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Divi Hosting by Flywheel, Pressable, SiteGround and Cloudways

Elegant Themes has partnered with leading companies in the WordPress hosting industry to offer you the most reliable and compatible hosting with Divi.

  • 150 ready-made Layout Packs
    Get a jump start with one of the top-rated pre-built websites.
  • Ultimate WordPress Toolkit
    Buy once and use on all websites.
  • Divi Builder
    The easy Page-Builder for WordPress themes.
  • Lead generation and social media
    Harness the advertising power of Bloom and Monarch.
Divi Layouts

This collaboration promises perfectly configured hosting environments that are optimally configured for the use of Divi Theme.

Hosters for the Divi Theme - Flywheel, Pressable and SiteGround
Hosters for the Divi Theme – Flywheel, Pressable and SiteGround @ElegantThemes

The Divi WordPress theme already has a huge following now. With smart collaborations, the market reach can surely be increased significantly once again.

Especially with professional WordPress providers like Flywheel, it also does good for the image. Even if Elegant Themes doesn’t need that, because it is a very qualitative product itself.

Flywheel Divi Hosting

Flywheel is a premium WordPress hoster. They do nothing but provide the best possible environment for fast WP sites.

Flywheel WordPress hosting prices
Flywheel WordPress hosting prices

However, this also means that the prices are higher than those of forest-and-meadow providers. This is partly due to better hardware and partly due to better service.

The following advantages you have with Divi and Flywheel:

  • Easy launch of your Divi website!
  • Intuitive user interface & great design
  • Fast NGINX servers
  • Custom application for local development

Automatic installation and setup of Divi and WordPress!

Get a jump start on your website development and skip the Divi and WordPress installation process. With Divi hosting from Flywheel, Divi is pre-installed and your new WordPress website is ready to go.

Flywheel servers meet all of Divi’s requirements out of the box

Say goodbye to outdated server software and insufficient server resources. Good hosting is important and Flywheel proves it. Flywheel’s hosting meets all of Divi’s requirements, so you can enjoy fast page views and a successful site.


  • Security in focus: free malware cleanup, automatic WordPress updates, two-factor authentication, IP blocking and more.
  • Staging environments: Using a staging environment, you can test your clients’ new design and then make it live when it’s ready!
  • Blazing fast speeds: Flywheel’s hosting environment is super-fast thanks to built-in caching, a free CDN, and NGINX.
  • Global availability: choose a server location closest to you and your visitors for optimal performance.
  • Work-flow management: Flywheel’s hosting has unique collaboration tools that are perfect for freelance web designers and design agencies.
  • Redesigned SFTP: Enjoy easy and secure SFTP access to all your WordPress websites. With a single SFTP account, you can manage all your websites.

Flywheel Tools

  • Performance insights: Flywheel cares about speed, which is why they provide you with tools to monitor and improve your website’s performance.
  • Free Migration: Want to move your current website to Flywheel and enjoy a better and faster Divi experience? Flywheel makes it easy for you.
  • Free SSL certificates: don’t worry about buying expensive SSL certificates and complicated certificate installation. With Flywheel, SSL is free of charge.
  • Nightly backups: every website needs backups. Flywheel’s hosting comes with free nightly backups to make sure you have a lifeline even if something goes wrong.
  • Website cloning: Flywheel lets you easily clone existing websites to get a jumpstart on your next project.
  • Local development: with Flywheel’s local development tool, you can design your website locally without disturbing visitors, and then make those changes live immediately.

Local by Flywheel

Flywheel Divi Hosting

By the way, from Flywheel is also Local, which lets you install WordPress locally on your computer. I can only recommend this if you want to play around with themes or plugins. Or for developers, of course.

Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. And free of charge!

Great support

Flywheel’s support team is available via live chat at any time of the day or night. Managing support tickets is super easy with the Flywheel app. The dashboard comes with great documentation. Flywheel also offers phone support for Agency and above hosting plans.

Pressable Divi Hosting

Pressable is a service from Automattic, the company behind WordPress itself. So it’s safe to assume that they know what WordPress needs.

Pressable has created ultra-fast, secure & scalable WordPress hosting plans for businesses and website developers. Divi, WordPress and Jetpack Premium come pre-installed.

Pressable WordPress Hosting Prices
Pressable WordPress Hosting Prices

Each plan comes with Divi pre-installed, a server configuration optimized for running Divi and 24/7 support.

Why should you choose Pressable and Divi?

  • Super easy to get started with Divi
  • Comes from WordPress itself
  • 100% WordPress focused
  • Jetpack Premium included

Optimized for speed and reliability

Create and launch your sites on the same architecture that and are based on.

Support from WordPress experts

From migrations to performance tuning and from troubleshooting to Jetpack setup, the teams at Pressable & Divi are here to help. Get certified expert help from a real person whenever you need it.

Platform and Features

  • Staging Environments: Test out updates or create a new client’s site on a staging server so the live site isn’t interrupted.
  • Caching: Pressable has built-in caching for Divi as well. No need to use third-party plugins.
  • CDN included: Third-party CDN services are not required with Pressable. Websites hosted with Pressable, built on infrastructure, have a powerful content delivery network built on top of it.
  • Security: DDOS protection mitigates denial-of-service attacks, and automatic WordPress updates keep your blog safe.
  • SFTP Access: Access your site’s file system using the most secure method available, if needed.


  • Personalized on-boarding: getting started with Pressable is easy thanks to the great on-boarding system that guides you every step of the way.
  • Free SSL Certificates: SSL certificates are a necessity, and it can be cumbersome to set them up yourself. Pressable makes it easy and free!
  • Automated migration: already have a website hosted elsewhere? Pressable makes migration easy.
  • WordPress Training: get access to WP101 training, including tons of great video tutorials that teach you everything you need to know about WordPress.
  • Jetpack Premium: When you buy Divi hosting from Pressable, you’ll also get Jetpack Premium for free!

Support from the experts

Pressable support is available 24 hours a day. But even if you are in bed, your site will be monitored. The support will proactively take care of your WordPress blog.

SiteGround Divi Hosting

The web provider SiteGround is known for its good value for money. Besides normal web hosting and cloud hosting, you can also rent special WooCommerce hosting for your store there.

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SiteGround Divi Hosting
SiteGround Divi Hosting from € 3,95 monthly

Managed WordPress hosting can also be affordable. SiteGround proves that with its plans. Starting at just €3.95 per month. A great offer for smaller sites.

Why should I choose SiteGround?

  • Affordable prices
  • Over 2,000,000 hosted domains
  • Industry leader since 2004
  • Quick start

Divi and WordPress are installed automatically

If you’re looking for the easiest way to get a Divi website up and running quickly, Divi hosting from SiteGround is the way to go! The WordPress website will be created automatically, and your new blog will be pre-installed with Divi.

Fast hosting with all of Divi’s server requirements

Great website building software should be enjoyed on great web hosting! With Divi hosting from SiteGround, you can rest assured that the hosting environment has been tuned to meet all of Divi’s requirements.

Features included

  • Managed Security & Updates: It’s extremely important that you keep your server and WordPress software up to date, only then can vulnerabilities be closed quickly. SiteGround protects your websites with a server firewall.
  • CDN included: All SiteGround websites automatically benefit from CDN, speeding up load times by providing website resources to multiple sites around the world.
  • Free SSL Certificate: Add free SSL certificates to all your websites hosted with SiteGround. You don’t have to buy expensive certificates or deal with complicated signing processes.
  • Email Service: Websites hosted on SiteGround also come with email. Create custom email addresses for each of your websites for free.
  • Automatic Backups: If you have a website, then you definitely need backups! SiteGround does this for you and automatically creates WordPress backups of your blogs daily.
  • Great WordPress performance: SiteGround uses the Google Cloud for super-fast load times and optimizes your websites with the SG Optimizer plugin, including website caching.

Included Tools

  • Staging & Cloning Tools: Create copies of your site, so you can work on new designs in a protected way without disturbing your visitors. Once your testing is complete, you can transfer the changes from the staging site to the live site!
  • WordPress Site Transfer: Is your website already hosted elsewhere? You can switch to Divi hosting from SiteGround by using their WordPress site transfer service. This is included for free starting with Grow Big plans.
  • Collaboration tools: SiteGround’s hosting is great for agencies thanks to their collaboration tools. These make it easier than ever to manage client websites as a team.
  • Dev Toolkit: advanced users will appreciate SiteGround’s development tools, including WP-CLI and SSH access.

SiteGround also has support available around the clock.

Cloudways Divi Hosting

With Cloudways, you’ll have the fastest cloud hosting for your Divi blog.

Get a fast Divi website from one of the leading WordPress hosters and automatic Divi and WordPress installation.

Host Divi at Cloudway from $12.00 per month
Host Divi at Cloudway from $12.00 per month

Divi and WordPress are installed automatically. No setup required!

Start developing your website and skip the Divi and WordPress installation process. With Cloudways you can choose between

  • Amazon Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • VLutr

Choose hosting. Divi comes pre-installed and your new WordPress website is ready to go right out of the box.

Included features

  • Included CDN: CloudwaysCDN is a powerful yet simple service that offers excellent performance and top-notch global response times. It can be integrated with just a few clicks and no prior technical knowledge.
  • SMTP Email Service: New: A reliable and easy way to configure an external SMTP service that can be used as a gateway for delivering emails from your server with high deliverability.
  • Free SSL Certificates: Easily add free SSL certificates to all your websites hosted at Cloudways. You don’t have to buy expensive certificates or deal with complicated signing processes.
  • Managed Security & Updates: Protect yourself with Cloudways’ dedicated firewall, regular security patches, bot protection and two-factor authentication.
  • Great WordPress Performance: Cloudways’ uniquely optimized stack instantly improves your site’s speed and uptime while lowering your costs by over 50% compared to managed hosts.

Included tools

  • Staging and Cloning: Super Featured! Staging websites allow you to work privately on new designs without disturbing your visitors. Once you’re done testing, you can push the changes from the staging site to your live site!
  • Real-time website monitoring: Cloudways provides round-the-clock server monitoring so you can rely on it.
  • Automatic backups: If you have a website, then you definitely need backups! Cloudways takes care of this for you and backs up your websites daily.

Cloudways support staff is available around the clock. If you run into any problems, they’ll be there to help.

Divi Hosting FAQ

What is Divi Hosting?

Divi Hosting is a powerful WordPress hosting including automatic Divi installation and Divi-specific server tuning if needed. All hosting partners have either adapted their standard hosting environments for Divi optimization or customized their Divi hosting packages to meet all Divi requirements.

Why should I choose Divi Hosting?

These are selected and proven WordPress providers that are perfect for Divi theme. The automatic installation and license activation of Divi and WordPress is practical.

What comes pre-installed when I choose Divi Hosting?

When you create a new website with Divi Hosting, you’ll be greeted with a fully functional WordPress website with Divi pre-installed and configured with your Divi license key. There’s no installation or initial setup required. You can get started and start creating right away!

Is my site hosted directly by Elegant Themes?

No, your website is hosted by Flywheel, Pressable, Cloudways or SiteGround. There is a partnership between these companies and Elegant Themes.

Should I choose Divi hosting?

All three Divi providers are well-known and recommended. Clearly, why should Elegant Themes also choose weak partners. By the way, as an alternative, you could take a look at Kadence Theme.

Flywheel and Pressable are recommended if you really want to get the last out of your WordPress and Divi site. Both specialize in WordPress websites and provide excellent support.

Much more affordable is SiteGround. They offer regular hosting as well as special WordPress hosting, now also with Divi. For small blogs it starts at € 3.95 per month.

Now I would still be interested, where do you host your site?

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