The best WordPress Coupon Plugins

The best WordPress Coupon Plugins

The right WordPress coupon plugin will help you to present coupons in the most appealing way possible. This is always helpful if you either earn money from each redeemed coupon via affiliate links or if you sell your products that become even more attractive with a discount.

Whatever you need a coupon plugin for WordPress for, you’re sure to find it here. In my list, I present you only the best extensions of their kind and at the same time tell you all the pros and cons. This way you are on the safe side and know in advance what to expect.

The best coupon plugin

Find the best coupon plugin for WordPress right here and now and turn your website into a full-featured and comprehensive coupon portal in a class of its own. Manage coupons directly in the WordPress admin and create fancy click to reveal effects or integrate digital scratch cards and wheels of fortune that release bonus only after a certain action. Here I’ll introduce you to the best coupon plugins for WordPress in a little more detail and tell you any advantages and disadvantages. This way you can quickly and easily find the best coupon plugin for your purpose.

☝️ Key points at a glance

  • 💡 WP Coupons and Deals offers a balance of features for displaying coupons.
  • 🚀 Affiliate Coupons is a powerful plugin for larger coupon portals, but can be too much of a good thing for simple applications.
  • 🎨 Coupon & Discount Code Reveal Button is simple and efficient, ideal for presenting coupons in an appealing way without sacrificing performance.
  • 🎰 Choices for special effects like “Click to Reveal” or digital scratch cards are available to increase interaction.
  • 📊 Most plugins support statistics and affiliate links to increase sales.
  • 🛠 Various advantages and disadvantages are considered when choosing the best coupon plugin for the specific area of use.
  • 🎁 Coupons can be managed efficiently with expiration dates and other features.

1. Coupon & Discount Code Reveal Button

Coupon & Discount Code Reveal Button Dashboard
Coupon & Discount Code Reveal Button Dashboard
  • Features: Show coupon codes after click, customizable buttons, affiliate links on click and more.
  • Special: kept minimal and effective
  • Price: Free and from about 19 to 100 US dollars as a complete package with other plugins and themes.

Sometimes things can be basic, as with the Coupon & Discount Code Reveal Button plugin for WordPress. In fact, this does exactly the job that its name suggests. It is thus a Click to Reveal plugin to display coupon codes only after a click. For coupon portals or websites that work with numerous such codes or want to integrate them particularly nicely into their design, the extension is therefore perfectly suited. Moreover, it works smoothly from the start and integrates well into WordPress.

There are various button designs that the plugin directly provides, the coupon code can be copied immediately when clicked and also how links are opened can be easily set. The plugin is kept simple, but also fulfills its task perfectly without bringing the usual feature ballast. However, the highlight of the extension is something else. When you click on it, not only the coupon code itself is revealed, but also the corresponding affiliate link opens, which earns you the actual commission. In this way, you increase the number of clicks enormously and increase your income in the respective affiliate program many times over.


  • Easy display of coupon codes, but only after visitors have clicked on the button
  • When clicked, affiliate links can be opened automatically in the background, increasing affiliate program revenue and click-throughs accordingly
  • The buttons can be freely customized so that they integrate perfectly into the design of your website


  • No Gutenberg block, only shortcode

2. Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons - All coupons with shortcodes
Affiliate Coupons – All coupons with shortcodes
  • Functions: Vouchers with many templates and display options, provider selectable for each voucher, search and filter, click to reveal, view and click counts, import/export via CSV file and much more.
  • Special: Suitable for large voucher portals
  • Price: Free and Premium from about $30 to $200 per year.

The Affiliate Coupons Plugin is particularly comprehensive. This would like to be a kind of complete solution for affiliates who want to provide appropriate coupons on their website. For this purpose, the WordPress plugin has many practical functions integrated, all of which actually seem very useful. For example, it can use different coupon templates or be freely customized via CSS to integrate into your website in the best possible way. Coupon cards themselves are also carefully managed in the WordPress admin, where the individual coupons can be assigned to a provider.

Otherwise, the Affiliate Coupons WordPress plugin displays statistics on views and clicks, which is, however, reserved for the Pro version. By the way, the same applies to the Click to Reveal function, where discount coupons are only displayed after they have been clicked. Import and export via CSV file is also possible. Display options are also available so that coupon cards can be presented as a grid or list and also with many templates. So in the end, Affiliate Coupons is precisely what it wants to be. An all-encompassing plugin for coupons, which seems perfect for affiliates who earn money with affiliate programs. Especially for large websites, the plugin is fascinating due to its many features.


  • Powerful and very extensive voucher plugin for WordPress, with which large voucher portals can be easily realized
  • There are view, copy and click numbers, similar to other options for analysis, such as event tracking via Google Analytics or Matomo are available
  • Import and export via CSV file possible
  • Vouchers can be assigned to a provider
  • Many templates and customization options for the display of discount vouchers, just as a search function and filters are already integrated


  • None known

3. WP Coupons and Deals

WP Coupons and Deals
WP Coupons and Deals
  • Features: Coupons with many templates, click to copy, display only after click on affiliate link, CSV import of coupon codes, expiration date and automatic hiding, voting by visitors and much more.
  • Special: Comprehensive solution for voucher portals
  • Price: From approx. 40 to 260 US dollars per year or from approx. 120 to 500 US dollars as a lifetime license

WP Coupons and Deals is a classic coupon plugin for WordPress that has various display options. It has a click to copy feature, can hide the coupon code until the affiliate link is clicked, and masters one or two other nifty features that make integrating value coupons into WordPress even more seamless and easy.

Also, the different templates that allow you to display in a particularly diverse way ensure that you can perfectly adapt the voucher output to your already existing WordPress website.

If you have professionalized yourself accordingly and no longer enter coupon codes manually, the WP Coupons and Deals plugin also allows you to upload via CSV file. The live preview also shows you beforehand if you have done and set everything correctly and how the final result will look on your website. In this way, it is no longer a big problem to adjust the various templates according to your wishes. Thanks to a voting function, users can also report coupons if they no longer work as desired or have already expired. The latter, however, can also be done through a countdown or automatic fade-out after expiration. Here, it all depends on which way you prefer.


  • Comprehensive solution for coupon display, which is ideal for coupon portals or larger affiliate websites
  • CSV import simplifies entering and automatic display of coupon codes
  • Expiration date adjustable, even with automatic hiding or displaying to users whether a coupon is still working or not
  • Social share buttons within the vouchers, so that the same can be shared as easily and often as possible


  • None known

4. Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce
Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce
  • Features: Coupons for WooCommerce stores, loyalty program, credit system, limited time offers, discounts for shopping carts, coupons by URL and much more
  • Special: Extension for WooCommerce Shops
  • Price: Free of charge and from about 120 to 240 US dollars a year

Advanced Coupons, as a WordPress plugin, is clearly aimed at WooCommerce users. So if you run your store based on WooCommerce, Advanced Coupons could be the ideal addition for you. At least, if you’re considering upgrading the functionality of coupons once again. In fact, that’s undoubtedly what Advanced Coupons does. It builds on top of WooCommerce’s coupons and improves and expands their capabilities many times over. This is done with features such as a Buy One Get One offer, a loyalty program, an extensive credit system or even the possibility to offer discounts and coupons only on very specific shopping carts.

With the Advanced Coupons Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce you combine the store system with extensive marketing methods. You generate value coupons that add products to the shopping cart or that add time-limited discounts and items. Even email marketing has been thought of, so you can make coupons accessible through specific URLs, and then use the links for email campaigns or in social networks. There really is a lot possible here that WooCommerce can’t offer out of the box.


  • Extensive value coupon plugin for WooCommerce stores
  • Pro version has an incredible amount of features and supports almost every type of coupon type
  • Credit system and loyalty program, as well as digital gift cards available as a bundle for a complete price


  • Loyalty program and gift cards only available as a bundle in the most expensive package and therefore not always included

5. YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System

YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System
YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System
  • Features: Automatic sending of coupons, Customizable email templates, Reward system for customers
  • Special: Sending coupons on birthdays and after certain purchase activities
  • Price: From € 59,99 in the first year, thereafter € 69,99 per year

YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System plugin is an excellent choice for those who want to make their customers loyal and increase sales at the same time. With this plugin, you can automatically send coupons to your customers, either on their birthday or after a certain number of purchases made. The plugin also allows you to customize the emails according to your preferences so that they match perfectly your branding.

Another highlight is the rewards system. When a customer has made a certain number of purchases or a certain amount of time has passed since their last purchase, they will automatically receive a discount coupon. This not only promotes customer loyalty, but can also help re-engage inactive customers.

I have the plugin running on a client’s WooCommerce store and we are pleased with it.


  • Automated coupon system that increases customer loyalty
  • Customizable email templates for consistent branding
  • Flexible rewards system based on different criteria


  • Price could be a deterrent for smaller businesses

6. Coupons

Coupons   Plugin
Coupons Plugin
  • Features: Coupon builder with many different conditions, different offer types, discounts by user role, bundles, limited for new customers, 2 for 1 or even buy one get one offers as well as much more
  • Special: Very comprehensive and powerful coupon builder
  • Price: 39 US Dollar

Coupons extends the capabilities of WooCommerce when it comes to providing coupons. The exciting thing about Coupons, however, is not the features that reveal entirely new possibilities, but the extensive and clever Coupon Builder that realizes them in the first place. Because in Coupons, offers are created by a kind of generator, with which different parameters bring the actual result.

These states then generate further offers. For example, you can set that for a certain purchase, in a certain category, if there are at least two products in the cart, another product will be offered with a discount. Or even something wholly different because the logics can be easily clicked together and combined accordingly, just as you like.

You can see how exactly Coupons pairs the conditions in the live demo of the plugin, which is accessible via the website. There you can log in to a WordPress admin for a test, to simply try out the Coupon Builder for yourself under “Coupons”. This is really cleverly designed and laid out quite differently than I know from similar coupon plugins for WordPress.

In the end, much more extensive and individual coupon campaigns are possible. Of course, there are all the standard features as well, like buy one get one deals, 2 for 1 or even multi-level discounts. Coupons just allow you to create any kind of coupon in the end, in an entirely new and creative way.


  • Coupon Builder is really a different and creative way to offer coupons with any conditions to your customers
  • Any form of vouchers possible, which can be freely combined with each other thanks to the Coupon Builder
  • In addition to the classic types of coupons, this creates an almost infinite number of possibilities for new exciting offers


  • None known

7. Couponer

Couponer for Elementor
Couponer for Elementor
  • Features: Elementor widget for creating coupons, nothing more, nothing less
  • Special: Only for the simple display of a voucher
  • Price: 10 US Dollar

As a WordPress plugin, Couponer is aimed specifically at users of Elementor Page Builder. Namely, the plugin adds an Elementor block, which can then be used to create corresponding coupons. Directly in Elementor itself and thus in the same workflow as articles are created. However, Couponer does not have many functions for you. It simply enables the fancy display of a coupon and a corresponding code. This can be practical if your products are to be advertised or discounted, but it is also wonderfully suited to include a gift certificate within affiliate offers or test reports. But that’s all because you can’t create big voucher portals or blogs this way.

For little money you get here only a way to quickly and easily appealing coupons with a code to deposit. Couponer comes with a few coupon templates, but you can also further customize and individualize the display via the Elementor widget. For the low price, what’s offered is a fair deal. If you’re already working with Elementor, the extension is also a much better fit than a larger or more comprehensive plugin of this type. In the end, just don’t expect too many features because everything here remains quite rudimentary.


  • Creates appealing coupons directly in Elementor, which can promote your own products or be placed as an addition to affiliate links


  • Only intended for Elementor and also only usable in a very limited way

8. Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator Plugin
Coupon Creator Plugin
  • Features: Coupons with many different display options, expiration dates, filters, Click Reveal, template system, dynamic code and much more.
  • Special: Feature requests can be submitted via form
  • Price: Free of charge and from about 35 to 300 US dollars per year

Coupon Creator can be used to create completely unique types of coupons, which can be designed in a visually appealing way. There are simple coupons in image form, but also templates for text, which may then be heavily customized in color, just like many other styles to make the gift certificates look as chic and eye-catching as possible. Most of the better features are not included in the free version. So if you want to create more than simple coupons or want to heavily customize the ones you create, you more or less necessarily need the Pro version of the WordPress coupon code plugin.

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But then it also contains many new possibilities and can activate coupons only after a click or define expiration dates even more precisely via addons. You probably already realize that the free version is just to lure you because its functions are severely limited. However, the developer of Coupon Creator has thought of many things and the Pro version is really more than extensive. In addition, there is an option on the website to submit your feature requests, so that these will also be realized if necessary, provided they make sense. However, since the entry remains free of charge, it is worth trying out the Coupon Creator once for yourself. For serious use around coupon portals, however, you will need the aforementioned Pro version.


  • The entry is free of charge, only for extended features you need the pro version
  • The plugin has been developed and maintained for quite a long time, which is why many features have already been thought of, which newer coupon plugins often do not have integrated
  • The features of the Pro version are really more than extensive, so Coupon Creator seems to be ideal for larger coupon offers


  • You absolutely need the Pro version, as the free variant reaches its limits far too quickly

9. Coupon Wheel

Coupon Wheel on Codecanyon
Coupon Wheel by Codecanyon
  • Features: Wheel of fortune for different coupons, depending on where the wheel stops at the end
  • Special: Gamification element
  • Price: 29 US Dollar

The Coupon Wheel plugin for WordPress brings a kind of wheel of fortune to your blog. The extension actually adds a wheel that visitors can then click to spin. Depending on where it stops, a different prize or even a stud is presented. How many of them there are and which discounts and coupons the wheel of fortune can unlock can be freely configured in the menu. In this way, you distribute coupons for your products, but you can also misuse the wheel and, for example, enter different codes for other stores. All this is up to you.

What exactly the wheel of fortune displays at the end is up to you. It also works on the smartphone as well as on the desktop and offers a great alternative that creates additional incentive to spin and try your luck. If you click and invest your time, you will also be motivated to actually redeem any discounts or promotions. So the wheel can actually be worthwhile because it brings an aspect of gamification compared to classic and rather boring coupon codes. And that’s precisely what can change a lot and drive clicks up.


  • Cool gamification element, which ensures higher click-through rates by investing time and also gives visitors a lot of pleasure
  • The gamification aspect increases the likelihood that the coupon will be redeemed


  • None known

10. Scratch Coupon

Scratch Coupon
Scratch Coupon
  • Features: A scratch ticket that hides the coupon code
  • Special: Gamification for coupons
  • Price: 14 US Dollar

Scratch cards are something we all know from somewhere, and Scratch Coupon brings them digitally to your WordPress website, in the form of coupons. Basically, Scratch Coupon is just a visually appealing scratch card, which has to be scratched free. Underneath, who would have thought it, the respective coupon code is hidden. This code can be entered in the customer’s own store or at a partner’s store. The whole thing is fun, looks smart and is simply a different kind of voucher. Because it fits in like a glove, it’s worth a try.

Scratch Coupon also brings a kind of gamification to your WordPress blog, allowing you to unlock coupons playfully. This noticeably loosens up the experience and is just a lot of fun for users. Where gamification is involved, there are usually also higher click-through rates because once the discount is unlocked, time has already been invested, which is why the probability increases that it will actually be redeemed.

Overall, it is primarily a funny idea that is mainly suitable if you want to provide coupons for your products or offers. But also for an affiliate program that runs optimally on your website, the Scratch Coupon Plugin could be worth considering. Therefore, it is best to test it yourself.


  • Integrates a scratch card, which has to be scratched free to display the coupon
  • Gamification elements increase the probability that coupons are actually redeemed


  • None known

11. Exit Coupon

Exit Coupon Plugin Settings
Exit Coupon Plugin Settings
  • Features: Adds an exit pop-up for coupons
  • Features: Adds an exit pop-up for coupons
  • Price: 14 US Dollar

The Exit Coupon plugin for WordPress is as simple as it is ingenious. Namely, the extension adds a so-called exit pop-up. This is a pop-up that opens only when the user wants to leave the page again. It recognizes this moment and immediately displays a message that informs about a voucher. In this way, many visitors who were about to leave can be won back. Of course, this is primarily the case if the coupon code applies to products on your own website and does not require further action first. Nevertheless, exit pop-ups work surprisingly well, which is why the plugin is worth a try.

The whole thing is implemented in a suitably simple manner and offers only a few customization options. Color, font size and message can be selected, nothing more. The code itself is then automatically copied by click and can be used directly in the following. All elementary, practical and thus absolutely foolproof. So everyone who sees the pop-up knows what to do. An effective way to intercept visitors who actually want to leave your website and turn them into customers. Try it out, in numerous instances the exit pop-up actually works great.


  • Give visitors who want to leave your website a coupon that makes them stay
  • Basic discount plugin for WordPress that requires minimal customization and works out of the box


  • None known

12. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups Coupons
Ninja Popups Coupons
  • Features: Pop-ups with any content, exit pop-ups, many templates and options, addons available and much more
  • Special: Not a pure coupon plugin
  • Price: 24 US dollars as a one-time purchase

Ninja Pop-ups is not a pure coupon plugin for WordPress, but it can be used very effectively for this very purpose. First, Ninja Pop-ups provides a possibility to create appealing pop-ups, which then contain any content. So, for example, registration forms for newsletters or even coupon codes and discount promotions. Everything is possible, especially because Ninja Pop-ups already provides appropriate templates for many purposes and has made them as customizable as possible. So with just a few clicks, you can create exactly the pop-up you want and need for your current purposes.

The countless templates are all marketing-optimized, i.e. geared towards high click numbers and conversions. You simply choose one of the templates and then adjust the texts, images and information accordingly. This is all done effortlessly and directly in the WordPress admin, so don’t be afraid of complicated options or awkward to use menus. Where exactly the pop-ups are displayed, you decide. You can hide them on mobile devices, in the archive or on posts and pages. An exit pop-up is also available, as well as the connection to popular newsletter systems(Mailchimp, GetResponse, export as CSV, etc.).


  • Ninja Pop-ups is not only a coupon plugin, but it can be excellently used for this purpose
  • Many templates and possibilities to display and show pop-ups in a simple and fancy way
  • Many types of pop-ups possible, no matter if exit pop-up or newsletter sign-up or coupon display
  • Addons add more themes and unlock a widget for Ninja pop-ups in WordPress


  • Not a sole coupon plugin and therefore not specifically designed for it, so also not as comprehensive as other extensions for WordPress

13. Bonus: ConvertBox

ConvertBox with a coupon pop-up
ConvertBox with a coupon pop-up
  • Features: Any kind of pop-ups and fly-ins with coupon codes
  • Special: Central management console
  • Price: $ 495.00 one time

ConvertBox is an online lead generation tool specifically designed to include pop-ups, forms and call-to-action elements on websites. With this tool, you can play out targeted messages and offers to different segment of your visitors. It offers a wide range of customization options, from design to triggers, and integrates easily with various email marketing services. The user interface is intuitively designed, so even novices can create campaigns without much training.

For coupon usage, you can set up ConvertBox to display a special offer or discount code once certain conditions are met, such as a certain amount of time spent on the page or clicking a certain button.


  • ConvertBox enables easy lead generation through versatile customizable forms and call-to-action elements that integrate easily with various marketing tools.
  • The software offers special features like countdown timers and A/B testing that are designed to increase offer conversion rates significantly.
  • Super easy to use.


  • Updates have been fewer lately.

Advantages of gift certificates in marketing

AdvantageDescriptionEstimated ROI (%)Short-term impactLong-term impact
Customer acquisitionAttractive offers attract new customers.20 – 30HighMedium
Customer loyaltyExisting customers feel valued and remain loyal to the brand.15 – 25MediumHigh
Inventory managementSurplus products can be sold off more quickly.10 – 20HighLow
Sales increaseIncentives for higher purchase amounts (e.g. “From € 50.00 you get 10% discount”).25 – 35HighMedium
Brand awarenessIncreased visibility and recognition of the brand.5 – 15LowHigh
Data analysisGathering data on buying behavior for future marketing campaigns.N/ALowHigh

Chart: Estimated ROI of coupons in marketing

ROI von Gutscheinen im Marketing
ROI of vouchers in marketing

The bar chart above visualizes the estimated ROI (return on investment) for various benefits of coupons in marketing. As can be seen, increasing sales provides the highest estimated ROI, followed by customer acquisition and retention.

Key Points:

  1. Customer acquisition and sales increase have high short-term impact and also provide medium-term benefits.
  2. Customer retention and brand awareness have a high long-term impact, which can have a positive effect on customer loyalty.
  3. Inventory management is more for short-term success, such as reducing inventory costs.
  4. Data analytics allows for more precise targeting in future marketing campaigns, but has no direct ROI.

Strategic Considerations:

  • Short-term goals: If you want to generate revenue quickly, focus on customer acquisition and revenue growth.
  • Long-term goals: For lasting customer loyalty and brand development, gift certificates are useful for customer retention and brand awareness.

The above information can help you develop a comprehensive coupon strategy in your marketing mix.

Gift certificates in WordPress

Woman with voucher in hand

Many WordPress blogs have a category that lists appropriate coupons or discount codes for a particular industry. A site about self-employment then often advertises coupons for accounting tools, while the site with the latest sports news links appropriate clothing or sports equipment. Most often this is done through affiliate links, that is, affiliate programs where the website operators earn a small commission. And mainly there are already discounts here, with which visitors can be lured additionally.

For this, but of course also for full-fledged coupon portals or for your blog, on which you yourself distribute an eBook or a similar product, there are the WordPress coupon plugins. These primarily allow you to create and manage various vouchers and present them on the website in a visually impressive way. So they primarily simplify the handling, if you often advertise with coupons.

Meanwhile, there are various different coupon plugins for WordPress. They all have their focus, which has a different impact. Some support WooCommerce to promote your products, others bring gamification to the blog to make coupons an experience. Still others have multiple uses, so a coupon website can be built with them. Which coupon plugin for WordPress is right for your purpose, I will explain a little more in the next paragraphs.

Use WordPress with a coupon plugin

ordPress Plugin Directory - Search for "coupon"
WordPress Plugin Directory – Search for “coupon”

Therefore, to use WordPress with a voucher plugin, you first need to decide on a specific extension. As just indicated, almost all extensions can do wholly different things and thus are always applicable to diverse industries and fields. The advantages and disadvantages listed above should help you find a plugin that is ideally suited for your purposes.

Once you have decided on a WordPress coupon plugin, you almost always create the corresponding coupons in the backend first. A great advantage that such a coupon plugin offers you is that the different coupons and discount codes can be carefully managed. Sometimes coupons can also be imported or exported automatically via CSV. This is always useful if there are such files with the respective partner program and you want to automate the voucher management as extensively as possible.

So if you are keen to work with coupons within WordPress to provide them to your visitors in an appealing and orderly way, you can’t avoid a coupon plugin for the CMS. It does not matter if you want to use it for your own store or your affiliate projects. Because such an extension helps in any case that you do not lose the overview and can display the coupons with appropriate expiration dates or fancy animated releases.

Methods for effective coupon marketing

In marketing, the concept of coupons also has many aspects in common with gamification. That’s why, among other things, I’ve introduced you to discount plugins for WordPress here that take these very gamification elements even further. In the form of a voucher wheel of fortune, for example, but also in the presentation as a scratch card, where the voucher must first be scratched free.

Click Reveal

But also the presentation in the form of Click to Reveal, i.e. buttons that must first be clicked for the coupon code to be displayed, have their effect. The more commitment and micro-interactions are required to reveal the code, the more likely it is that visitors will actually redeem this coupon at the linked store.

This results in a win-win situation on both sides. Stores benefit from the sales that are generated only because users were attracted by the respective voucher. Websites, niche sites, affiliate or voucher portals, on the other hand, link via an affiliate program and earn more or less directly from each redeemed voucher. This is worthwhile! Even with your own products, you sell more if you persuade users to buy with a discount because that’s all they do in the end.

The voucher amount plays a central role in the attractiveness of an offer. A high coupon amount can quickly attract the attention of potential customers and influence their purchase decision. It is important to choose the voucher amount in such a way that it is both appealing to the customer and does not affect the profitability of the company.

How discounts can work

So coupons work on all counts. But for them to do so, they need to be presented appropriately. This is taken care of by discount plugins for WordPress, which can produce all this with fancy templates or scripts and thus achieve higher click-through rates than would be possible with a simple image or code.

The best WordPress coupon plugins I have presented to you here on the page, a little more detailed. It was important to me to communicate the advantages but also the disadvantages quite openly and honestly. Especially with the voucher plugins, it is so that small differences quickly become noticeable. For example, in the administration in the backend, but also in the presentation, the templates or the possibilities for the activation of discounts.

In the end, I hope that I could help you a little with the choice. Plugins that do not fulfill their purpose or are only partially helpful, I have already sorted out. So you will find here really only the best coupon plugins for WordPress. Just pick one of them.

This article is part of our series, the best WordPress plugins:

👉 Here’s how it goes

  • Plugin selection meeting: Review the featured coupon plugins and choose the one that best suits your needs. Pay attention to features, price and the possibility of customization.
  • Start testing phase: After making your selection, it is recommended to start a trial period. Install the plugin on a staging website or temporarily activate it on your live portal to thoroughly check its features.
  • Optimization and analysis: once the plugin is implemented, follow the performance metrics and user reactions. This data will help you make necessary adjustments and measure the success of your coupon campaigns.

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