SolidWP - The Foundation for WordPress

SolidWP - The Foundation for WordPress

SolidWP is the new brand identity of iThemes, a well-known brand for WordPress. SolidWP focuses on providing a solid foundation for any WordPress website, with an emphasis on security, backups, website maintenance and training. The brand belongs under the auspices of StellarWP.

WordPress Basics
Fundamental plugins for every WordPress installation

IThemes becomes SolidWP

Security, backups and centralized management for your network of websites – that’s SolidWP.

Since 2008 iThemes stands for qualitative WordPress products. Initially, the focus was on WordPress themes. However, over the past decade, the development team has become known for fundamentally important plugins such as iThemes Security, BackupBuddy, and iThemes Sync.

So the name iThemes doesn’t really fit the main field anymore. That’s why those responsible, Matt Cromwell and Devin Walker, have come up with a complete rebrand.

So as of 04/03/2023 iThemes has been renamed to SolidWP.

Also, the popular products getting new names. In each case starting with “Solid”.

More about this now:

Solid Security

  • Features: Site Scanner, Logging, File Permissions, Bots and User Ban, Block IPs and User Agents
  • Special: Realtime Security Checks
  • Price: Free and Pro from $99.00 annually

Solid Security (formerly iThemes Security) is a security plugin for WordPress. It is designed to protect WordPress websites by providing various security features to prevent or minimize attacks and threats.


With WordPress currently powering over 40% of all websites, it has become an easy target for malicious hackers. iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security. Be prepared and protected against inevitable attacks.


Take concrete steps to prevent a hack or vulnerability with actionable steps in iThemes Security Pro. Give your website users additional tools to keep their accounts and your website safe.


Early detection can mean the difference between a minor impact or shutting down your website completely. iThemes Security Pro gives you the ability to have early detection so you can effectively and quickly recover from an attack.

The plugin offers several security features, including:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention, which monitors suspicious activity on the website and prevents or minimizes attacks.
  • Protection of credentials by using strong passwords and two-factor authentication.
  • Blocking unwanted IP addresses to block known sources of damage.
  • Managing file permissions and backing up important files and databases.
  • Protecting WordPress core files by checking for changes and restoring original files when needed.

Solid Security also offers a Pro version that provides advanced features such as malware scanning, spam detection, and an improved firewall.

Solid Backups

  • Features: WordPress backup, offsite storage, WordPress migration
  • Special: Professional all-in-one solution
  • Price: From $ 99.00 annually

Solid Backups (formerly BackupBuddy) is a plugin for WordPress designed to create and restore backups of WordPress websites. It provides an easy way to create backups to ensure that important data and files can be restored in case something goes wrong.

Full WordPress Backup

Back up the entire WordPress website (database + all WP files) for later recovery.

Scheduled, Automatic Backups

Set up backup schedules that run automatically. A good backup must always run fully automatically in the background.

Save off-site backups

Send and store the backup files in a secure location. This can be another web server or even cloud storage.

Solid Backups offers several features that make it easy to create and restore backups, such as:

  • Automatic backups can be scheduled on a regular basis to ensure that important data is backed up on a regular basis.
  • It is super easy to create and restore backups without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  • The ability to store backups in multiple locations, such as on a server or in the cloud.
  • Migration to a different server or a new domain.
  • A flexible backup strategy that lets you choose which data and files to include in the backup files.

Solid Backups is a paid plugin that comes in different packages, depending on how many websites need to be backed up and what features are needed.

Solid Central

  • Features: Manage WordPress centrally, updates, monitoring, SEO checker, customer management
  • Special: Your WP Central
  • Price: From $69.00 annually

Solid Central (formerly iThemes Sync) is a service offered by SolidWP that allows website owners to manage their WordPress sites from a central dashboard. With Solid Central, users can manage multiple blogs without having to log in to each site individually.


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View a list of available updates for WordPress Core, plugins and themes and update them with one click. The sync dashboard gives a quick overview of the number of available updates, lets you run individual updates and view plugin change logs.


Solid Central provides an opportunity to monitor WordPress uptime, downtime and overall performance for all your WordPress websites. Receive notification emails when websites go down and view the history of your overall WordPress performance.


Reports are delivered in the form of beautiful, interactive HTML reports, giving clients a visual summary of the WordPress maintenance you’ve performed. Sync handles compiling and organizing update actions and important website statistics.

Solid Central’s features include:

  • Updates: the service can automatically perform WordPress updates and updates for plugins and themes on managed sites. This ensures that they are up to date.
  • Security: Solid Central lets users run security checks on their managed sites to detect and eliminate potential security threats.
  • Backups: The service can create backups in conjunction with Solid Backups to ensure that all data is backed up.
  • Reports: Users can generate reports on the activity of their managed sites. For their own purposes, or for clients.
  • Team Members: add team members to give others access to the dashboard and collaborate on managed sites.

Solid Central is a paid service and comes in different packages, depending on the number of sites you manage and features you need.

Solid Academy

  • Features: Courses, trainings and events on WordPress and all around
  • Special: Great live events
  • Price: Free and paid courses starting at $39.00 per month

Solid Academy (formerly iThemes Training) is a membership of SolidWP that offers various trainings and courses for WordPress users and developers. The goal of is to help users improve their WordPress skills and realize the full potential of their WordPress websites.


Premium courses developed and offered during your membership year. Course replays and downloads to watch and learn.

Live Webinars

I especially love the live offerings on current WordPress topics. New features like full site editing or training for agencies.

Slack Channel

Exclusive Slack channel only for Solid Academy members with advice, tips and feedback. Here you can discuss your questions in the community.

Courses offered by Solid Academy include:

  • WordPress Basics: a course for beginners that introduces the basic features and concepts of WordPress.
  • WordPress Themes: A course that focuses on WordPress theme design and customization.
  • WordPress Plugins: A course that focuses on WordPress plugin development.
  • WordPress Security: A course that focuses on WordPress site security and shows users how to keep their sites secure.
  • Topical Topics as Live Webinars.

Courses are offered online and can be taken at your own pace. There are also live webinars and workshops led by WordPress experts like Nathan Ingram. This allows participants to ask questions and get feedback directly.

Solid Academy offers free online courses and live streams. However, most of the content is reserved for members.


Currently, there are many products available on that are either offered as part of a package or sold on other websites in various ways. Some products will continue to be developed independently, while others will be phased out.

iThemes Training will be renamed Solid Academy. Nathan Ingram will continue to host Solid Academy, but in a new, more public format on YouTube.

The team has always stood for world-class customer support. Of course, existing customers and licenses will remain. The official end-of-life for the discontinued products will be discussed with the community and determined prior to the full launch of our new brand.

Yes, definitely! You’re not only paying for the best plugins in their class but also for the excellent support. You can even try Solid Security in the free version and convince yourself about its quality.


SolidWP is a company that has been providing WordPress plugins and services for many years. The company has earned a reputation for high-quality products and top-notch support. It is known for its powerful security plugins and online training.

SolidWP’s excellent products are the result of years of experience and development.

By the way, products like KadenceWP and Nexcess and LiquidWeb are located under the same umbrella.

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