Kadence Starter Template für Restaurants und Lokale.

WordPress Starter Theme for Restaurants and Bars

Kadence’s starter template “Resto” is a ready-made WordPress theme for restaurants and pubs. The WordPress template can be installed with a few clicks and quickly provides a responsive design for restaurant businesses.

The elegant design was created with Kadence Blocks and thus also offers clear functions to modify the template later individually according to your own wishes. The structured design basically offers everything that is relevant for restaurants or to inform customers and scores, especially with an attractive Landing-Page.

WordPress starter theme demo for restaurants and pubs
WordPress starter theme demo for restaurants and pubs

Perfectly suited for:

  • Restaurants
  • Local
  • Event spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Gastronomy
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Rest houses
  • Hospitality
  • Sausage stands
  • Bistros
  • Cafes

As a basis you need the Kadence Theme.

Attractive design

The Resto template is a ready-made design that consists of several elements. This includes, for example, that special dishes or menus can be highlighted. This has the advantage that, for example, seasonal cuisine or specialties of the house can be presented. Many customers refrain from cooking themselves on special occasions because the preparation is too time-consuming. By presenting such dishes, restaurants can target guests.

Ready-made menus and menus for eateries.
Ready-made menus and menus for eateries.

New customers in particular often want to get an impression of the restaurant or the food. To make this more successful, companies have the option to integrate a video, for which a space has already been kept free in the Resto Theme.

Of course, the template also offers space for standard information and menus. For example, about the development of the business or even which products are used or where the origin of the products is. Especially this point is more and more important for customers, because for them the sustainable production of food used for the dishes is a criterion to decide for or against a restaurant.

Structured design

The Resto Theme is a combination of a business site and a blog. It starts with a static Landing-Page, but it is divided into several sections from which customers are directed to relevant topics.

Create the perfect structure for your pages.
Create the perfect structure for your pages.

The Landing-Page accompanies customers who want to browse around first. In addition, the template offers a static menu bar that allows users to go directly to pages of interest to them. This is the way potential guests go when they are already looking for targeted information, like the menu.

The structure also does not lack relevant content, such as contact information. Some of the relevant information is already visually appealing on the Landing-Page, which also makes it easier for regular guests to briefly view the opening hours or the current menus, for example.

Add content

The blog offers the possibility for additional content.
The blog offers the possibility for additional content.

The restaurant theme is ready, so it only needs to be filled with the individual details. To get the template up and running as quickly as possible, there is even a dedicated video on how to easily install and edit it.

Since it is already a finished template, certain content is also assumed. Although individual blocks can theoretically be left out for the time being so that they are not displayed later, this requires Kadence’s block editor. Some technical know-how is required, especially in the handling of the editor.

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Individual customization

To keep the look&feel of the page, there are only a few possibilities for customization within the Starter Template. This has the advantage that laymen have the possibility to make minimal changes, but cannot profoundly change the look in a negative way.

Change restaurant theme color palettes.
Change restaurant theme color palettes.

Changes are possible for example in the color scheme. Here there are several color schemes that consist of a color palette with harmonizing colors. In addition, there is the possibility to make other minor adjustments, such as with the font. Here there are also predefined types that fit well into the existing template.

Integration of Plugins

Do you know the WordPress plugin Orderable? With it you can accept orders directly on your website.

Restaurant-Plugin for WooCommerce

Take restaurant orders online with Orderable.

An interesting alternative is the much cheaper WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin.

The Resto Starter template is already filled with many important features and also offers some possibilities to customize it to your own restaurant business. Nevertheless, it may happen that a business, for instance because it has grown or because it has changed the services it offers, needs more features. In this case, it is possible to extend the template with additional Plugins. This allows to change the look&feel, for example by working with sliders or integrating a gallery.

Also a reservation system would extend the restaurant theme optimally. I think reservations are done especially by young people very gladly over the Internet.

The template can also be extended with various e-commerce tools such as WooCommerce, which are especially interesting for restaurant businesses, because they also sell products in addition to a restaurant business. This doesn’t necessarily have to be take-away, but there is also the possibility to sell durable products like jams or merchandise for the business via their own homepage.

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The Resto Starter Template is free of charge. In the Starter Template often already additional features are offered, which are otherwise only available against payment. The offers can also vary in part, as Kadence has different promotions.

Conclusion WordPress Restaurant Theme

The template already offers some customization options, but users who want more options in the design or perhaps want to break up the predefined block scheme can purchase the Pro version.

Also for a fee are many of the extensions that can be added to the starter template. The advantage is that the Plugins can also be used for other business models, which is beneficial when a business is converted.

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