Ultimate Guide to the Best WordPress Directory Plugins

Ultimate Guide to the Best WordPress Directory Plugins 2024

You are looking for a directory plugin for WordPress and are overwhelmed by the variety of available extensions? Then you’re in luck because I’ve taken a closer look at the best WordPress directory plugins and tell you all the pros and cons of the directory plugins here on the website. So you’re guaranteed to find the best plugin for your purposes.

The best directory plugin

☝️ First things first

  • Entry creation: allow easy data entry and categorization.
  • Search functionality: Provide advanced search filters for users.
  • Display layouts: Support different layouts such as list, grid or map views.
  • Ratings and reviews: Integrate systems for customer ratings and reviews.
  • Paid listings: Allow monetization through paid listings.

Take a look at my list of the best directory plugins for WordPress and pick your personal favorite. They all have their pros and cons, but there’s always one that will best support your intended use. Here’s everything you need to know about the extensions.

1. HivePress

HivePress Business Directory
HivePress Business Directory
  • Features: Modern directory, support for themes and addons, developer-friendly hooks, an all-around modern look and feel, and much more.
  • Special: Premium themes and addons for extended functionality
  • Price: Free of charge, but addons are payable

HivePress is a bit like the modern and perhaps contemporary version of all the listing plugins currently available. It already looks pretty snazzy in its live demo and even there it shows impressively how many possibilities exist with the plugin. From simple listings, to categories and listings that are built and sorted very special, much is feasible. In addition, the extension brings many filter methods and allows the search for different parameters and keywords. Thus, really any form of directory can be generated, no matter if it is about jobs, real estate or simple listings. With HivePress everything is possible, it seems.

To round off the offer at HivePress, the provider offers various premium themes. These then generate the desired portal from HivePress almost instantly. ExpertHive creates a service marketplace, TaskHive a portal for freelancers and RentalHive turns HivePress into a platform for rentals. You can then monetize HivePress through paid listings, promotions that highlight listings, but also other mechanisms. All that you know from other directories will probably not be a problem with HivePress either. Additional features you can produce with the paid addons. These integrate statistics, monetization features or even a messaging system that allows users to write to each other.


  • Established, very chic and functional solution that offers everything you expect from a directory plugin
  • The latest version of HivePress is free and then extended with paid addons as needed, so you only pay for what you actually need


  • Depending on what exactly you need, you will sink a lot of money into extensions and themes again, which is why HivePress can end up being quite pricey

2. Directories Pro

Directories Pro
Directories Pro
  • Features: Frontend dashboard for users, display editor via drag-and-drop, advanced search, paid entries, custom fields, maps integration, RTL ready, multi-directory support for multiple directories at once and much more.
  • Special: Especially performance optimized
  • Price: about 40 US dollars as a one-time payment

Whether you want to create a catalog that is supported by the community or you are planning some kind of business directory, with Directories Pro just about anything is possible. Almost every type of directory is supported out of the box. So you can create large directories of any kind based on WordPress and with just a few clicks. The developer has also already thought of everything and integrated various performance optimizations and caching functionalities. Especially in connection with the advanced search, this plays a certain role.

Otherwise, any fields can be added to the entries, categories or tags can be created relatively freely and even locations or ratings of the entries are easily possible. A drag-and-drop editor simplifies all this even more. Google Maps is integrated with an additional style, if desired, so that the maps turn out especially shapely and fitting to the own design. Monetization via paid entries is also possible with Directories Pro. A frontend dashboard allows to hide the backend completely. So users don’t get to see anything from the WordPress dashboard and stay on the actual website. This is especially nice if your own branding plays a correspondingly large role.


  • Extensive set of features, all of which have also been thoughtfully and extensively implemented and integrated
  • Excellent performance, even with large directories or extensive use of all functions
  • Support for multiple directories at once, so if desired, a variety of different listings can be created right away


  • None known

3. Name Directory

Name Directory is free of charge
Name Directory is free of charge
  • Functions: Simple directory, automatic index (A-Z), multiple directories possible at the same time, simple search function.
  • Special: Particularly simple and reduced
  • Price: Free of charge

The WordPress plugin Name Directory was once designed to create a name directory for birds. This simple purpose still exists today, and it is a welcome solution, especially for small websites that don’t have big ambitions or plans. This is simply because Name Directory is appropriately simple to use and also does not offer an endless number of features. This is good because the fewer features a WordPress plugin has, the less error-prone it is in the end. So Name Directory really only offers a register with index, nothing more and nothing less.

This supposed lack, namely the lack of extensive features, is for me at this point but just the one big advantage. Because with Name Directory you can quickly and easily create a directory, which is sorted by letters, like a glossary. The terms are automatically linked to the respective letter and can be easily searched accordingly. This is mainly useful for directories where it is clear what exactly you are looking for. You can also create multiple listings at once and an import/export also exists. The WordPress plugin is small, fast and masters only this basic function, but has been maintained for a long time and runs accordingly stable. An absolute insider tip for all who simply do not need more than that in the end.


  • The biggest advantage of the Name Directory Plugin is that it is extremely reduced and has no unnecessary features


  • At the same time, depending on the use case, this can be the biggest disadvantage, if you need more features than are offered here

4. Directorist

Directories company directory plugin
Directories company directory plugin
  • Features: Drag and drop editor, search form builder, variety of layouts and themes selectable for your directories, extensible with addons for special niches, easy import via CSV, easily customizable via WordPress hooks and much more.
  • Special: Excellently maintained and further developed
  • Price: Free of charge and starting at approx. 200 US dollars per year or as a lifetime license costing approx. 400 US dollars

Whatever your plans are, with Directorist you will achieve them. The WordPress business directory is so comprehensive, powerful and expandable that it leaves nothing to be desired. It relies on both a free basic version and an all-inclusive full license. The extension is also currently offered as a lifetime license, which is also exciting because there are no ongoing costs here. What is missing in the free version are the addons and themes that are already included in the membership, along with all the features that are still planned.

In the admin of WordPress, Directorist gets its own menu set up after the successful installation. From there you can access all options and add entries to your directory. With the Directory Builder you can also create new directories easily and quickly. For example, one for restaurants, one for real estate and one for job or business listings. You choose fancy icons for your directory, create appropriate forms via drag-and-drop and customize the layouts for your syllabus separately. With themes and extensions you can extend the look and functionality and integrate special features or adapt the design perfectly to your industry.


  • Exemplary built directory plugin for WordPress, with a lot of options and possibilities
  • Themes and addons customize Directorist even more specifically to meet the needs of almost any niche
  • Fair pricing system for free trial, subscription or single purchase via lifetime license


  • For small directories Directorist seems to be almost too extensive and thus unnecessarily complex

5. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin
Business Directory Plugin
  • Features: Directories without much extras, because ratings, reviews, grid layouts or payment providers are only available in the premium versions
  • Special: Basic version always available free of charge
  • Price: Approx. 100 to 250 US dollars per year or approx. 900 as a lifetime license

With the Business Listing Plugin you get a comprehensive directory plugin, which is also offered completely free in its basic version. It contains all the core functions you need if you want to offer a directory yourself. Only the extras, such as ratings or the integration of Google Maps, cost an additional amount. These functional extensions are realized via the addons. The plugin itself is always available for free, only for additional functions you need a corresponding addon. The rates range from Basic to Elite.

Because the Business Directory Plugin in its actual version always remains free, it is ideal to first try out what it can do and what is achieved with your directory. If you just want to create a catalog, without great special features, then you already get everything you need. And if at a later point it turns out that you need one or the other additional function, you can simply stay with the same plugin and only pay for a corresponding tariff. This makes it easy for you to get started and you can scale up at any time if your idea catches on or your directory reaches unimagined dimensions.


  • Free of charge already excellent usable, if you don’t need any special features for your directory
  • As soon as you need more than the standard, you can easily upgrade your directory with one of the tariffs, without having to change the plugin or switch completely


  • No real disadvantage, but all special features are only available in the higher and therefore paid plans

6. Sabai Directory

Sabai Directory
Sabai Directory
  • Features: List, grid or map display, extensive directory search, many custom Google Maps map styles already included, reviews and voting, paid listings and much more.
  • Special: Very feature rich
  • Price: approx. 30 US Dollar as single purchase

WordPress directory plugin Sabai Directory is an old hand among marketplace plugins. Already since 2013, the plugin is actively developed and since then, also regularly maintained and provided with updates. Especially the price can convince immediately because the one-time purchase is with about 30 US dollars to be called cheap. At least, if you look at what Sabai Directory has to offer. Because that is really a lot and comes directly to you with the plugin itself, without having to unlock further addons or premium features. Again, this is not something that can be taken for granted these days.

The goal of Sabai Directory is to create a kind of Yelp or Google Places. This is achieved with Google Maps and sorting functions such as price or current rating. Both are ideal for creating directories of businesses or restaurants. The fact that Sabai Directory is a bit older becomes clear when you take a closer look at the structure. Instead of simple drag and drop elements, WordPress custom fields are used here. Otherwise, the feature list is endless and ranges from paid entries to widgets and customizable email notifications. It’s best to just check out the site for yourself to see if all the features you want are there. In the end, you’re left with a fair price for what’s on offer.


  • Fair price for a plugin that has been developed and maintained for years and has such a long feature list
  • Nice presentation with an extensive directory search that reveals really very good filters
  • Paid listings are possible so that the listings can be marketed accordingly
  • Many custom Google Maps map styles already built in and easy to choose from


  • Somewhat older technology and thus there is no simple and modern drag and drop, for example

7. GeoDirectory

  • Functions: Create directories like in page builder, widgets, shortcodes and blocks, many additional functions and extras realizable via addons and themes and much more.
  • Special: Any form of directory convertible
  • Price: Free or about $100 to $200 for membership, addons and themes as individual purchases or a $1,000 lifetime license.

GeoDirectory describes itself as a leading enterprise directory plugin, and indeed it focuses heavily on representing a business directory. In doing so, it uses a global, i.e. worldwide approach, but can also be limited if desired and used as a local directory. The plugin itself is available for free via the WordPress plugin directory. The developers earn money with the paid addons that integrate additional functions.

Through the addons, for example, the search bar is expanded, a pay-per-listing offer moves in or events, social media and own Google Maps styles are integrated. The prices of the addons vary greatly, depending on how complex the respective function is. In principle, however, almost anything is possible with GeoDirectory in the end. From a directory in the form of classifieds, real estate or jobs, to restaurants or stores and paid listings, most can be easily realized with or without the help of the addons. If you would rather not buy an addon individually, you can opt for the membership, where themes and addons are then already integrated.


  • Thanks to many addons and themes, any form of structure can be implemented with GeoDirectory in the end
  • Plugin is free of charge as a basic version, while addons and themes can also be purchased individually, without subscription, if membership is not an option
  • Works in its principles as simple and extensive as a page builder, just purely specialized and adapted to directories


  • The extension seems a bit fragmented at the end and so you have to decide for yourself if membership, free version or single purchase of the addons makes sense for you at all

8. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro demo directory
Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro demo directory
  • Features: Unlimited entries, categories and fields, widgets and blocks, submission directly from the frontend, DSGVO compliant with the right settings, advanced search and more.
  • Special: Pro version only necessary for commercial offers, for everything else the Free version is already sufficient
  • Price: Free of charge or from approx. 10 US dollars per month, approx. 100 US dollars per year and approx. 290 US dollars as lifetime license

With the plugin Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro, also simply called ACADP, any kind of directory website should be able to be realized. At least that’s what the developers promise, who advertise their plugin in this relatively full-bodied way. In fact, Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is relatively powerful and knows hardly any limits. Among other things, an infinite number of categories and levels can be created. Various input fields, such as checkboxes or text fields, also allow any desired input for your own listing when it comes to the corresponding forms. Thanks to unlimited user-defined fields, there are no limitations here either, and the extensive search function allows users to browse through the entries extensively, while at the same time providing the greatest possible convenience.

In the premium version of Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro, additional paid entries are possible, so that users can actually earn money with their own directory. There is also a CSV import/export and seamless WooCommerce integration if desired. But you don’t even need the premium version if you don’t want to actively make money with your directory or make it particularly large. For almost any ordinary directory website, the Free version is already perfectly sufficient. The live demo is an excellent example of what is possible and how the whole thing looks. An all-around successful directory plugin for WordPress.


  • Free version of the plugin is already usable for a wide range of directories, so the premium version is basically only needed for commercial listings
  • Easy to install and manage, both for you as admin, and for the users who submit corresponding offers
  • Priced fairly, including a corresponding lifetime license, which is ideal for all those who don’t want to sign up for a subscription


  • None known

9. Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory
Connections Business Directory
  • Features: Simple directory, support for page builder and page builder themes, Gutenberg blocks, WordPress admin page with countless settings and much more.
  • Special: Especially solid base as foundation for your directory
  • Price: Free, but with paid themes and plugins

With Connections Business Directory, a directory plugin has made it to the list that clearly specializes in a business directory. Of course, you can also build other types of directories with it, but the functions of the Connections Business Directory are designed especially for the business directory. This way you can create digital address books, employee directories for websites or link directories that list different companies. All this with the usual presentation via image, text, address and Google Maps integration.

Visually, the Connections Business Directory is certainly not an eye-catcher and, despite themes and extensions, it still requires some manual work to integrate it into your own website. Functionally, however, it is already excellently positioned, but the finishing touches should still be made. Developer-friendly as it is, it offers about 180 WordPress actions and about 300 different filters. It also supports almost all major WordPress page builders, including Elementor, Visual Composer and Beaver Builder. Also page builder themes like Divi or Avada are supported here from the beginning. Thanks to Gutenberg blocks, the whole thing is also created quickly. Thus, the customizations are more about fine-tuning optical details.


  • The actual plugin is completely free of charge, only extensions incur corresponding costs
  • Has been developed for a long time and integrates seamlessly with WordPress, being designed to be very developer-friendly and as a result allowing customizations to be made
  • Basic plugin, but therefore at the same time very practical to use with an existing WordPress installation
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  • Few really modern features and in order for the plugin to look like something and fit the website, some manual work should still be invested in customization

10. Everest Business Directory

INFO: Everest is no longer available!

  • Features: 10 layout templates for the directory, 5 different search forms, infinite fields for forms, a custom login and much more.
  • Special: Simple and functional directory plugin
  • Price: approx. 20 US dollars as single purchase

The Everest Business Directory Plugin for WordPress acts as a pure premium plugin. This also means that there is neither a Free, nor a Freemium variant of the extension. Everest Business Directory can be purchased through Codecanyon, where it currently costs around $20. For that, it provides everything you need for a business directory and cleverly integrates it directly into the WordPress admin. The submission itself is done via a corresponding form, for which there are no limitations. So, you can add text fields, dropdowns and many other types of fields depending on what exactly you want to query for your directory and integrate later.


  • Quite simple implementation, which makes it very quick to use and, most importantly, works seamlessly
  • Many templates allow you to immediately generate a suitable representation for your web directory
  • Great and easy search, with filters for keywords, tags, locations or even categories


  • A relatively long time without updates, makes the plugin seem a little outdated

11. Directory Pro

Directory Pro Company Directory
Directory Pro Company Directory
  • Features: Lots of Ajax functionality, reviews, front-end dashboard and submission of entries, users have their own profiles, different membership types for paid accounts, third-party support, and more.
  • Special: Comprehensive all-rounder
  • Price: approx. 40 US dollars as single purchase

Directory Pro is a comprehensive and well thought-out directory plugin for WordPress, which comes with many Ajax features and already brings an attractive appearance after installation. It has shortcodes for quick integration, masters the display of Google Maps to display locations accordingly, and allows searchers to browse the various entries in the directory via an extensive search function. Directory Pro is managed via its own dashboard, in which all elementary settings can be made in a comprehensible manner.

Directory Pro supports many well-known systems and plugins, such as Mailchimp or WPML. With Loco and Polylang, it can also handle translations without any problems. In terms of functionality, the plugin can really be called a monster. Users can sign up, mark favorites, and a lot more. There are also different membership types to generate members who are willing to pay. For this purpose, there are also different prefabricated types of price tables and registration forms. Directory Pro has a lot more to offer, and above all, it is regularly expanded and optimized, so it has been receiving updates for years.


  • Extensive and through many updates almost perfectly running WordPress classifieds plugin
  • Well-maintained plugin for years, which receives appropriate enhancements and optimizations every few months
  • Priced absolutely fair and without mandatory subscription fees or expensive permanent costs


  • None known

12. Classified Listing

Classified Listing Directory
Classified Listing Directory
  • Features: Directory with contact information and chat system, integration of various payment providers, markers and highlights for ads, and much more.
  • Special: Focus on classifieds
  • Price: Free and from about $40 to $400 a year, paid addons and themes.

If you are planning to create some kind of classifieds portal, Classified Listing WordPress plugin might be your first choice. The extension specializes in exactly this point and is therefore ideal for the purpose. In a simple way, you create multiple categories with Classified Listing and allow your visitors to submit their own ads with the click of a button. For this, a registration is necessary and depending on the goals you are pursuing, you can even charge appropriate fees for this. Entries may be highlighted and in addition to phone numbers or addresses, a chat function is also integrated to immediately get in touch with the respective provider.

Especially, the presentation seems very extensive and professional. Here, little reminds of WordPress and everything looks like from one cast. If you want, you can of course also use the plugin for a classic directory and not make use of the template as a classifieds website. The plugin itself is free of charge, but as usual has a Pro version with extended functionality. Furthermore, there are various WordPress themes that were written for the plugin and bring a corresponding design, but then cost a little something for it. Addons extend Classified Listing additionally with more currencies or a verification of sellers. All in all, a very comprehensive business directory plugin for WordPress, which puts its focus but clearly on a sales platform or a web catalog with sales prospects.


  • Clear focus on classifieds, which can be categorized and highlighted accordingly or also marked as sold
  • Chic design, which becomes even more individual and extensive via paid themes
  • Large range of functions, which is raised even further by the Pro version and the addons, so that in the end almost everything is possible with the plugin, which seems important for classifieds in a form


  • The focus on classifieds makes it partly difficult to use the directory plugin for other purposes, as it appears very specialized

13. Listdom

Listdom - listing and directory plugin
Listdom – listing and directory plugin
  • Features: Directories of all kinds, archive pages, Google Maps, shortcodes and widgets, many skins for advanced display options, frontend forms and much more.
  • Specific: Nothing specific known
  • Price: Free of charge or approx. 80 US dollars as a lifetime license

For a free WordPress directory plugin, Listdom is not only already particularly comprehensive, but even in its Pro version, it’s still surprisingly affordable. It handles many designs and can be used for any kind of directory. No matter if it is about classifieds, a business directory or simple lists. It relies mainly on many types of representations and attaches great importance to its “skins”. Besides lists, there is a grid, masonry, carousel, slider and even more ways to display the corresponding entries. I like all of them because they are clear and easy to understand by the user.

The list of features in Listdom is actually very long and extensive. There is hardly anything around directories that is not supported by Listdom. Everything that is a bit bigger or simply more important, however, is, of course, reserved for the Pro version. In particular, things like frontend submission, i.e. the possibility for users to submit new entries directly in the frontend without having to switch to a backend for this, should be mentioned here. This is always important if the own directory should remain as clean as possible and should remind little of WordPress.


  • Free of charge already very extensively usable and equipped with a variety of complex features
  • Many possibilities to display and display the own directory accordingly fancy


  • Somewhat fiddly options, in my opinion, which also seem very cluttered, since simply extremely much was integrated, without thinking of a simple operation

14. uListing

uListing - Universal Plugin for Directories
uListing – Universal Plugin for Directories
  • Features: Any type of directory, hardly any limits on creation, frontend form for submission, many options for display, very extensive search function with an infinite number of filters, and much more.
  • Special: Behind the plugin is an experienced team of developers
  • Price: Free of charge and starting at approx. 65 US dollars per year or as approx. 180 US dollars lifetime license

What I like at first glance is that uListing works relatively static. In my eyes, this brings the particularly good performance that the plugin can still deliver even with large directories. Thereby uListing is suitable for any form of directory. No matter if it’s a business directory, a list of specific websites or a directory for coupons – everything is conceivable here for now and, above all, can be implemented with just a few clicks. In its own live demo, the developer presents a real estate directory where I can filter and search accordingly by location, price and category. This already impressively shows how the directories work with the uListing plugin.

The rest is as far as known as well as common. There are no limits on the types, a whole lot of different representations of the respective directory page, a sophisticated search function and several filters with which the results can be sorted and listed accordingly. The search is compelling, as each field can be used as a separate search filter to narrow it down further. The form for submitting new entries to the directory is also nicely integrated into the frontend and therefore embeds itself seamlessly into the existing design of the website. Moreover, the developer is not an unknown one. The plugin itself is well maintained and the price is absolutely fair for what is offered. A really recommendable industry plugin for WordPress with a well-thought-out interface, both in the back- and frontend.


  • Sophisticated and well-thought-out plugin that works reliably for users and admins alike
  • Usable for any kind of directory, no matter if it’s a coupon portal, job board or real estate listings
  • Unbeatable scope for the relatively low price, with at the same time regular updates from an experienced developer


  • None known

15. LDD Directory Lite

LDD Directory Lite
LDD Directory Lite
  • Features: Easy to install directory plugin, search function, sort function, shortcodes, Google Maps and much more.
  • Special: Nothing known
  • Price: Free, addons for about 10 to 20 US dollars

A real advantage with the LDD Directory Lite plugin is that it is a relatively simple solution. Most of the options don’t matter too much and you don’t have to configure much after installation. Basically, you just download the plugin, adjust some small things and then start designing your own directory. This is managed just as easily as it is the case with posts or pages, so you already know the whole thing from WordPress itself. You don’t need to know much more about the LDD Directory Lite plugin. The rest, as already mentioned, basically takes care of itself.

Where “Lite” is behind, WordPress users immediately recognize that there is also a full version or a more comprehensive variant of the plugin. This is also the case with the LDD Directory. However, not in the form of a subscription or extended plugin, but simply via paid addons. Features such as the import/export must be added as an addon, so you have to buy them separately. Reviews or a social login are also added to the plugin via an addon. These are priced differently and cost around 10 to 20 US dollars. Really there is not much there, however, and the fewest will need the addons for this type of directory at all.


  • Addons cost money, but the plugin is effective as a simple directory even without costs and above all easy to use


  • Rather rudimentary directory plugin for WordPress, which doesn’t get a great feature set even with addons

16. Listeo (Theme)

Listeo Directory Theme
Listeo Directory Theme
  • Features: Front-end user dashboard, Advanced booking system, Multi-vendor marketplace.
  • Special: Booking System
  • Price: $ 79.00

Listeo WordPress theme is a versatile solution for directory and booking platforms, comparable to Yelp or Airbnb. It offers a user-friendly front-end dashboard where ads, bookings and private messages can be easily managed.

With built-in multi-vendor marketplace functionality and advanced booking system, the theme is suitable for both rental and reservation services. Additional features like dark mode, multi-criteria ratings and automatic notifications enhance the user experience.

With a price tag of $79 and good documentation, Listeo is an attractive option for those looking to build a comprehensive directory and booking platform.


  • Integrated booking system: Listeo offers an advanced booking system that can be used for both accommodations and services such as restaurants or car washes.
  • Multi-vendor marketplace: with Dokan integration, users can easily manage multiple vendors or service providers on the platform, making it easier to monetize the website.


  • No Gutenberg optimization: according to the information, Listeo is not optimized for the Gutenberg editor, which might limit the customizability and usability for those who prefer this standard WordPress tool.

17. ListingPro (Theme)

ListingPro WordPress Directory Theme
ListingPro WordPress Directory Theme
  • Features: WordPress directory & listing solution, integrated payment methods like Stripe and PayPal, compatibility with Elementor.
  • Special: Not a plugin but a theme
  • Price: $ 69.00

ListingPro is a comprehensive WordPress directory and listing solution that does not require an additional paid plugin.

It offers multiple uses, including directories for lawyers, wedding service providers or vehicle businesses and has several premium addons such as MedicalProWP for doctors’ markets or EventProWP for events markets. The platform is compatible with numerous payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and Mollie and is suitable for entrepreneurs without programming skills as well as developers and web agencies.


  • ListingPro offers a comprehensive WordPress directory and listing solution.
  • The theme supports a wide range of payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, 2CO and Bankwire.


  • According to user reviews on Capterra, ListingPro has a less responsive user interface design compared to competitors like Listeo.

Bonus: Brilliant Directories + Coupon

Brilliant Directories
Brilliant Directories
  • Features: SaaS directory, member management, recurring payments, content publishing.
  • Special: Add-ons
  • Price: From $ 145.00 monthly

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For very specialized directories, it’s worth looking at Brilliant Directories’ service. However, not based on WordPress!

Brilliant Directories is an all-in-one platform for creating and managing membership sites and business directories. It offers over 1,000 features, including recurring payments, content publishing, and banner ads. The platform supports integration with thousands of third-party tools such as Zapier, Pabbly and Integrately, and also offers email marketing and SEO features.

With a large user base of over 30,000 users, Brilliant Directories is considered a reliable tool for various industries and organization types.


  • Hosting is included.
  • You don’t have to worry about anything since it’s a SaaS service.


  • High price.

Directory plugins for WordPress

Many website owners one day reach the point where the simple website is no longer enough. It needs an extension, some sort of additional feature to satisfy their users. In this way, the website gets a useful new feature, which is not only particularly helpful and adds value, but can also be monetized.

Directory plugins for WordPress do this in the easiest way. Not only do they make it easier for you to quickly create one or even multiple directories, but they also allow you to manage it pleasantly. Even when users are allowed to add or submit their entries.

The more useful and seamless a business directory plugin integrates with WordPress, the better it is for you. But not every extension offers the desired scope and not every type of directory requires an expensive premium plugin. So the first question is, what kind of directory you want to offer on your website at all.

What types of directories are there?

Firstly, a directory can be almost anything. A kind of digital telephone or address book, a business directory, a real estate platform or a portal for classified ads. Employees can also be presented in a directory in an appropriately comprehensive manner or listed on the company’s own website. The possibilities here are almost unlimited, depending on the use case.

At the same time, a directory can also be rather simple. For example, to display coupons for certain brands, stores or stores in a list. Top lists are also possible by directory, which can then, depending on the setting, even be searched or sorted by certain parameters. Listing plugins for WordPress simplify the management of such directories here and usually also allow users to submit or create their own entries.

The directory or directory is therefore, in the end nothing more than a neatly created, sorted and documented list of entries. These can then, depending on the directory plugin, be displayed according to your requirements and thus output on the website.

Can a directory website be successful?

Of course. It doesn’t depend on the type of website, but whether it finds its niche in the already existing market. Launching a new voucher portal or competing with classifieds will be difficult, of course. But it is possible to create a directory of coupons for a very specific product group or to offer a directory that only serves a certain niche and is therefore very specific.

Also as an extension for an existing blog a directory almost always makes sense. Whether it’s to list vendors, share top lists, or create a sort of business directory. There are so many types of directories that they almost always work as an extension for an existing listing as well, depending on how you create or build it.

In addition, a relevant directory can provide another way to monetize. It also adds real value if it contains valuable information. Under certain circumstances, it is then even suitable for SEO, as a directory can increase the relevance and visibility of the respective domain. However, the latter should not be your sole goal.

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Conclusion on Directory Plugins

In the end, it should be clear that a directory makes sense for almost any type of website. The only question is how this directory should be structured. For this, WordPress provides a variety of suitable listing plugins, which often already have ready themes, skins and filters integrated. For some, the selection is certainly a little too much of a good thing.

Here in my article I have therefore presented the best directory plugins for WordPress in a little more detail. Pay close attention to their features and the advantages and disadvantages mentioned because not every plugin will be equally suitable for your purposes. So pick out exactly the extension that can best support you in your plans.

Sometimes less features are more in the end. For example, because the plugin is faster, cheaper or simply more effective in use. So don’t constantly look for the directory plugin that can do the most. Choose exactly what suits you and your application purpose. My list with short introductions will help you with that.

👉 Here’s how to proceed

  • Make plugin selection: Based on the information presented, the reader should now be able to choose a directory plugin that fits their needs and requirements. Not only should the feature set be considered, but also the ease of use and price.
  • Installation and setup: after choosing the appropriate plugin, the next step should be the installation and configuration on the WordPress website. Make sure that the plugin works well with your current theme and other plugins.
  • Develop monetization and SEO strategies: After successfully setting up the directory plugin, it is advisable to think about monetization models such as paid listings or pay-per-listing offers. In addition, it should be reviewed how the plugin can contribute to SEO optimization to increase the visibility of the website.

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