Backlink Building: The Top Strategies

Backlink Building: The Top Strategies 2024

Backlink building, link building or sometimes just referred to as off-page SEO. Backlinks are the backbone of any successful SEO strategy and play a crucial role in your website’s search engine ranking. In the dynamic digital environment of the year 2024 high-quality backlink building is becoming increasingly important as algorithms become smarter and user experience comes to the fore.

In this article, we highlight the top strategies for backlink building in 2024, from proven methods like guest posting to innovative approaches in influencer marketing and local SEO.

Link building for companies
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Introduction to link building

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are essential for search engine optimization (SEO). They are like recommendations in the real world. When many high-quality websites link to your site, it tells Google that your site is trustworthy and informative.

What are high-quality backlinks?

Not all backlinks are created equal. High-quality backlinks come from trustworthy, relevant, and authoritative sites. How can you recognize them? Pay attention to domain authority, site traffic, and the context of the link.

The difference between follow and no-follow links

A follow link tells search engines to follow that link and include the linked page in their rankings. No-Follow links do not have the same effect, but are still important for a natural backlink structure.


Note: The follow link does not need to be specially marked. So the two follow links are equivalent.

<a href="">Anchor text</a>.
<a href="" rel="follow">Anchortext</a>


<a href="" rel="nofollow">anchortext</a>

1. The art of guest posting: more than just a guest post

Write posts for other blogs in your field.

Guest posts are articles you write for other blogs or online media. These are usually platforms that are in the same or related industry.

How it works: You write high-quality articles for other websites and in return, you get the opportunity to link to your website. This not only generates a backlink, but also increases your visibility and reputation.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, some might consider the guest posting method outdated. However, the reality is different: Guest posting remains one of the most effective strategies for backlink building. Why? Because it not only generates quality backlinks, but it also establishes your brand in your industry and increases your reach.

For the year 2024 there are some recommended practices you should follow when guest posting. First, choose websites carefully. One guest post on a highly regarded site in your niche is far more valuable than multiple posts on less regarded sites. Use tools like Semrush, Sistrix, Mangools, Moz’s Domain Authority Checker or Ahrefs to evaluate potential sites. Second, the content must provide real value.

The article should be informative, well-researched, and written in a way that grabs the reader’s attention. Only then will your post be seen as a valuable resource, increasing the chance of further backlinks and credibility.

Thus, choosing the right platform and creating high-quality content are crucial factors. Treat each guest post as an opportunity to showcase your expertise, not just a means to an end for backlink building. This way, maximize the ROI of your guest post strategy.

Benefits: Branding, backlinks and traffic.

Find broken links on relevant websites and provide a replacement link to your content.

With broken link building, you look for broken links on relevant websites that lead nowhere.

How it works: After finding such a link, you contact the webmaster and offer a link to your own similar content as a replacement. This is a win-win situation: the webmaster gets a working link, and you get a quality backlink.

Advantages: Low competition, high chance of success.

3. Skyscraper technique

Create content that outperforms already well-ranking posts in quality and volume.

The Skyscraper technique consists of finding already existing, well-ranking content and surpassing it in quality.

How it works: You create a significantly better and more comprehensive post and then contact websites that link to the original article to suggest your improved post.

The Skyscraper technique is an innovative SEO strategy that aims to not only mimic existing content on the web, but significantly improve it. The basic principle is simple: find a popular, well-ranking article in your industry and create an even better, more comprehensive post. Then, contact websites that link to the original article and offer your improved version as an alternative. The result? High-quality backlinks and improved visibility.

This technique has many advantages. First, it saves time in researching topics because it works with topics that have already been tried and tested. Secondly, the chances of getting high-quality backlinks are increased because your content is of high relevance and quality. In the year 2024 this is especially important as search engine algorithms are getting smarter and rewarding quality content more than ever.

Case studies provide impressive evidence of the success of the Skyscraper technique. Companies like Backlinko have significantly increased their organic reach using this method. They report an increase in backlink rate of over 65% within a few months of using the Skyscraper technique.

In a digital landscape that is constantly changing, the Skyscraper technique offers a solid, proven method to take your SEO efforts to the next level.

Advantages: High-quality backlinks.

4. Expert Roundups

Interview experts and publish the results.

Expert roundups are articles that summarize opinions or tips from various industry experts on a specific topic.

How it works: You contact experts in your field and ask them to write a short piece on a specific topic. You publish the summarized responses in an article, which then serves as a high-quality resource.

Benefits: social proof, network building.

5. Content Outreach

Actively share your best content with influencers or industry insiders.

Content outreach is the process of actively spreading your content to people who might be interested in it.

How it works: After publishing an article, you contact influencers and industry insiders to make them aware of your post. If liked, they might share or link to the article.

Pros: Direct access to a broader audience.

6. Use resource pages

Offer websites with resource lists to include your content as a helpful resource.

Many sites have resource pages that list useful links for their readers.

How it works: You contact the webmaster of those sites and suggest your content as a useful resource. If your post is of high quality and relevance, it may be included.

Advantages: High quality and topic relevant backlinks.

7. Local partnerships

I also manage my clients' business profiles.
I also manage my clients’ business profiles.

Build relationships with local businesses and exchange backlinks.

This is a collaboration with local businesses or organizations.

How it works: You partner with local players and exchange links or create joint content to better target their respective audiences.

In the world of SEO, we often tend to focus on global reach and overlook the importance of local backlinks. In fact, local backlinks can be extremely effective in certain industries and for regional businesses. Not only do they boost your visibility in local search results, but they can also increase the overall credibility and authority of your website.

Strategies for generating local backlinks are many and varied. Partnering with local businesses that fit your business theme is a proven approach. You can also sponsor local events or publish in local media to gain valuable backlinks. Even attending local trade shows or networking events can provide opportunities for backlink building, such as through post-event coverage or joint press releases.

Tools and services can be very helpful in implementing your local backlink strategy. Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) provides insights you can use to identify local keywords. Platforms like BrightLocal or Moz Local help find and manage local citations, which in turn increases your chances of getting valuable local backlinks.

In short, local backlinks are an often underrated but highly effective tool in your SEO arsenal. They provide a focused and targeted way to increase your business’s visibility and reputation in your immediate area.

Benefits: Local relevance and trust.

8. Social Media Sharing

Use social media to share content to naturally generate backlinks.

Sharing content via social media to increase reach and visibility.

How it works: You post your content on various social platforms. Users who find the content interesting can share it and possibly link to it on their websites.

Advantages: Wide reach, opportunity for viral effects.

9. Press releases

Post press releases for important company news.

Press releases are official notices to media organizations informing about important company news.

How it works: The release is sent to relevant media outlets via press distribution lists. If they are interested, they can publish an article about it and link to your website.

Advantages: High visibility, potential backlinks from news sites.

10. Infographics

Create and share high-quality infographics.

Infographics are graphical representations of information or data.

How it works: After creating an infographic, it is published on your blog or other platform. You can also share it on social media or offer it to other websites that may be interested in using it and backlink.

Advantages: Easy distribution, high utility.

11. Influencer marketing: the power of social recommendations

Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years, establishing itself as a valuable tool in the arsenal of digital marketers. But did you know it can also be an incredibly effective strategy for backlink building? Influencers often have an engaged and loyal community that trusts them. So getting a backlink from an influencer can not only drive traffic, but also increase the credibility and authority of your website.

The challenge is finding the right influencer to partner with. Identify individuals whose target audience overlaps with your own and who produce quality content. Tools like BuzzSumo or Influencity can be helpful in your search. Once identified, build a relationship that goes beyond just business; genuine partnerships lead to more authentic recommendations and thus more valuable backlinks.

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As a concrete example, you could cite the partnership between outdoor clothing manufacturer North Face and travel bloggers. By sponsoring posts about outdoor adventures, North Face received valuable backlinks from highly regarded travel blogs, which significantly increased their visibility and domain authority.

At a time when traditional backlink methods may be losing effectiveness, influencer marketing represents a fresh and effective approach.

Advantages: Broad reach, authenticity, audience targeting

Of course, here’s the revised list in the format you requested:

12. Forum and blog comments

Forum and blog comments are short, topically relevant posts that you insert into discussions on blogs or forums.

How it works: By actively commenting on topically relevant forums and blogs, you can occasionally link your website, provided it adds value to the discussion.

Benefits: Community engagement, topical relevance.

13. Internal link building

Interne Links einbauen
Internal link building

Internal link building is placing links within your website to improve user experience and optimize SEO.

How it works: You strategically link between different content on your website. These links should be helpful to the user and increase dwell time.

For internal linking, I can recommend the plugin Link Whisper. The helpful tool suggests you suitable posts and pages for linking.

Advantages: Improved user experience, SEO.

14. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO - Help a Reporter Out - For high-quality links
HARO – Help a Reporter Out – For high-quality links

HARO is a platform where journalists can find experts for their articles.

How it works: You sign up for HARO and respond to requests from journalists seeking expertise in your field. If your article is selected, you receive a backlink from a trusted source.

Advantages: High authority, expert status.

15. Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis in the context of link building refers to studying the backlink profiles of your competitors.

How it works: Using various SEO tools, you can analyze your competitors’ backlink strategies and find out which links you could get as well.

Advantages: Market knowledge, efficiency.

These strategies can be used individually or in combination to develop a robust link building campaign. What strategies might be most useful for your current projects?

Helpful tools for link building

1. SEMrush

Backlink analysis with Semrush. Really good!
Backlink analysis with Semrush. Really good!

Main function: SEO & Backlink Analysis

Description: SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that offers SEO analysis as well as PPC, social media and content marketing features. The backlink analysis tools are especially strong compared to competitors. My absolute recommendation!

Pros: Versatile, competitor comparison, integration with other marketing tools

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2. Ahrefs

Main function: Comprehensive backlink analysis

Description: Ahrefs offers a wide range of SEO tools, including a powerful backlink analysis feature. With one of the largest databases of backlinks and keywords, it allows deep analysis and benchmarking against competitors.

Advantages: Extensive database, competitive analysis, keyword research

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3. SERanking

Main function: SEO analysis including backlink monitoring

Description: SERanking offers a wide range of SEO tools and also includes a module for backlink monitoring. It is particularly useful for small to medium-sized businesses and also offers white-label solutions.

Pros: Versatility, good value for money, white-label options

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4. Mangools

Backlink research with Mangools' LinkMiner.
Backlink research with Mangools’ LinkMiner.

Main function: SEO toolset including link miner for backlink analysis

Description: Mangools is known for its ease of use and besides keyword research it also offers a specialized tool for backlink analysis, the Link Miner. The tool is especially suitable for beginners and medium-sized businesses.

Advantages: User-friendly, cost-effective, specialized tools for various SEO tasks

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5. BuzzSumo

Main function: content analysis and influencer research

Description: BuzzSumo helps find the most shared content and the most relevant influencers in your field. It is especially good for content marketing and influencer marketing strategies.

Pros: Finds viral content and the influencers that match it, helpful for influencer marketing strategies

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Hunting for leads and contacts with
Hunting for leads and contacts with

Main function: email finding and verification

Description: specializes in finding and verifying email addresses. It is especially useful for outreach activities, such as requesting guest posts or broken link building.

You can also make good use of Hunter in its free version.

Pros: Enables effective outreach for guest posts or broken link building

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7. Linkody

Main function: Backlink monitoring and analysis

Description: Linkody is a monitoring tool specifically for backlinks. It automatically notifies you of new or lost backlinks and provides simple plots for evaluating backlink quality.

Advantages: Automatic notifications about new or lost backlinks, simple plots and evaluation of links.

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8. Majestic SEO

Main function: Backlink analysis

Description: Majestic focuses almost exclusively on backlinks. It provides deep analysis with its own indicators like Trust Flow and Citation Flow to evaluate the quality of backlinks.

Pros: Historical data, trust flow and citation flow as quality indicators

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9. Moz Pro

Main function: SEO toolset including link analysis

Description: Moz Pro offers a comprehensive SEO toolset, including backlink analysis. With the Domain Authority Score, Moz offers an easy-to-understand indicator for the quality of a website.

Pros: User-friendly, Domain Authority as an evaluation measure, on-page SEO analysis

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10. SEOPowerSuite

Rank Tracker from SEO Power Suite
Rank Tracker from SEO Power Suite

Main function: Comprehensive SEO toolset including backlink analysis

Description: SEOPowerSuite is a collection of four tools that cover various aspects of SEO, including backlink analysis through the specific tool called “SEO SpyGlass“. It is suitable for SEO professionals and agencies that want to perform in-depth analysis.

I also like to use Rank Tracker very much. It runs on Mac, Windows and links on the desktop. A professional and affordable choice for checking your SEO actions.

Pros: Complete SEO toolset, in-depth analytics, suitable for professionals and agencies

» About the tool

11. Morningscore

Main function: Comprehensive SEO toolbox

Description: Morningscore is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, all-in-one SEO tool specifically designed to improve the online visibility of websites.

It offers features such as keyword tracking, website health checks, competitor analysis and a unique system of “missions” that guide users through the SEO process while motivating them through gamification. It also allows users to measure the value of their Google traffic and provides an intuitive interface for efficient SEO strategy development.

Pros: Simple SEO tool for beginners and advanced users.

» Zum Tool

Each of these tools has its strengths and could play an important role in your backlink strategy. Which tools would you consider for your current or future projects?

Further information

The importance of anchor texts

Anchor text, also known as an anchor, is the visible and clickable text in a hyperlink. It is much more than simple text – it is a signal to search engines and readers about what the linked page is about. It’s a kind of preview or label that gives the reader and search engine an indication of what they can expect if they follow the link.

<a href="">Anchor text</a>.

Why is anchor text important for SEO?

Search engines like Google use anchor text to better understand the content of the linked page. A well-worded anchor text can help search engines understand the context of your page and the relevance of the link. For example, an anchor text like “tips for better SEO practices” might indicate that the linked page contains valuable information about SEO.

How to use anchor text properly

There are some best practices you should follow when creating anchor text:

  • Keyword-rich, but not over-optimized: Use keywords in the anchor text, but avoid using them too frequently or unnaturally.
  • Descriptive and contextual: The anchor text should accurately describe the content of the linked page. An anchor text like “click here” doesn’t tell readers or search engines much about the content of the linked page.
  • Variety is key: avoid always using the same anchor text for all links to a given page. Variety helps create a more natural backlink structure.

Pitfalls and what to avoid

Note: This is very important. Memorize the following two points.

  • Over-optimization: using keywords too often can be considered spam.
  • Misleading anchor texts: The anchor text should always be relevant to the content of the linked page. Misleading anchor texts can lead to a poor user experience and could even be interpreted as a manipulation attempt by search engines.

Analyze and monitor backlinks

It’s important to regularly check the quality and quantity of your backlinks. Tools like Google Search Console can help with this.

Analyze your competitors’ backlinks

Look at what sites your competitors are getting backlinks from. Maybe you can gain similar links for your own site.

The role of offpage SEO in backlink building

Off-page SEO includes all activities that take place outside your website. This includes backlink building.

Common mistakes in backlink building

  • Unnatural anchor texts
  • Backlinks from bad sites
  • Excessive linking


It can take several weeks to months. But only if they are also strong enough to affect change.

Generally not, as they violate Google’s guidelines. With purchased links, you always risk being penalized by Google. In the best case, Google simply devalues your expensive purchased links.

My favorite method for new link ideas is: Analyze the backlinks of your competitors. This will help you quickly find a lot of link opportunities that you can work off of.

Theoretically yes, but focus on high quality and relevant sites.

Quality and topic relevance are important.

The way to a successful backlink strategy

Throughout this article, we have discussed different strategies for successful backlink building in year 2024 highlighted, from the art of guest posting to the Skyscraper technique to local SEO tactics.

Implementing a comprehensive backlink strategy requires careful planning and multi-faceted approaches. It is important not to rely on just one method, but to develop a diversified portfolio of backlink sources.

Finally, we recommend incorporating the aforementioned tools and strategies into your marketing planning and continuously monitoring the effectiveness of your efforts.

The next step? Start and keep at it!

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