WordPress plugins Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect WordPress plugin is a WYSIWYG editor (i.e. a“what you see is what you get” editor) that allows you to design stunning Landing-Pages for your website easily and super fast. No HTML “Hypertext Markup Language” knowledge is required to create web pages.

Optimized perfection through minimalistic web design

The Thrive Theme Builder WordPress theme is a perfect match!

By combining the Hydrogen design with the intelligent Landing-Page technology as well as the tutorial copy of Thrive Architect, you get the opportunity to start the desired funnel for your online business in an amazingly short time and with just a few clicks.

You can choose from several funnels with different focuses, such as

  • Sales Funnel
  • Lead Generation Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Google Ads Landing-Page
  • Affiliate Landing-Page
  • and any other strategies

Explanation (Sales) “Funnel
An online sales funnel allows you to drive web traffic to your website where you can strategically capture leads via a squeeze page, generate sales, identify dream buyers and make addon sales.

Here’s how building your funnels works

Hydrogen combines the simplicity of a building block principle with the individuality of an artist. The result is ingenious, and here’s how it works:

With the Hydrogen Smart Landing-Page Set, you have 12 Smart Templates at your disposal. These form the basis for “crafting” your respective funnels. Here are 4 examples:

The Hydrogen Landing-Page Set for Thrive Architect
The Hydrogen Landing-Page Set for Thrive Architect

1. Your funnel for lead generation

Maintaining and updating an email list of buyers / customers / prospects, etc. is one of the most valuable assets for any online business.
And that‘s exactly what Hydrogen simplifies with its “fast & easy” lead generation funnel.

The templates to set up your own lead generation funnel are:

  • Hydrogen’s Lead Generation Page Template
  • Hydrogen’s Confirmation Page Template
  • Hydrogen’s Thank You / Download Page Template

2. Online Sales Courses

If you want to create online course Landing-Pages, check out these templates. The sales launch for your next product will be just a few clicks away, and development will no longer start with a blank canvas.

  • Hydrogen’s Course Launch Page Template (to help you create your content before launch)
  • Hydrogen’s Confirmation Page Template (if you use videos to sell your courses)
  • Hydrogen’s Image-Driven Sales Page Template, an image-driven sales page template (if you’re using only images and text)

3. New Coaching Client Funnel

Are you an online coach or consultant? Then your business is to constantly attract new clients. Certainly not an easy task, where only measurable success counts.
This is where Hydrogen’s “New Client Funnel” makes your job easier with 3 additional templates for consulting, training and ultimately attracting new clients:

  • Hydrogen’s homepage template (to attract new website visitors)
  • Hydrogen’s application page template (to get new customers to book a free consultation with you)
  • Hydrogen’s Upsell Page Template (to give your new customers instant access to one of your premium training courses)

4. Sign-up funnel for events and webinars

Events and Webinars
Events and Webinars

Live events or webinars are conducive to business and improve sales by adding value to your audience and increasing the recognition of your online presence.

Thrive Themes has developed three smart Landing-Page templates for this purpose, to give you a digital boost by motivating your online visitors to attend your trainings:

  • Hydrogen’s Event Registration Page Template
  • Hydrogen’s Webinar Signup Page Template
  • Thank you webinar signup page template

All templates can be updated in real time, can be exchanged and changed. They look great on all screen sizes, such as tablets, smartphones, and more – including custom page block design.

But just like cooking, the ingredients don’t make a 5-star menu. There are a lot of subtleties and personalized extras until the work is complete. In our case, there are multifaceted smart options for this.

Smart Landing-Page design – from scratch

Hydrogen: Smart Landing-Pages
Hydrogen: Smart Landing-Pages

If none of the offered templates really meet your expectations, then create your own custom templates and smart Landing-Pages. To do this, you can use Hydrogen’s blank page template or one of the other 300+ page templates available in Thrive Architect.

For the creation of your personalized templates and pages, a variety of tools are at your disposal. And all of them are smart, intelligent and work hand in hand, creating an almost infinite choice of design possibilities.

You can do it all in no time using over 150 Hydrogen Smart Page Block designs in any combination and 17 categories using 24 preset colors with smart color technology, based on your Smart Site settings with smart typography technology and Photoshop-independent template and image editing.

Got it ;)?

But don’t worry, – I just nested what is de facto as simple as playing Lego.

Over 150 Hydrogen Page Block Designs

The smart Landing-Page blocks
The smart Landing-Page blocks

A Page Block design is the area of a page whose style resembles the look and feel of a (Salesforce) detail page, but does not contain default content. The Smart Page Block designs created for Hydrogen are divided into 17 different design categories:

  1. Benefits & Features (14)
  2. Steps (9)
  3. Contact (7)
  4. Team (7)
  5. Call to Action (14)
  6. Statistics (6)
  7. Lead Generation (8)
  8. Illustrated List (7)
  9. Hero Area (19)
  10. Product Highlight (8)
  11. FAQ (6)
  12. Testimonials (6)
  13. Text/Content (13)
  14. Articles (7)
  15. About (About Us) (7)
  16. List Content (8)
  17. Pricing Table (6)
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The Hydrogen Page Block designs are not only successful, they are smart – just like the Landing-Page templates you can drag and drop (copy & paste) them into!
If you don’t like any of the templates, you can always delete or replace them.

Smart in all of this refers to the 4 cutting-edge technologies coordinated with each other in terms of coloring, page setting, typography technology, and Photoshop-independent template and image editing.

1. Smart Site Settings

Smart Landing-Page: Global Data
Smart Landing-Page: Global Data

Your Smart Landing-Page site settings can be found in the Thrive dashboard of your WordPress backend. Here is room for the basics like company name, address, contact numbers, email, and so on. Links to your legal pages (e.g. privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of use) as well as your social media accounts also find their place here.

Once set up, Hydrogen Landing-Pages will dynamically display this information or links in your designs.

For example, you may see links to social media icons in Hydrogen’s thank you / download page template, as well as company information at the bottom of the homepage template. These links and information will only appear in Hydrogen templates if you have set them up in your “Thrive Dashboard Site Settings”.

2. Smart color technology

Smart colors - update the colors of your LP
Smart colors

Hydrogen Landing-Page templates and page block designs include 24 Smart Color palettes. Once you select a color (or change an existing color choice), the corresponding background colors, highlight colors, accent colors, icon colors, button colors, etc. are automatically updated for the entire Landing-Page template. And all that with just one click.

You’ve never tested different colors for Google Ads so easily.

3. Smart typography technology

Change global fonts
Change fonts globally

Thrive Architect’s smart typography technology lets you manage your Landing-Page typography settings from a single settings box. For example, you highlight the “Page” at the top of your Thrive visual editor, then open the “Typography” tab in the left sidebar, and finally click the “Edit Landing-Page Typography” button.

Now you can format every single headline and text element in the typography settings.
As a result, all the text on the Landing-Page you are working on will be updated automatically.
Editing each element individually is now a thing of the past.

4. Photoshop-independent template and image editing

Landing-Page content box with mockup
Content Box with Mockup

Looking at the elegant Landing-Page templates and page block designs, you may get the impression that it is a single product model, approximately static and updatable only with Photoshop experience.

However, customizing Hydrogen’s product models is done directly in Thrive Architect‘s visual editor, meaning you swap out the demo images for your own in one go (just like any other image element in Thrive’s visual editor). The dreaded Photoshop work is eliminated and done for you by Hydrogen, saving you time.

It’s relaxing and prevents headaches, frustration and tantrums, as the author of this text can tell you.

Another cool feature is: if one of your designs uses icons, you can replace them in an instant with icons that match your current theme. You can choose from a wide variety of icons in the Icon Library, – and even these take color schemes from Smart Color Settings.


Smart Landing-Pages are Landing-Pages that offer a simple user experience. It is about generating completely new LPs using previously stored data and simple changes.

Landing-Pages are specially created pages for very specific offers and campaigns. You can use them to collect email addresses or sell a product.

The Hydrogen Set can only be used with Thrive Architect, which is available in Thrive Suite.

Yes, of course. These automated Landing-Pages are best suited for Google Ads. You are much more unrestricted than with special LP tools.

Take your website to the next level

The new Hydrogen Smart Landing-Page Set for Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads changes the way you create Landing-Pages and their content. It makes Landing-Page optimization easier and faster.

The smart set already “anticipates” your next steps by combining, automating and synchronizing many individual work processes of traditional web design. Stop wasting time with slow, cumbersome content editors that don’t focus on your conversions and business.

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