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WordPress admin login plugins: get more out of your blog login

It is the absolute classic and probably one of the biggest annoyances of bloggers. For weeks the design of the own website was tweaked, it was changed and perfected again and again, but as soon as someone logs into the WordPress admin login, the old familiar WordPress look appears again.

The login within WordPress has always been a weak point, because there is usually no branding here and the login therefore looks very generic. Especially for larger blogs and corporate blogs this is more than annoying. But even with purely private blogs it is simply not nice if the login looks like all the other blogs despite all the adjustments.

Today I present you a few login plugins that can help. Extensions for WordPress that make the login appear in a new light or change details that end up making a lot of difference. Be curious!

Typical problems of the WordPress admin login

There are a few typical WordPress login issues that can stand out negatively. First and foremost, there’s the branding we just mentioned. No matter how elaborately you change the theme of your website, all these changes do not apply to the login. It always looks the same on WordPress, and not everyone likes that. Many also don’t want WordPress to be recognized directly.

However, this seems difficult, because the next problem is that the URL for the login is also the same. WordPress always directs users towards “/wp-admin” to the appropriate form. The more customized one ‘s blog, the more annoying it is when the design and structure of WordPress shines through at login. Per se not a real problem, it just seems then not quite round and somewhat generic.

To change this, there are several login plugins for WordPress, some of which work very differently. The best ones I will now present to you in a little more detail.

The 6 best login plugins for WordPress

There are countless extensions for the content management system and this also applies to plugins that change or customize the login. This is not meant to be an endless list of links, but just a few recommendations. Far too many blogs blindly link everything they can find on the internet without checking if it even meets the requirements. That’s exactly what I didn’t want to do here.

Instead, I’ve picked out six WordPress plugins that specifically extend the login and often add new and useful features as well. Whether you like it extensive or particularly simple, you’ll find the right extension for your needs at this point. In any case, I have all six plugins in advance also under the magnifying glass and recommend you here only what I liked when trying out accordingly.


An example of a UserPro login
An example of a UserPro login

I would like to start with a small pearl among the plugins. UserPro was released back in 2013 and has sold more than 20,000 times since then.

There is a reason for that, because since 2013 there have been regular updates until today. The extension is therefore constantly maintained and expanded, which is not a matter of course for WordPress plugins. This reliability makes UserPro my absolute number one. The extension brings many advantages and allows, among other things, to add your own fields for registration to request more information.

Also a login via social media can be activated. UserPro sees itself as a community plugin, so it allows much more than just adjustments to the login. Customizing the login page is rather the smallest of all features.

Custom Login

Custom Login Plugin in the WordPress directory
Custom Login Plugin in the WordPress directory

Do you want it a bit simpler and less extensive? Then Custom Login is exactly the right plugin for you.

No matter if logo, font or buttons, with Custom Login you can customize the login page of WordPress according to your own wishes. If you’re looking for a particularly simple option that doesn’t require much prior knowledge and can be used quickly, you’ll get it served with the Custom Login plugin. Faster and more understandable is the customization of the WordPress login hardly possible.

White Label

White Label or WhiteWP
White Label or WhiteWP

The White Label plugin works similarly to Custom Login, but goes many steps further. This means that it not only customizes the WordPress admin login, but everything else as well. Basically, the extension removes any references to WordPress and replaces them with personalized logos and text.

So, if you like to customize WordPress so that it almost looks like your own CMS, you can easily do that with the White Label plugin.

Theme My Login

The Theme My Login Plugin
The Theme My Login Plugin

Theme My Login moves the WordPress admin login to the front end of your website. Also, there are exciting additional features, such as registration only by email, password selection directly at login and much more.

As add-ons social login, captchas and viewable profiles are waiting to be activated. An extension that starts very simple, but then can be expanded in its scope with new features at will.

Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer from Colorlib
Custom Login Page Customizer from Colorlib

The Login Page Customizer from the theme developer Colorlib is a great and free extension to customize the login area.

This can be done quickly and easily, because the plugin allows you to make changes without any problems. Images, backgrounds and colors can be changed with just a few clicks.

Since the plugin comes from a well-known theme developer, it has also been maintained for a long time and works accordingly well.

Easy Registration Forms

Easy Registration Forms in the WordPress directory
Easy Registration Forms in the WordPress directory

If you like drag-and-drop, you like Easy Registration Forms. With this WordPress plugin you can easily and quickly click all the forms together. This way you can easily add new fields to the registration and at the same time get a login widget for the sidebar. The variety of possibilities is great, but the plugin itself remains slim and thanks to drag-and-drop noticeably easy to use.

With various add-ons, the range of functions is then expanded as desired. The demos linked on the plugin page already show very well what is possible and what is not.

Kadence Theme

Create stunning websites in minutes with this sleek and fast WordPress theme. Advanced web design!

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks provides tools that allow you to create unique and meaningful content more easily in the native WordPress editor.

Why the login does not necessarily need to be customized

The question I would like to throw into the room again at the end is whether such adjustments are really necessary. Especially beginners often run into a trap by wanting to customize everything as much as possible. But why actually? What is so bad about using WordPress? Where is the problem if someone recognizes that it is the WordPress admin login?

If it goes to the argument of security, I would like to deny right away. Just because you hide the WordPress clues, you don’t prevent hackers from immediately recognizing that it’s WordPress.

Tip: Secure WordPress Login!

A modified login usually doesn’t create any additional security here. New functions that come along with your own login seem more likely. Perhaps further entries are to be made during registration and such a thing is only made possible by a corresponding plugin. If it is about the argument of branding, the adaptation also makes sense. Especially company blogs want to realize a holistic corporate design, so that all standards of WordPress disappear. Here it is then quite reasonable to marry also the login with the own style guide. Apart from that, you should ask yourself the question of necessity.

If you have no good reasons for a customization, I would recommend you to leave the whole thing. Basically every plugin costs performance and a login plugin could even contain a security vulnerability in the worst case. The WordPress admin login may not look too nice, but it works great for many years.

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