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Mittwald: Great values, strong WordPress hosting, high prices

The hoster Mittwald might already be known to one or the other. The rather small company from Espelkamp is truly not a giant and yet always present through very targeted advertising, which is not always only visible on large platforms, but also on small blogs. The hoster has a lot to offer, especially a lot of good values and ideas.

What Mittwald can produce in the area of WordPress hosting is what today’s article is about. Here I will present you the CMS package of Mittwald in more detail and go into some special features in this regard. Let yourself be surprised, because the results are quite different from those of other providers.

Once upon a time in far away Espelkamp

Mittwald Review Homepage
Mittwald Review Homepage

You know Berlin, Cologne or Frankfurt am Main as important internet nodes? But there is also Espelkamp. Wait, who or what is in Espelkamp, you will ask yourself now. Quite simple, the small but fine hoster Mittwald, which now also offers WordPress hosting. This is in the form of special CMS tariffs.

It’s not hard to find Mittwald likeable. According to its own statement, the company from Espelkamp is 180 strong. Mittwald made a name for itself with excellent support and strong performance, which, however, always had its price. In addition, Mittwald’s hosting is very contemporary and uses modern standards and systems.

The latter means, among other things, that Mittwald has always wanted to act as CO2-neutral as possible and represents the right values. At least, that’s what I’m told, and that’s how I’ve always perceived Mittwald. So everyone has to make up their own mind here.

WordPress Hosting is called CMS Hosting here

What might seem strange to you at first with Mittwald is the fact that there is no WordPress webhosting named like that. Rather, Mittwald calls its rates “CMS Hosting”, meaning that any content management system can be hosted.

In doing so, Mittwald deliberately advertises visitors instead of RAM or CPU, as it says on the website. Because that’s not what it should be about. It’s more about the maximum number of visitors a system can handle. That’s exactly what the power is based on and especially with a content management system like WordPress the performance is not always that easy. But you will have noticed that yourself and therefore you are now looking for an appropriate WordPress hoster.

The Mittwald project overview
The Mittwald project overview

In terms of scope, Mittwald offers you nothing that would not be available elsewhere, but integrates its own tools very nicely. The installer makes the start, which can install the CMS of your choice on the hosting. The updater automatically ensures that everything is up to date. Staging is also included, so you can always try out new features in a test environment first. Thanks to regular backups and virus protection, you’re also on the safe side.

Expensive, but powerful tariffs from Mittwald

CMS StarterCMS GrowCMS ProfessionalCMS Legend
Visitors / month2.00010.00055.000200.000
Storage space20 GB20 GB20 GB20 GB
Backups28 days28 days28 days 28 days
€ 9,00 / month€ 19,00 / month€ 74,00 / month€ 199,00 / month
Without setup fee. Prices for monthly payment and excluding VAT.

Let’s let the cat out of the bag right away: Mittwald is significantly more expensive than many other providers. One of the reasons for this is that the guaranteed service is offered very consistently here. So visitors will still experience short loading times on your WordPress website even at peak times and under full load. However, this security and scalability in terms of performance costs correspondingly more.

Despite managed hosting, the php.ini is configurable and cronjobs are also possible. This is not always common and definitely worth mentioning. The rates themselves are then again graded according to visitors, whereby all come along with the server location Germany fully DSGVO compliant. I find it somewhat ridiculous that the packages only have 20 gigabytes of storage space, apart from the individual solution.

CMS Starter: Designed for 2,000 visitors per month, the Starter plan comes with 20 gigabytes and a domain included. Everything you need to get started. You can get started for 9 euros plus taxes.

CMS Grow: The Grow tariff already allows 10,000 visitors per month. The domain and the 20 gigabytes of storage space are also included here. Ideal if your WordPress blog is getting bigger. With 19 euros plus taxes, this tariff is charged.

CMS Professional: The Professional tariff with 55,000 visitors per month is aimed primarily at well-run websites with regular traffic. Here, too, 20 gigabytes and a domain are included. 74 euros plus taxes is the price.

CMS Legend: If you have a lot of visitors, around 200,000 per month to be exact, you can’t go wrong with the Legend tariff. Sadly, only 20 gigabytes are included. 199 euros plus taxes are due.

CMS Ultimate: The Ultimate tariff also only includes 20 gigabytes and a domain, but your WordPress website can receive up to one million visitors per month. 699 euros plus taxes costs this tariff.

Individual: If you want more storage space or are so big that no package fits, choose your own tariff. Here you can also increase the number of backups or the availability. Up to 520 gigabytes of storage space can be selected and one million visitors. By contacting, but probably still goes significantly more.

Besides CMS hosting you can find the following services:

  • Shop-Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Individual hosting: You have specific requirements, ask support directly.
  • Agency server: Are vserver with own resources.

Webhosting exclusively for professionals

The customer can set the desired PHP version himself.
The customer can set the desired PHP version himself.

Have you noticed how expensive Mittwald is? While I have to pay about 20 to 40 euros for up to 50,000 visitors at comparable WordPress hosters, such a rate at Mittwald already costs 74 euros. Taxes are not even included here. However, this makes sense if you take a closer look at the small print of the hoster.

Under the various rates and offers, you can always read a note: “Offers are exclusively for businesses. All prices plus statutory sales tax.” So it’s quickly clear that Mittwald is aimed more at small and medium-sized businesses than bloggers looking for a WordPress hoster.

Then, when I think about how my experience with companies is, it also becomes clear that support and assistance are likely to play a big role at Mittwald. That’s exactly what Mittwald advertises. Personal support from real people. If you want to guarantee that, you logically have to set prices a little higher than the competition. With the idea of quality in the background, I find the pricing justified again. You just have to know if you want to pay more for this service.

Outsource project to customer

Outsource project to client
Outsource project to client

If you are a freelancer or an agency operator, the “Outsource” function is especially interesting for you.

With just one click you can outsource a finished project to a new account and hand it over to your client.

If you have an agency server, you can host this project very cheaply on your server and thus rent it out to your clients at an additional cost.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Wide range of offers
  • Server in Germany
  • Well suited for freelancers and agencies
  • Great Support


  • Not exactly cheap
  • No private customers

Mittwald speed

Test environment: Kadence Coffee Shop
Test environment: Kadence Coffee Shop

For the test environment I installed the free Kadence Theme with the starter template Coffee Shop. Additionally the Kadence Blocks are necessary. I have uninstalled all other themes and plugins. PHP version 8.1 is active.

The Time to First Byte (TTFB) is a basic benchmark for measuring connection setup time and web server responsiveness both in the lab and in practice.

Strato Time to First Byte: 0.12 – 0.19 seconds

This puts the provider in the upper third at the time of my Mittwald review.

Mittwald Alternatives

Mittwald Support

Mittwald Review: Support by phone, e-mail and chat
Mittwald Review: Support by phone, e-mail and chat

Phone, e-mail and chat. At Mittwald you are spoilt for choice when it comes to support channels.

Helpdesk Menü
Helpdesk Menu

If I have enough time, I like to use the chat. Otherwise, I like to send my questions by e-mail and can devote myself to other topics right away.

In the project management, the appropriate help articles are linked to you on the right side in every menu. This is super practical and well thought out.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can create a free test account for 30 days. No payment details are required and there is no automatic renewal. Directly on the website and with only two clicks.

Conclusion about Mittwald as WordPress hoster

Mittwald is expensive, but Mittwald is also honest and personal. At least, that was my impression after taking a closer look at the hoster’s offer. Above all, there are no big promises that are then not kept. If you’re looking for a stable WordPress hosting, you’ll find it here, but you’ll also pay accordingly for the service.

If you’re willing, you can expect an honest and strong hoster with good values and a cool attitude, if I may put it that casually. I certainly like the tone that Mittwald sets here. The webhosting is modern, up-to-date and the technology is always kept up to date. It costs more, but it also works without any cutbacks or problems.

With this scope in mind and the pricing, however, Mittwald is not for bloggers or website operators who only do it as a hobby. Rather something for entrepreneurs who want to build a very stable website for their company. Or for resellers who have customers they want to offer the highest quality hosting possible, where problems or failures are extremely rare.

Mittwald is worth a look. Whether it comes into question for you personally, now depends on what exactly you imagine under an ideal WordPress hoster.

Mittwald Review


Mittwald is a hosting provider that specializes in freelancers and agencies. The hosting is fast, but expensive.

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