Die 11 besten Divi WooCommerce Themes und Templates

The 11 Best Divi WooCommerce Themes and Templates

Together with you I have already looked at the different modules for Divi and WooCommerce. After that, I showed you how to create a Divi Child Theme and much more. Today’s article is about themes and templates developed directly for Divi in interaction with WooCommerce.

What exactly it’s all about, which themes and templates are currently available, but most importantly, whether and why they are worthwhile, I would like to bring you a little closer in my post. Of course, it is also about certain functions that some themes for Divi and WooCommerce unfortunately lack. So let’s just take a look at what is currently available in this area and where the typical problems lie.

Thus, let’s not waste any time and immediately start looking at the basic template system of Divi and WooCommerce a bit closer.

Let’s go!

1. Luxe

Luxe Divi WooCommerce Theme

Luxe for Divi is probably my absolute favorite theme, because with its clear simplicity it implements a very elegant online store based on Divi and WooCommerce. The whole thing is extremely unobtrusive, includes a wishlist and a Mega Menu as well as other amenities and layouts that have been customized and tailored specifically for Divi.

What I really like about Luxe for Divi is that it doesn’t clutter up the WooCommerce store. There is a lot of emphasis on white space here. It is therefore also more suitable for smaller or even more luxurious stores with high-priced products. On the other hand, Luxe is less intended for a large number of different items.

Luxe theme is created for Divi in conjunction with WooCommerce. It has twenty unique layouts, a Wishlist plugin, various marketing pages and is very well taken care of and permanently supported by the provider. That’s exactly why the theme is worth the recommendation.

2. Fleur

Fleur Divi Shop Template

The provider itself describes Fleur as an eCommerce and blogger theme for Divi in conjunction with WooCommerce. Perfect for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to sell their own products. All this actually succeeds with the Fleur theme in a very appealing way.

Fleur is rather flowery, floral and kept in pastel colors. This makes the theme visually quite unique and also very feminine, if I may say so. This makes it ideal for the small business or DiY store that wants to appear as playful, trendy and pleasant as possible.

The Fleur theme works smoothly with Divi and WooCommerce, can be installed quickly and easily as well as managed just as simply. Most things are done automatically from the start. It includes layouts for all major pages as well as a Woo Product Carousel.

3. DiviCommerce

DiviCommerce Theme

Why I like DiviCommerce so much is simple. Because it appears little playful and rather leaves the impression of an honest and very serious online store. This can be worth a lot, because not everyone is in the creative field and not always playful designs have a positive effect on the conversion rate. Sometimes it’s just the rather plain and familiar design that is beneficial.

With DiviCommerce, you therefore get a classic, unexciting online store or a corresponding theme for Divi and WooCommerce. This one also goes across the entire page width, has clean lines and a high-contrast design. I really like this because it doesn’t try to be more than it is.

The live demo does a pretty good job of showing just how many store pages, product pages, and other templates you get packaged with the DiviCommerce theme. A very solid and comprehensive package and the ideal foundation for a successful store. If you want to appear serious, I am exactly right here.

4. WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

WooCommerce Themes: WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

The team of Divi Extended has released a comprehensive package with WooCommerce Layouts for Divi. This contains a variety of different layouts that can be used directly in Divi and map and cover most of the important pages of a WooCommerce online store.

More specifically, the WooCommerce Layouts for Divi package delivers

  • 20 product page layouts
  • 5 layouts for the shopping cart
  • 15 templates for pages in the store
  • and 5 checkout layouts.

That’s quite a lot, in my opinion, and a good number to build on to make creative stores a reality easily and quickly.

The entire package is not necessarily expensive and is suitable for many different industries. It is thus less limited than many Divi WooCommerce themes that focus specifically on a certain business sector or try to implement a certain design.

5. Five Star Hotel

Five Star Hotel WooCommerce Theme

Whether you own a hotel, a small accommodation or a bed and breakfast, the 5 Star Hotel theme for Divi and WooCommerce could be just the thing for you. Simply because it has been designed and optimized exactly for such an offer. This makes it pretty special, but at the same time very unique.

As a customer, you get less of an all-in-one solution, but rather a highly specialized Divi Theme for WooCommerce. This is, as I just said, completely aimed at operators of hotels, restaurants or accommodations with overnight stays.

  • 10 layouts for pages
  • 2 pre-made layouts for rooms and packages
  • 40 integrated Creative Commons images
  • 700+ lines of custom code
  • 5 Star Services plugin
  • included as well as an optimization for the HBook & Caldera Forms plugin.

So if you’re even remotely in this field, work with Divi and WooCommerce, and want to create a pretty website with as little effort as possible, the Five Star Hotel Theme is therefore a great choice. Especially since there are few good alternatives for this subject area and this industry. So definitely take a closer look.

6. RoyalCommerce

RoyalCommerce Divi WooCommerce Theme

RoyalCommerce is announced as the only true eCommerce theme for Divi and WooCommerce. This is not the case, but the theme is definitely worth a look. Also because it’s a wonderful all-rounder that will satisfy a wide range of customers, I’m sure.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive option that’s also very customizable, RoyalCommerce will be the right Divi theme for you. With it, you’ll build a fancy eCommerce store in no time without losing focus. Because although RoyalCommerce as an eCommerce theme for WooCommerce and Divi has many different functions, it remains at the core then very simple and understandable at any time.

In the end, that’s what I like most about RoyalCommerce. The developer has not simply integrated all the functions and features, but has looked at successful stores and taken all the relevant features for conversion into their own theme. Whether WooCommerce widgets, filters or offer markers – RoyalCommerce remains flexible and at the same time very powerful.

7. Divi eCommerce

Divi eCommerce Theme + Divi Shop Module

You want to quickly and easily realize your own online store, which also appears modern and contemporary? Then you should take a look at Divi eCommerce, because the Divi Shop Template brings everything you need for an exciting store based on Divi and WooCommerce.

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It easily adapts to your business and offers features like trends or featured products for the homepage. Likewise, there is a Deal of the Day or an optional opt-in form for more email conversions. Divi eCommerce doesn’t just think about superficialities here, but understands the theme very well and makes sure that all elements have a positive impact on the conversion rate.

The Divi WooCommerce theme itself has a sidebar for WooCommerce widgets, just like a full page width design. There are also various product displays as well as product pages with visually clear guidance.

In the end, Divi eCommerce is also just that – clear. It doesn’t try its hand at many different features, but instead focuses on perfecting what already works well in eCommerce and has always worked.

8. Artisan

Artisan Divi WooCommerce Theme

Artisan comes from the same developer as the Luxe theme for Divi and WooCommerce, which I mentioned positively at the beginning. Artisan is also really beautifully designed and according to the description is ideal for food bloggers, photographers or creative of all kinds.

For the design it includes six different Divi Page layouts as well as three different gallery styles. But there is and is not much more needed to create a nice platform with Artisan. Therefore, I really like the theme.

9. Titan

Titan Divi WooCommerce Theme

Titan is a clearly structured and well-arranged theme for electronic products. Anyway, it reminds me personally a lot of it, because of course you can use the Titan Theme for Divi and WooCommerce for all other types of stores as well. It’s up to you how you build Titan.

Included are

  • 5 homepage layouts
  • 4 types of headers
  • a wishlist for customers
  • a quick preview for products
  • a Mega Menu
  • and a popup maker.

In short, Titan delivers everything that modern WooCommerce stores should usually come with. The design is contemporary, en vogue, but never overloaded or even playful. Thus, every customer knows immediately where to find what and what to click and how to make a purchase.

The whole thing is designed as a Divi Shop Template for Divi and WooCommerce, so of course it needs an active Divi Theme for its functionality.

10. DiviShop

DiviShop WooCommerce Theme

From the same developer as Titan comes the DiviShop. I wanted to introduce you to it here, because I am really excited about how clear and functional the store themes for Divi and WooCommerce of the provider have become. Just like Titan, the DiviShop is therefore again particularly simple in its presentation.

The theme for Divi and WooCommerce is based on common camera stores. Special attention is paid to the checkout page, which can be freely designed and provided with benefits. So customers see at first glance why they should order directly from you and not from the competition.

In addition, there are different headers and, just like with Titan, a mega menu, an email opt-in and much more. Just have a look if you like the store design that DiviShop offers.

11. Divi Layouts

Divi Layouts Elegant Themes

Finally, I would like to give you the hint that you don’t have to buy a Divi Child Theme or install a WooCommerce Theme. Directly at Elegant Themes there are also many ready-made layouts that you can quickly and easily download and then use.

At Elegant Themes, you can find them directly on the website and in the Layouts category. There you can also choose different filters, in this case “Online Store” probably makes the most sense. From now on, only the layouts that correspond to an online store will be shown to you.

Directly here at the developer of Divi itself you will then already find many different layout packs that you can use freely. Whether for beauticians, boutiques, lawyers, an eBook Landing-Page or for the sale of larger products. There’s actually almost everything here.

Of course, most of them are not as extensive as the premium themes. There are also no new features to be found here. But for the start or the small offer these layout packs are already enough. Only those who want more and want to set up a real online store should probably reach for a somewhat more extensive offer.

Conclusion about the Divi WooCommerce Themes

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    Get a jump start with one of the top-rated pre-built websites.
  • Ultimate WordPress Toolkit
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  • Divi Builder
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Divi Layouts

My goal here in the article was to offer you a comprehensive list of arguably the best Divi WooCommerce Themes and Divi Shop Templates. Undoubtedly, there are far more themes, layouts and designs out there. However, listing them all would not make sense, especially since the differences are often really rather minimal.

Instead, I have presented you not only my favorite themes for Divi with WooCommerce, but also those that seem particularly diverse. From the complete modern online store to the small offer of creative everything was there.

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By the way, here at my blog you can find many more exciting articles about Divi. I myself am a big fan of the Page-Builder and like to inform my customers and readers regularly about new features, extended functions, themes or special modules for even more design possibilities. So feel free to take a closer look at my site.