Die besten WordPress Review Plugins im Vergleich

The best WordPress review plugins 2024 in comparison

If you are looking for a WordPress review plugin, then this article could be the end of your search. Here I present you the best WordPress review plugins that are currently available and that I can recommend accordingly. In addition, you will get a lot of background information and learn about the most important advantages and disadvantages of each presented extension. Just choose the WordPress review plugin you need for your purposes from the list below and you can start with reviews on your WordPress website.

Are you starting a brand new review site, I can recommend Review Theme.

The best product review plugin

Bring stars, percentages or scores to your website and spread feedback in the form of reviews. You can do this with an appropriate WordPress review plugin. But which one to choose, since there are so many different extensions? On this page I will introduce you to the best WordPress review plugins in more detail and give you some special features as well as possible advantages and disadvantages of each extension. This way, you’re guaranteed to choose the most suitable plugin for your website.

1. WP Review

WP Review Example
WP Review Example
  • Features: Review box, reviews from readers, rich snippets, customization options, high compatibility with themes, support for Facebook reviews.
  • Special: Especially extensive and freely adjustable
  • Price: Approx. 77 US dollars per year

The team from MyThemeShop also has its own WordPress review plugin on offer. The extension goes by the name WP Review and has many very thoughtful and extensive features in store. First of all, WP Review supports a whopping nineteen different rich snippets. Whether you are reviewing a book, a movie, or a video game, with the Review plugin for WordPress you have the right rich snippet directly selected. Plus, there are sixteen excitingly designed templates for your reviews waiting to be used. If you want, you can of course customize them or create your very own version right away. Whether a score, a star rating or percentages are displayed there is also up to you. You decide what kind of review you want to publish on your WordPress website.

The decision, if whether you want to share reviews from users, is also up to you. If you want, you can let your readers leave a review in the comments. This encourages engagement and provides more interactivity in your community. Especially in the area of test sites, this is exactly what can be worth a lot.

WP Reviews has a lot more to offer. It can integrate Facebook Reviews, works with WooCommerce, and gets along with almost all WordPress themes. It can be configured to your liking, can be extended, takes care of all relevant SEO functions, and is programmed quickly and efficiently. An excellent extension, but it also has its price.

I used WP Review among others on kursprofi.com.


  • Powerful WordPress review plugin, which works technically clean and puts emphasis on SEO optimization
  • Countless features and customization options allow you to output reviews according to your taste
  • Rich snippets ensure that the reviews and their ratings are also noticed by Google in the best possible way


  • Relatively expensive in direct comparison with similar WordPress review plugins

2. Let’s Review

Let's Review
Let’s Review
  • Features: Review box, reviews from visitors, many customization options, and option for affiliate links.
  • Special: Extensive review box that can be freely customized and designed
  • Price: 29 US Dollar

With Let’s Review I now introduce you to a premium plugin in the field of WordPress review plugins. The extension can do quite a lot and relies on fancy and well-known review boxes. So you create your review and for this then a corresponding box, including positive and negative points, a score as a rating, various individual ratings that make up the overall score, and a whole lot more. There are no limits to the test box you can create with Let’s Review. You decide how many categories or sections there are for the rating and how many negative and positive aspects you want to list separately.

Let’s Review is technically very sophisticated, and extensive and allows a lot of customization. Own icons, the choice between percentage ratings, point ratings and star ratings, affiliate links as direct integration to the store, and even the extension for reviews from users is already integrated.

So basically with Let’s Review you create test boxes, just like you know them from big magazines or portals. The review plugin for WordPress is therefore very powerful and leaves nothing to be desired in my opinion. For relatively little money you get here a top-maintained WordPress review plugin.


  • The type of rating (percent, stars, points) is freely selectable
  • Option for affiliate links is included right out of the box
  • Many individual customization options let you create your very own review box
  • Well maintained and comparatively cheap to get


  • None known

3. Taqyeem

Taqyeem Review Example
Taqyeem Review Example
  • Features: Reviews boxes, reviews from users and readers, selection and customization of all functions.
  • Special: Plugin already exists since 2013
  • Price: 29 US dollars

As you can see from the screenshot above, I use Taqyeem here on BloggerPilot.

Probably one of the most powerful and comprehensive WordPress review plugins goes by the name of Taqyeem. The extension is not only particularly popular, but is also maintained and supplied with updates since 2013, so it is extraordinarily reliable. Taqyeem really leaves nothing to be desired. Whether it’s the colors or the criteria, almost everything can be customized. You can also freely choose the position of the review box itself. This creates exciting displays that summarize and visually enhance a test or review.

For me, Taqyeem is perhaps the best WordPress review plugin and that is because I can trust the developer. Especially in the review area I have seen many plugins come and go, which is why regular updates are really important here. A WordPress review plugin, which already exists since 2013, therefore already testifies to a certain endurance and consequently also quality.

Besides, here I can really choose, customize, change or correct any aspect of the review box as I please. Whether it ends up being the best WordPress review plugin or not, I have no idea, but it certainly plays very high up there.


  • Plugin already exists for almost a decade and is continuously provided with updates
  • Almost all points can be adjusted accordingly, so that the review box fits to the own product and the representation in the blog


  • None known

4. Absolute Reviews

Absolute Reviews representation
Absolute Reviews representation
  • Features: Product reviews, Schema
  • Special: Slim plugin
  • Price: free

Absolute Reviews WordPress plugin you can use to generate revenue from reviews. Use, different rating scales (e.g. percentage system, points system or star rating), rating categories, list advantages, and disadvantages and generate automatic Schema.org details.

The plugin is available for free in the WordPress plugin directory and can be easily installed from the admin backend. Compared to other review plugins, it offers several advantages such as an attractive visual design with colored rating bars, flexible rating options, an automatic or manual overall rating, as well as individual ratings or the overall points value bars.

Thus, the Absolute Reviews WordPress plugin is well-suited for affiliate websites, niche websites, and blogs that want to publish reviews of products or services. It is an alternative to other paid review plugins like WP Review and offers interesting features and benefits.


  • Does exactly what it is supposed to
  • Visually appealing


  • Support is not very active

5. ReviewX

ReviewX for WooCommerce
ReviewX for WooCommerce
  • Features: Reviews for WooCommerce products and Schema
  • Special: Review reminder
  • Preis: Free and Pro available from $48 and LTD

ReviewX is a plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce that allows website owners to collect and display customer reviews and ratings on their website. ReviewX allows users to leave reviews about WooCommerce products or services on a website, which can then be read by other users.

The plugin enables various features, such as adding reviews and star ratings to products or services, collecting customer feedback, moderating and managing reviews, and generating reports and statistics.

Apart from that, ReviewX also offers a built-in feature to create automated emails that can be sent to customers, prompting them to submit a review.


  • Statistics about reviews
  • Visitors and customers get more involved


  • Currently none found

6. WP Ultimate Review

WP Ultimate Review Example
WP Ultimate Review Example
  • Features: Product reviews and customer reviews
  • Special:
  • Price: Free of charge

WP Ultimate Review is a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to create comprehensive and engaging reviews for products and services on their websites. Users can submit reviews about products or services on the website, which will help the next visitors to make their choice.

The plugin has several features, such as combining reviews with star ratings and custom criteria, creating custom rating scales, the ability to add images and videos to reviews, and even performing comparative reviews between different products or services.

WP Ultimate Review offers a wide range of options for customization and configuration, including customizing colors and styles, choosing different layouts, and creating rating areas for specific categories or user groups.


  • Beautiful designs for the review block
  • Extensive settings


  • No German translation
  • No Schema.org markup

7. Ultimate Editorial Rating

Ultimate Editorial Rating - Review Box
Ultimate Editorial Rating – Review Box
  • Features: Review boxes, reviews from users and readers, rich snippets, Schema, selection and customization of all functions.
  • Special: Extensive and freely adjustable
  • Price: Approx. 39 US dollars per year

With the Ultimate Editorial Rating plugin (free version), you can transform your WordPress site into an interactive hub where visitors don’t just browse – they actively engage. Dive deep into multidimensional feedback with features like Multi-Criteria Ratings, where users can provide nuanced feedback on various facets of a product or service, painting a comprehensive picture for potential buyers.

The Rating Widget feature ensures your reviews aren’t just packed with insights, but are also visually compelling. Place them strategically on your site’s sidebar or footer, ensuring every visitor’s eye is instinctively drawn to them.

But it’s not just about keeping the user engaged. Behind the scenes, the Review Schema works tirelessly, ensuring search engines recognize the richness of your content. This pushes your site higher up the SEO ladder, driving more organic traffic your way. Every review, every rating, every pros and cons list contributes to making your website an authoritative voice in the digital realm.

The Pros and Cons Highlight simplifies decision-making for users, while the Product Button effortlessly connects them to top retailers. With each interaction, they’re not just navigating a site; they’re experiencing a platform that understands and values their time.


  • Bloggers: They can integrate this into their sites to review any product.
  • Dedicated Product Reviewers: Can seamlessly incorporate this review system into their review-focused websites.
  • E-commerce Site Owners: They can embed the product review system, allowing users to append reviews similarly to adding comments.
  • Testimonials: It’s advisable to showcase testimonials from satisfied users or businesses that have reaped tangible benefits from the plugin.


  • No Gutenberg block

8. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Review preselection
Starfish Review preselection
  • Features: Reviews with own review funnel, import of reviews from other platforms
  • Special: Focused on marketing
  • Price: From about $40 to $200 per month

The WordPress review plugin Starfish Reviews doesn’t so much want to enable you to publish your own reviews, as it wants to make sure that you become the master of reviews about you and your product again.

The plugin is very marketing driven, asking users for reviews, but at the same time it can import reviews from other platforms. This way, Starfish Reviews displays reviews from Trustpilot or Facebook in addition to your own. Of course, this only makes sense if you offer a service or own a company for which the public reviews seem relevant.

In order to generate the best and most appropriate reviews, Starfish Reviews uses a so-called review funnel. This is a kind of multi-step form, where the effort increases, but the review becomes more accurate at the same time. Moreover, those who are negative will not bother to check off all these steps. This increases the positive reviews for you and decreases the negative ones.

Basically, Starfish Reviews is also about owning the reviews again and being the master of the data.


  • If you’re looking for a WordPress review plugin where reviews become part of your marketing strategy, Starfish Reviews is your best bet


  • If you’re not so much into marketing, but want to incorporate reviews per se, you’re completely wrong with Starfish Reviews

9. Ultimate Reviewer

Ultimate Reviewer Example
Ultimate Reviewer Example
  • Features: Review system for your WordPress blog, reviews also possible from users
  • Special: Only for Elementor and WPBakery
  • Price: 36 US Dollar

If you want to build a comprehensive review website, then the WordPress review plugin Ultimate Reviewer might be the right extension for you.

The plugin is not a direct WordPress addon, but it relies on Elementor and WPBakery as Page-Builders, which are known to be very popular. So if you have Elementor or WPBakery in use, you create a full-fledged review website with Ultimate Reviewer. There you can publish reviews yourself, allow your readers to submit reviews as well, but also realize a lot more.

What I find exciting is that while Ultimate Reviewer seems powerful, it also remains very simple and rudimentary. The reviews are not super fancy and the mechanics behind them are easy to understand. It offers felicitous options for reviews but doesn’t overload itself with all sorts of unnecessary features. I actually like it relatively well. But as mentioned before: it only comes into question in the end if you have WPBakery or Elementor in use as a Page-Builder. Too bad actually.


  • Extensive and yet very simple in its basic function


  • Only intended for the Page-Builders Elementor and WPBakery

10. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews
WP Customer Reviews
  • Features: Simple reviews, reviews from users
  • Special: Rather basis for own developments
  • Price: Free of charge

With WP Customer Reviews plugin, you either create a review about a product or allow your users to create a review about you. Thus, the plugin can be used for two types of website. Either you use it to integrate reviews into your articles, or you give your customers the possibility to rate you via plugin. Which fields are requested and which are mandatory, you decide yourself at any time. In the options, you can even customize the fields, name them and configure them accordingly.

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The extension is not too pretty by default. If you want to use it as a WordPress review plugin, you should customize it a bit. I also see it in general rather less as a perfect solution for reviews, but rather like a kind of foundation to build on it to implement a corresponding solution. But without some initiative and development you won’t be able to set up an impressive project here, which should be clear in advance. However, if you know your way around a bit, you’ll get a free review plugin here that you can work with and implement your own ideas based on.


  • Can be well adapted to your own needs due to its solid, but not too extensive function


  • Doesn’t offer much and is only suitable if you put some work into it to customize the WordPress review plugin

11. Reviews Plus

Reviews Plus
Reviews Plus
  • Features: Reviews for readers, insertion via shortcode or automatically as a replacement for comments
  • Special: Offers star ratings only
  • Price: Free of charge

Reviews Plus can be used both for your own reviews and for reviews from users. Namely, you can use the plugin to simply replace the comments in posts you choose and exchange them with a review form. In this way, reviews are created quickly and easily, which, on top of that, rely on WordPress resources. This in turn has the advantage that you can manage and unlock the reviews just like comments. In this way, Review Plus remains a very simple review plugin, but works flawlessly and without much effort.

If you want to use the reviews for your own article formats like test reports, you can include them via shortcode in the post. If you enable them for everyone, it is also possible for your readers to leave their own reviews. Depending on your goal, both can make sense. What also needs to be said clearly is that Reviews Plus as a free extension remains comparatively simple, of course. So if you need more advanced features, just read on and check out the other WordPress review plugins here on the site that I’ll be introducing. This one remains very rudimentary.


  • Replaces comments and relies on WordPress resources
  • Show reviews easily via shortcode or fully automatically


  • More than one comment and one star rating is not provided with this review plugin

12. Site Reviews

Site Reviews
Site Reviews
  • Features: Reviews from users in a particularly clear presentation
  • Special: Addons extend the functionality unerringly
  • Price: Free of charge and from approx. 89 Euro as single purchase with all premium addons

Site Reviews allows your customers or readers to leave reviews on their own. These are presented really nicely and in a familiar way. Five stars are possible, which are also displayed above the review of the respective person. At the top, an average of all reviews is displayed, which results in a summary rating. Site Reviews presents itself very clean and goal-oriented and deliberately relies on a simple presentation with appropriate effect. As a WordPress review plugin, Site Reviews is therefore also very successful.

A small special feature of Site Reviews is that it can be specifically extended by addons. This concept pleases me well, because I am so never forced to have functions in the system, which I do not actively use at all.

This way, custom review themes can be created, images in the reviews become possible and also different filters to search in the reviews are offered via addon. Since WooCommerce is also supported, all of this makes much more sense. Because Site Reviews seems extremely well thought out and offers few, but excellently implemented features, I quickly took the WordPress Review plugin to my heart. If that’s what you’re looking for, definitely give Site Reviews a chance.


  • Simple foundation that can be extended with new features based on addons
  • Plugin seems thoughtfully developed and actually runs very well in WordPress


  • Certain functions require addons and these are chargeable

13. StarCat Review

StarCat Review with user rating
StarCat Review with user rating
  • Features: Star ratings, voting for the reviews, various addons planned
  • Special: Is still a very early version
  • Price: Free of charge


With StarCat Reviews I have also included here a very young and therefore fresh WordPress review plugin. The goal of the extension is to be able to realize any kind of review website. So on the one hand it allows you to create a review website where you publish test reports and reviews with rating yourself. On the other hand, it is also easily possible for your readers to submit reviews.

Since the extension is not yet too extensive and is still actively in development and especially further development, much is still to be added. Currently, the whole thing is rather rudimentary. There are simple star ratings, which can be adjusted discreetly, but sensibly. In addition, there are a few options to customize the whole thing a bit more individually to one’s own needs. StarCat Review relies exclusively on WordPress and therefore avoids unnecessary detours or routines.


  • Small but nice WordPress review plugin with star ratings and big ambitions for the future


  • Is still actively in development and changes accordingly still

14. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews
Ultimate Reviews
  • Features: Allow and issue reviews from users
  • Special: Easy to integrate and customize
  • Price: Free of charge

The Ultimate Reviews extension for WordPress describes itself as a simple solution for product reviews. The plugin is designed to allow visitors to submit reviews for products, posts or events in a quick and simple way. The WordPress review plugin uses two shortcodes, one for the review itself and one for the new review form. Corresponding Gutenberg blocks are of course also included. In this way, reviews are integrated as quickly as they can be made by users.

The WordPress Review Plugin outputs relatively ordinary ratings. Whether these are awarded and displayed in percentages or stars, you decide yourself. In general, the display of the reviews can be manipulated in many different ways and with a few CSS commands even further adapted to your own website. Then the reviews can be displayed and presented almost everywhere, depending on how it fits to your own offer.


  • Quickly installed and quickly implemented, thanks to shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks
  • Can be customized quickly and easily and also be designed appropriately via CSS


  • None known

15. Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin

Ultimate Book Blogger Beispiel
Ultimate Book Blogger example
  • Features: Create reviews with fancy rating boxes and meta information
  • Special: Intended for books only
  • Price: 35 US Dollar

With the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin, I ended up including one more extension in the list that is very special. So here it is not necessarily a classic WordPress review plugin, but rather a niche plugin for book bloggers. But even they need a corresponding extension to be able to extensively review the books they read and reviewed. And that’s exactly what the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin for WordPress is for.

It allows you to display all kinds of additional information in your rating box for the respective book. For example, the links to the authors, the respective cover or even affiliate links and legal information about it. Everything you would expect in such a book evaluation box can be realized with the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin. A wonderful extension, but also only for this specific purpose. The plugin could certainly be used for movies or games as well, if you customize it a bit. Officially it is only meant for books.


  • Clear focus on books and metadata for the respective book
  • Very well thought out and nicely structured WordPress review plugin


  • In fact, this extension is intended only for books and puts the appropriate focus on just that

16. ReHub Review Theme

ReHub Review Theme
ReHub Review Theme
  • Features: Reviews, ratings, comparisons, tables, lists, affiliates
  • Special: The perfect theme for affiliate-only and comparison sites
  • Price: 59 US Dollar

REHub Review Theme is a WordPress theme that specializes in review and affiliate marketing. It offers a wide range of features that allow users to create comprehensive reviews of products and services while seamlessly integrating affiliate links into their content. The theme also offers a wealth of customization options to enhance the look and functionality of the site and tailor it to the user’s needs.

In addition to creating reviews, REHub also offers the ability to create different types of comparison tables and lists to compare products or services and give a quick overview of their features and pricing. Moreover, the theme offers support for a variety of affiliate networks, including Amazon, eBay and Google AdSense, to ensure that users realize the full potential of their affiliate marketing.


  • Offers everything you need for product reviews.
  • Reasonable price for the scope of services


  • None known

What kind of review do you want?

Before you find the best WordPress review plugin for you, you first need to ask yourself what your own requirements are for such an extension. What exactly do you need the reviews for in the first place and how do you want it to look on your website? Not every review is the same and most importantly, there are two completely different types in terms of how reviews can be used.

What kind of review plugin do you need?
What kind of review plugin do you need?

The first thing that comes to mind here is classic reviews. Everyone who wants to publish test reports and reviews about products or media on their WordPress website needs such a review box. You probably already know this from large trade magazines. In such boxes, the overall score is recorded, as well as various individual assessments or small texts such as a conclusion. Affiliate links to well-known stores are also usually present here and generate important additional income, since the attention of such boxes is greater than classic banners or text links.

The other possibility to use a WordPress review plugin concerns companies or self-employed. Those who want to collect feedback from their customers and publish it in WordPress, logically also need a WordPress Review Plugin. These extensions usually also import the different reviews from Facebook and other platforms to be able to display them within WordPress.

Both types of WordPress review plugins are represented here and some even support both together. So before you choose the supposed best plugin of its kind, you need to be clear about exactly what kind of WordPress review plugin you need and what are the most important features for you.

Cleverly connect reviews with WordPress

Before choosing a WordPress review plugin, you should think about what features you need. This type of plugin is very complex and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, you have to choose carefully to find the best plugin.

Point one would be the issue of cost. For free, it is difficult to get such a comprehensive plugin. There are some, but here you have to be aware that you still have to customize a lot.

Premium plugins, on the other hand, are often single purchases. Always make sure here that the plugins have been around for a while, so you don’t buy an extension for which there is no support at all anymore. Especially with WordPress Review plugins, there’s a pretty good chance that development and support will be discontinued over time.

Then there are the WordPress review plugins that are funded by subscription. The question here is whether this makes sense for every WordPress blog. How big do you want your offer to be and what revenue do you generate with it per month? WordPress plugins with subscription can be expensive in the long run, so consider beforehand whether you want to bear the costs permanently and can bear them at all.

It is difficult to switch from one WordPress review plugin to another, because the metadata is already stored in the database. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider which plugin to use before selecting one.

Why reviews are incredibly powerful

Why WordPress reviews plugins are incredibly powerful
Why WordPress reviews plugins are incredibly powerful

Reviews and WordPress review plugins are powerful because they build trust and look professional. Reviews are now a standard and help rank products or services. Rating boxes make this task easier and can help you keep up with the competition and major magazines. Businesses and self-employed can gain the trust of their customers through positive reviews. The WordPress Review Plugin makes it easy to integrate rating boxes and import reviews from other platforms.

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WordPress Review Plugins make it easy for you

With that, I’ve already reached the end. Because, of course, you can add such rating boxes and reviews on your own or rely on third-party providers that do it through an appropriate API. But third-party providers or official integrations of such services usually grant you little influence and in the case of your own reviews there is nothing suitable anyway.

So if you want to write reviews or include reviews of your customers, you inevitably need a WordPress review plugin. This makes the task easier for you and gives you back control. Because here you control what exactly and how exactly or even where exactly you want to display it eventually.

In the end, I think I’ve explained all the important points to you now. You can find the best WordPress review plugin for you among the extensions in the list above. No matter if it’s about own reviews or about displaying reviews from customers, you will surely be able to discover the ideal solution for you. Good luck with the setup and if you need any clarification, feel free to leave a comment below.

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