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Kadence Shop Kit Guide 2024 - Maximize WooCommerce 🛒

For working with WooCommerce, Kadence Shop Kit 2.0 offers some interesting new features. For example, product pages can now be customized as desired and there are also new features for checkout. Find out what the WordPress plugin offers overall in my Kadence Shop Kit review.

Kadence Shop Kit im Editor

Kadence Shop Kit Review

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Kadence Shop Kit is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you quickly and easily boost your WooCommerce store on your website. It offers customizations for product view, product galleries and badges for your products. The size tables and product brands are also handy.

As a store owner, you can use new options for your online store with the Kadence Shop Kit. For example, it is easier to customize the product pages more extensively. As a supplement and extension to WooCommerce on WordPress, the multi-tool thus offers flexible options for store operators and ensures that your own webshop can be set up even better. What exactly the WordPress plugin from Kadence offers you, you can read here with us. So you can use the WooCommerce extension effectively for you.

Kadence Shop Kit 2.0: What’s new?

Dynamics and performance are clearly the focus of the new Kadence Shop Kit 2.0. It makes it easy for online store operators to offer their own customers completely new shopping experiences. More than 15 powerful modules are now available with the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce and provide more flexibility and convenience.

For your online store, the Shop Kit from Kadence offers a powerful extension and your WooCommerce-based store can be extensively optimized.

A first advantage is, for example, that you do not have to calculate any additional costs for the plugin. Why this is so, you can read in the next paragraph.

Important for you: The Kadence Shop Kit plugin belongs to the Full Bundle of Kadence and is therefore available to all users of the WordPress theme who have subscribed to a bundle. The plugin can thus be easily downloaded and installed from the Kadence Dashboard. Those who already use an earlier version can upgrade accordingly in the plugins dashboard.

But what does the new plugin offer in concrete terms and what are the new features? First and foremost, there are two notable novelties that Kadence offers with the Shop Kit. First, it is the possibility to customize the layouts of product pages, making your own store even more unique and customized according to your own corporate design. On the other hand, the extension can be used to optimize the check-out, making it even easier for customers to reach the conclusion of a purchase.

What exactly is new in the Kadence Shop Kit and what the plugin can convince you with, you can read in the following sections and get an optimal overview of the functions of the plugin.

Customize product pages with the Kadence Shop Kit

Probably one of the most important new features is the chance to customize the layouts of the individual product pages. The template builder of the Kadence Shop Kit in version 2.0 is based on the block editor of WordPress and thus allows to create attractive and equally dynamic product layouts. Previously, this was already feasible, but for this it was necessary to use custom code.

Now, even as a no-code solution, it is possible to customize product layouts while accessing Kadence’s powerful template features. The products offered can thus be presented in a unique way. For your customers, this often leads to a completely new shopping experience.

Make your store stand out from the rest.
Make your store stand out from the rest.

What are the advantages of individual product layouts?

It is almost obvious which advantage the use of individual layouts for product page offers. It’s not just the fact that the shopping experience can be customized for customers so that they know directly who they are shopping with. Likewise, Kadence’s Shop Kit can be used to create a customized look and feel. This makes it easy to professionalize one’s brand presence and clearly differentiate the storefront from other WooCommerce-based online stores.

It doesn’t matter if you want to customize a product layout for all products or only for individual categories or single items. You have the freedom to act flexibly and customize the product pages the way you want. The different layout options offer a lot of leeways. Thus, you can act flexibly and use individual layouts depending on the product category. This is useful, for example, if you sell certain product variants that differ from other items. But it can also be helpful to use a (slightly) different layout for special promotions, offers or discounts. This way, your customers will know directly that it’s a limited-time promotion, for example, or a special edition of the item.

Customize the product layout and product galleries.
Customize the product layout and product galleries.

In this regard, the plugin offers a number of new features that you can use for your product pages. These details include:

  • Use of different gallery styles is possible to present products individually
  • Videos can be integrated so that the product details can be even more extensive and versatile
  • different variations can be used, also there are variation galleries for your products
  • Reviews can be integrated, also good reviews for products can be displayed first; furthermore, there is the possibility to create an overview of reviews
  • Affiliate sales are possible through the Kadence affiliate product options and can increase revenues
  • Size charts (e.g. for fashion) can be added to the product pages as tabs, in addition, size charts can be created individually and applied to single products or product categories; this allows customers to find the right size more easily
  • additional tabs with information about the products can be easily created and integrated, for this purpose the WordPress block editor is used and allows dynamic information about the offered products

Improve the check-out

Another great new feature of the Kadence Shop Kit is the opportunity to optimize the check-out process. This was a feature that users had requested and approached the developers with. The reason is quite clear: according to studies, an optimized check-out ensures that customers complete purchases more often, thus increasing the conversion rate. With a smooth, fast and personalized checkout process, sales are increased, which should have a positive effect on your business.

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With the Kadence Shop Kit, it is now possible to make various optimizations around the checkout of the WooCommerce-based online store. These include these aspects:

  • Abandoned purchases in the checkout process can be reduced, by customizing the checkout to individual customer needs
  • The checkout manager allows the design of individual fields for the checkout process, as well as fields, can be activated and deactivated
  • Checkout forms can be customized, which can simplify the checkout process
  • Shopping cart messages can be targeted and customized to specific shopping carts, so depending on the contents of the cart, customers will receive a message to encourage them to complete the purchase; also, the total amount or weight of items in the cart can serve as the basis for customized shopping cart messages
  • Product recommendations can be tailored to individual shoppers, and custom promotions can be implemented to encourage shoppers to select and purchase additional products
Revise your shopping cart and checkout
Revise your shopping cart and checkout

What else does the plugin offer?

In addition to these two important features, the WP plugin offers several other functions and makes customizing your webshop even easier. In total, there are more than 15 different modules that can make your work easier and create a better shopping experience for your customers. In the following, we will present you a selection of the modules and show you which advantages can be associated with them:

  • Additional descriptions for categories: Kadence Shop Kit provides an additional area for category descriptions. You can find it below the products on the category pages of WooCommerce. With more comprehensive content, you can improve the search engine optimization of your online store and offer more details to customers.
  • Free email customizer: You can customize the templates of the WooCommerce emails with the extension and thus integrate your own design and branding. This will make your webstore stand out from the crowd and provide your customers with a unique shopping experience.
You can choose from 6 predefined gallery designs.
You can choose from 6 predefined gallery designs.

More questions about Kadence Shop Kit

There are surely some questions about the plugin that you ask yourself. We would like to answer some of these questions briefly and concisely here.

The plugin uses a smart code that is as short as possible. So only the content that is really used will be loaded. This means: modules that you do not use, will not be loaded. Likewise, the plugin does without additional scripts; only JavaScript and CSS are loaded as needed.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about the Kadence Shop Kit plugin causing any slowdown. This is generally not the case.

No, the plugin is not free of charge. Rather, it is a paid premium plugin that you can use to extend your WooCommerce store. 15 additional modules are available to you with the use.

However, if you have subscribed to the Kadence Full Bundle, you do not pay for the plugin additionally, but it is already included in the price.

The Kadence support is available to help you with any questions. There is also an extensive documentation on the website of Kadence, where you can find a lot of information about Kadence, the Shop Kit and more.

You can use WooCommerce as an open-source solution for free and create and design an online store with it without much effort. By adding the Shop Kit from Kadence, you also have the chance to expand your store extensively and create a better user experience. But also for you as the operator of the store, the work is facilitated by the plugin.

Thus, with the plugin included in the Kadence Full Bundle, you can increase your sales, better reach your customers and intensify customer loyalty.


Overall, the Kadence Shop Kit version 2.0 offers many features that make it easier for you as a store owner to customize your WooCommerce store. For your customers, you can thus install various facilitations and, for example, design the product pages to match the layout of the store. This quickly ensures that your customers can orient themselves better and know who is behind the offer. This can promote customer loyalty, for example.

Different layouts for products, product categories or even overview pages ensure a professional appearance. By using the WordPress Block Editor, you can customize the layouts according to your wishes and thus offer your customers a better shopping experience.

Use your own fields and conditions.
Use your own fields and conditions.

Likewise, you can still optimize the checkout process and in this way ensure that customers do not simply abandon their purchase. Through individual adjustments to the needs of your clientele, the extension thus contributes to the fact that the conversion rate increases and more prospects become paying customers in the end. Also in this area, the plugin offers various features in the new version and makes your work easier.

But that’s not all. Because you can also take advantage of additional descriptive texts for categories and thus offer your customers added value. Furthermore, Kadence offers the Shop Kit an opportunity to customize the emails to your customers – for example, the order confirmation after the purchase. This also ultimately strengthens your brand and leads to greater recognition.

All in all, the Kadence Shop Kit offers a number of benefits for your online store and primarily ensures various possibilities for customization. These advantages clearly show that using the plugin can pay off for you and that you can offer your customers added value on various levels.

With the Full Bundle from Kadence, the store kit is already included in the price and does not incur any additional costs. If you already use the plugin in a previous version, the upgrade is also very easy.

By the way, I recommend combining the phenomenal Kadence Theme with the Kadence Blocks for WooCommerce.

Kadence Shop Kit Review


Kadence Shop Kit is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you quickly and easily boost your WooCommerce store on your website. It offers customizations for product view, product galleries and badges for your products. The size tables and product brands are also handy.

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