40 Blogging und Content Ideas

40 Content Ideas for Absolutely Successful Blog Articles

Use my list of 40 content ideas whenever you’re sitting in front of an empty content calendar. With which blog articles is the success of the blog virtually guaranteed? Blog ideas for successful blogs!

Blogging is fun, blogging gets followers and blogging makes a website successful – if you do it right! Only if you have a real strategy, a clear topic and a plan when blogging, your market share will inevitably increase.

This will also positively change reader behavior, page sales will increase and money will flow back. But what do you blog about if you want to be successful? That’s the question most successful bloggers have faced before letting their blog off the leash. And we’ll get to the bottom of that question here at this post. No, not only that, we’re going to answer it too, because there are very simple rules. And if you follow them – especially when it comes to topics – success will come naturally.

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A blog should be monetized and bring success – but with which topic?

It has become almost commonplace for successful business sites to also have a blog at the start. For these companies, the question“What do we blog about?” is answered quite simply. Their blog articles are then geared towards what the company sells, to whom it should be sold (question about the target group) and how both points can be meaningfully linked. Allude to the target group with your own products – done.

It gets harder in the startup phase if you want to start a blog as an individual or part of a community, which is also monetized and should bring in money.

Your idea is, I want to earn X amount of money with a blog – let’s say 100,000 euros. Big goal, yes. But impossible? No. So in order to approach the goal, you need a topic, work your way up to the topic and try to get closer to the goal step by step. But what if you don’t have a topic that you can be reasonably sure will be successful? Right, then you have to look for it – or listen to people who suggest topics where you are virtually doomed to blog success if you approach them correctly.

Because they do exist: the kind of blog articles and blogtopics that have stood for success in the past and are actually quite certain to stand for blog success in the future.

No pain, no gain in blogging

Before we get into the specific blog topic ideas that should bring you and your blog plenty of success, there are a few basic things to address:

no pain, no gain!

You should and must be clear, there are high-quality content to create. Keyword added value for the reader.

No matter how wacky the topic may be, at the end of the blog article the reader has to leave the blog site and say to himself: good that I read this blog post. He needs to take something away from you.

The basic principle is that simple for now.

Legalized web space theft by just filling lines and pages will not bring success. Neither with Google, nor with the reader.

In addition: you have to blog regularly

And that brings us to the main point: ideas for articles

Every blogger who drives a site himself has a big enemy: writer’s block. You sit there, staring at your monitor, notebook or tablet, and you just can’t think of anything.

And then blog articles come about that immediately show the crampedness. Writing to get something on the page – not a good idea. But cleverness can also help you here. Know where to look! Check the social media and let Twitter show you, for example, which are currently the trending topics – i.e. the topics or keywords that are causing a lot of activity on Twitter and about which many users are tweeting. And so that this writer’s block doesn’t give you a leg up, we’ll use bullet points to briefly introduce you to where or how you get the necessary input for new blog articles.

  • Read a lot
    You can get ideas from other blogs, social media and books, which you can use in your blog articles. And yes, regular TV consumption also helps, because you’ll find plenty of topics there, too.
  • Be an idea thief
    Yes, you are allowed to steal ideas on the web. But don’t just copy it, copy off or produce duplicate content out of laziness by copying and putting it on your blog. That would be fatal. Stand with your eyes, think and just do it better, crisper and more successful than the rest. Do this knowing: the wheel is already invented and inventing new will be plenty hard. So take good and make it better.
  • Interact with your readers
    Why should you worry yourself when you can let other people do the work? How to do it? It’s simple: ask your readers what topics they want to read. Ask them, respond to their mails, work in the comments and create surveys if necessary. Over time, you’ll start to see a structure and pattern in the suggestions, giving you core areas to focus on.
  • Identify the trends
    You have access to an infinite pool of knowledge via the web. Trace the social media, what’s hot, what’s resonating with readers, look at Google, what keywords are currently running strong, rattle off forums and see what people are talking about. Do that and your pool of ideas will be like the oceans: huge.
  • Self-recycle
    It doesn’t have to be new content. Keep an eye on your own blog and see which articles are running strong, which articles are generating reader interest. You’re also welcome to spruce up blog articles and revisit them if, for example, new insights have emerged.
  • The emotional track pulls – tell the readers about you
    They don’t say ‘stories only life writes’ for nothing! Everyone, including you, has experienced things in life that cry out to be told and shared with a wider audience. Many blog readers are also interested in the people behind the articles. Make yourself tangible and palpable by telling your stories. And when it comes to how you got the idea for the blog.
  • Sharpen your senses
    There are lots of blog articles everywhere – even at the checkout in the supermarket or on the shelves there. You’re shopping in August, it’s 32 degrees outside and the shelves are already stocked with candy for Christmas? Take your smartphone, snap a picture and off you go with your blog article. You’ll be surprised at the reactions and interactions this topic – which returns year after year – triggers. Scary – if you pull it off well and in a polarizing way.
  • Use flashes of inspiration
    Not every idea needs to grow endlessly or be strategically implemented. Often, it’s the very spontaneous ideas that throw success on the table. Go for a walk, look around and just do nothing. Ideas come to you everywhere: in the forest, during sports, in the shower and even on the toilet. Flashes of inspiration. Use them.

Content Ideas: which blog article topics guarantee you success?

Enough of the gray theory, let’s get down to the hard facts. What kind of blog articles and topics will make your blog a success if you follow the procedure described at the beginning? That’s what you want to know, that’s what you’ll get the answers to – right now and right here! My 40 content ideas for awesome blog posts:

1. Talk about politics

Politics is actually a perennial topic. Social media has made it possible for people who would never have discussed a political topic in the past to become real ongoing debaters today. Political topics – both national and international – are a dime a dozen, and politics generates more excitement per day than you can really write about. And especially with politics, it’s very easy for you to trace the web and social media to see what’s hot, what’s generating the most hype, and which bandwagon you have to jump on if you want your blog to take off like a rocket.

But be careful: politics is controversial. Politics polarizes and can sometimes cause unpleasant reactions in the comment columns. True to the motto “The spirits I called”, you may find yourself with a readership that you have to learn how to deal with. Very important: with political blogs you must have a very, very thick skin!

2. Trash TV pulls

There are few things you’ll get flushed with more than trash TV. Check Twitter to see what hashtags are going up there like rockets: Bombings or terrorist attacks, political topics, and always trash TV shows and their protagonists. Trash TV rocks when it comes to blog articles. And if you do it cleverly, write in a polarizing way, sometimes appeal to the ‘haters’ and sometimes to the ‘fanboys’ as well as ‘fangirls’, you’ll very quickly be way out in front. Trash TV is an extremely grateful topic, because the topics are delivered to you free of charge via TV and you don’t have to do anything except keep an eye on social media, watch the TV and then hit the keys. Perfect! By the way, the smart thing to do while you’re writing is to watch the developments on the topic in real time on social media or write while the show is still on. Show finished, out with the blog article – that’s how you serve your readers perfectly!

3. Travel is a real perennial

travel themes are in

Everyone has wanderlust, dreams of faraway vacation destinations and of getting to know new countries. Here’s an area where you can really go all out, and above all, it’s true: you can reach people’s emotional track. Take readers on a journey to countries they dream about. It’s a fact that travel topics are always a kind of self-seller – if you do it well.

In this segment, you have a great advantage if you are proficient in foreign languages: you are excellent at taking ideas and improving them. Give people tips, hotspots, the top restaurants at a particular destination, explain the country and its people.

Travel is in and it’s for a whole year. You don’t have a peak or off season here!

4. Recipes are always in

As is true for travel and politics: blog articles about food and drink are real perennial favorites.

Man must eat, man must drink. And answer the question for yourself, what do you worry about most often? The answer is super simple: about food. We ourselves were amazed at how often we think about it: What is there to eat today?

Millions upon millions of people ask themselves exactly this one question, and you provide the possible answers with recipes. Fast cuisine, healthy cuisine, refined cuisine, fancy dishes, vegan cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, cuisine for kids, inexpensive dishes – any questions? No, certainly not. The range of topics here is endless squared! And as a good food blogger, fame will set in faster than you can cook a 5-course meal.

Be the Heston Blumenthal of food bloggers!

5. Parenting tips are evergreens

We become parents – moms and dads – and at some point, it’s the first time. That’s when you’re grateful for every tip, trick, or hint you can soak up on the web when, as a parent, you’re once again standing like the famous ox in front of the mountain and don’t know what to do.

Believe me as a parent, this happens to you ten times a day with babies and toddlers – and when the kids grow up, a thousand times a day. But it’s true here, as with politics, that you’re treading on sensitive ground. “Übermuttis” and “Übervatis” will come down on you quite nicely – depending on the article. Thick skin is an absolute must here!

6. Interviews provide plenty of traffic

You have no problem approaching people and eliciting the things that interest other people in an interview? Perfect!

Then you have found your field here. And the good thing is, you have a well-known name exclusively for you and you’ll be quoted plenty – usually with a backlink that will flush new readers onto your blog.

You have to keep in mind, however, that not every international star is always willing to provide information. You will, you should be aware, have to start with local ‘big names’. And as your credibility grows, the big ones will come by themselves!

7. Be a mythbuster!

Rumors, fakestories and myths are created faster than you might think. That’s why there is an ‘industry’ on the web that deals with it, exposes such ‘hoax stories’ and sets them straight.

Yes, it’s a bit more intensive in terms of research. But you’ll also find more topics where rumors persist or myths build up than you might like – you’ll be spoiled for choice of stories! If you’re an investigative type and like to dig, then this is your topic area that works like a charm as far as story supply is concerned.

8. Blog for news junkies

Hordes of people trawl social media – preferably Twitter – for news. They want to know everything, read everything. Here’s your chance. Your blog takes the news from the original sources, you write a little story of your own, and then link to the original source on the blog.

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Here you only have to do one thing: be very fast! The sooner you start with breaking news, the better for you. It is best if you have such a ‘Sourced News’ already, before the mainstream jumps on it. But if you establish yourself here and bring breaking news, then you will see how your server sometimes goes to its knees due to the onslaught!

9. Test and introduce products

You wouldn’t believe how insecure people often are when they want to buy something new. Endless pages are read before deciding on the new coffee machine, the new TV, a drone, a smartphone or an egg stove. Sounds funny, but it’s true.

The web makes research easy and why shouldn’t you use that for yourself? And the smart thing is: you can enter into great affiliate programs where your readers can order the product. For example with Amazon and Co. If you want to earn money with your blog, then you are really right in this area.

But don’t forget: even with product reviews you have to bring added value to the potential buyer.

10. Celebrities and stars

This is the same as trash TV: people want to be entertained. In the past, it was newspapers like ‘Goldenes Blatt’, ‘Freizeit Revue’ and similar papers from the jungle of the Yellow Press that brought the home stories of the stars and starlets. Today, as a blogger, you can do that wonderfully from home. And please believe, even Z-celebrities are still pulling.

Bianca Heinickes Channel

The smart thing to do is to include the new ‘stars’ in your blog’s portfolio: Youtubers and other web stars. This generates interest in the target group, and the ‘new kids on the block’ are usually still very willing to provide information. And if your blog is mentioned on one of the hot YouTube channels, the number of hits explodes. Bibi has been on TV for a long time.

11. Tips for beginners in all areas

Everyone has started something at some point. Driving, running, cooking, YouTubing, gaming, blogging, writing books and so on. The subject areas here are as numerous as sand on the beach and you can pick subject areas according to your interests and inclinations.

How to customize your WordPress design with CSS
How to customize your WordPress design with CSS

My WordPress CSS for beginners article would be such an example.

If you need a lot of content, this is the segment for you.

12. FAQs – everyone has few answers to many questions

There are topics where you will find far more questions than answers. That’s why blogs that give questions to people’s answers are always popular. Permanently. And that’s also a topic area that Google loves. You’re providing real value to the reader, giving answers to questions, and Google definitely thinks you’ve got it. You know the egg of Columbus.

And that rewards the search engines with a high ranking, because the algorithm is changed: Google is working on artificial reading intelligence, wants to bring the best result to its searchers.

And this is no longer just keyword oriented, but content oriented. Take advantage of this and give real answers to people’s questions.

13. Tell personal stories

A blog that picks up personal stories and destinies is always top.

Of course, it will be hard to accommodate the necessary keywords and catchphrases here, but these stories generate attention and are welcome opportunities to interact with the reader. And interaction via the comments is important.

14. Be a trendsetter and look to the future

Blog articles that look at possible trends and developments in the near future are always in vogue. People don’t just want news of things that happened today, they also like to look into the future. Show your readers which direction the rabbit can or will run to a Topic X – clothing, sports, cars, electronics and so on. You’ll be surprised how many people this appeals to.

15. Hi readers, you can ask me anything today

The area where readers can ask questions is going strong. You generate reader interaction again and basically just have to answer what the reader and site visitors ask. Simple? Yes, absolutely. A kind of Truth or Dare on the Internet. Works!

16. A look behind the scenes

The private broadcasters have long since understood where the journey is heading. Readers and viewers want information. It’s not for nothing that employees are smuggled into McDonald’s, job centers, DHL, drop-in centers for refugees and who knows where else to report. Readers want to know what really goes on behind the scenes.
But you don’t just have to be investigative in this area. Sometimes it’s enough to take a look behind the scenes at TV productions, TV shows, sporting events, if you want to create content that offers added value.

17. Do surveys

Yes, it sounds quite mundane, but surveys in particular pull. If the topic on which the readers are to be polled is right – research options on trending topics with polling options are offered by social media – then the page moves at breakneck speed.

18. Get opinion leaders and influencers on board

There are real stars in the blogger sky. You want to get there, but you’re not there yet. If you write now, for example, on blogger XYZ you must keep an eye on this month, half-year, year, then it is indeed bellyaching, but it certainly brings you a backlink and mention of a hot blogger. Take a look at your access numbers and rejoice.

19. Best of articles are magnets for hits

“Best of” articles provide plenty of traffic. Look at the private TV stations and see how often the 10, 15, 50 or 100 Best of articles are being trashed over and over again. Why do the stations do this? Because they want to burn money for airtime? No, because these topics burn and that in endless loop. And you can find tons of “Best Of” topics on the web. Promised.

20. Article series go into depth

There are topics that deserve to be explored in depth, because they are extremely interesting. Now you can write a skyscraper article with 10k+ words – but nobody reads it. We are lazy. That’s the way it is. And above a certain word count, it becomes an information overload. So you divide 10k of words into 10 individual articles. Continuation story. And if part 1 is exciting or multi-value, readers stay tuned.

21. Mega Listings generate a lot of shares

Listicle - articles with long listings

Lists that contain more than 10 to 15 items hardly anyone really reads through. But – and this is the phenomenon – they are often shared because every reader finds points that, in their opinion, are worth sharing. With such monster listings you achieve a high added value with the reader and accordingly often “share” is clicked.

Often such posts are also called listicles.

Give it a try and let yourself be surprised.

22. Like you – the only true guide!

This is the useful extension of the FAQ story. You meticulously explain to your reader how to start something. Detailed, covering everything and thus showing the reader how exactly to do something: How you create a great blog. Or the Ultimate Sublime Text Howto. Got it?

That’s right, very fond of talking about howtos here.

23. Statistics are in

If you have an affinity for numbers, give statistics a try. If you’re able to break down those stats to your reader and convey the catch behind them, you’ll be way ahead with your article!

24. History and moments in time

History zieht

Historical backgrounds or contexts are also a real perennial favorite. Take a look at the search volume for events in history and you’ll see that a lot – if not everything – goes here. And history gives you the material for mega listings or entire article series.
Documentaries provide an extremely large amount of material in the area of history.

25. Funny News

We have bad news every day. Lots of it and it’s getting more and more.

You can break this up by targeting the funny stories and letting your readership laugh. Laughter is healthy and if you do it well, your followers will quickly know where to go when they want to read funny or curious stories.

26. Animal stories are a guarantee for clicks

Start a self-experiment please. Post a picture of some disaster – of which we have many – and watch the responses or click frequency. And then please post an animated cat or dog GIF and compare.

It will knock your socks off and you know: any animal story really gets your blog going – if it’s backed up with pictures!

27. Technical support for new products

Hardly a day goes by that new products don’t come onto the market where 90 percent of people don’t know how they actually work. Do you have a penchant for trying this out or know sites where this is perfectly explained, get to it. You’d laugh if I told you how many times I’ve strained Google just because I didn’t know how feature X on my smartphone worked. Did I read the instruction manual? No, of course I didn’t. What’s the point of reading everything if I just want a specific question answered?

You realize we’re all lazy. Use this! For example, start an iPhone forum.

28. Do something good

This sounds calculating and cheap. But if you start a fundraising campaign, it will not only attract new visitors, you and your readers will get really active and support a cause.
Maybe such collection or donation campaigns are always part of a marketing campaign, but who cares if it results in something for a good cause? In my eyes, this never came across as fishy.

29. Augmented Reality aka Augmented Reality

pokemon go

The brand new smartphone thing. There’s been a lot of talk about augmented reality in the last two years. But most people still don’t know at least the word. Since Pokémon Go however, everyone knows a practical application of it.

This augmented reality will have a much bigger impact on our lives in the future. Jump on the bandwagon and grab a lot of visitors.

30. Tips to increase productivity

This type of article is very well received. Especially from web workers who, after all, make their money from their own productivity.
Topics would include:

31. Dates and events

There are important dates and events for almost every niche and topic.
Remind people about these dates or report on them afterwards. Especially videos of trade shows or lectures are always very well received.

An alternative would be a calendar that is constantly kept up to date and thus represents an ongoing source of visitors. A well-maintained event calendar can also be a link magnet or lead magnet.

32. Introduce important people

It doesn’t always have to be an interview. Introducing a personality can also be important and useful for your topic.
In some areas, the holistic approach almost forces you to do so.

33. Answer your readers

No matter whether you have received suggestions, questions or wishes via your own forum, comments or via the contact form.
Turn your responses into a standalone blog post and reply to your readers in a very direct way with it. You’ll receive more valuable responses as a thank you.

34. Continuing education and training

The topic of continuing education doesn’t fit every website. Rather, it’s material for a whole new site.
However, for many niche blogs, the section with institutions and opportunities for continuing education lends itself well. Make something of it.

35. Organize a contest

Niche Pages Guide

A bit of a change from the daily work routine is good for many self-employed people. The perfect idea is to combine work with a competition. A prominent example is Peer Wandiger’s niche site challenge.
Participants of contests often become regular readers and active participants on your website.

36. Gifts and unusual ideas

Who does not know the problem. It’s your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s birthday and you need to find a great, if not fancy, gift for it.
This is where you come in. Show your visitors the craziest gift ideas from your niche. Combine that with a list article.

37. Book launches

This idea is not entirely new and is already used by many site owners. Nevertheless, I don’t want to leave out the book launch here.
The selection of books is huge for most of the topics. So you have enough material for new articles. You can also use the Amazon affiliate program for monetization.

38. [Your topic] in the media

Especially not so broadly positioned hobbies rarely appear in the media. A listing or a simple article about it might interest your readers.

39. Break down a topic

Take an interesting topic and break it down into its parts. By this is meant, dive as deep as you can and get everything out of that article. No matter how long the post gets.
But be careful, not every reader likes such detailed writing. Trying it out is worth it, though. You can then use the bounce rate to determine how well the report was received.

40. Infographics

Present your readers with high-quality infographics. The emphasis is already on high-quality!
I’ve tried it before and found out, I have no talent for creating good infographic images. So I would have to hire a graphic designer to do it, which can be expensive.
But if you are able to do it yourself, you have a good tool for well and often linked content in your hand.
On the web you can also find good tools like infogr.am and easel.ly to help you with the creation.


When choosing a topic, please be aware that trending topics come and go like day and night. And yet, there are areas that are always in demand and provide material for blogging every day.

Even if your blog is already mega-successful, you have the fame, it is worthwhile to play some or even all of the above-mentioned topics on a test basis and to see, up goes a tad more.

I hope my content ideas could help you achieve your goals.

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