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Feminine Themes and Blocks for Kadence - Restored 316

2.7 seconds – according to recent studies, this is the time you have to catch the attention of your website visitors and arouse their interest. With Kadence Themes and Blocks you can get a lot closer to this goal, because the ready-made designs are not only suitable for classic blogs, but also offer a lot of space for the design of commercial online presences. With Restored 316 you can expand your selection with feminine themes – there’s something for everyone here, too!

Who or what is behind the “Kadence Themes”?

Kadence WP is a US-based company that creates and publishes powerful and versatile design plugins for your WordPress-based website. You can choose between pre-made starter templates and the custom editor. The former have the advantage of being able to simply “get a taste” of the software – the latter, on the other hand, require a certain basic knowledge.

In addition to the “pure” designs, Kadence WP Premium offers additional functions. These include, for example, the gallery or websites created according to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Other features include the display of an estimated reading time or customizable page transitions.

Just click on the link to get a personal impression of Kadence WP and the corresponding Kadence Premium variant! Thanks to the 30-day guarantee from the date of purchase, you have nothing to lose!

Feminine themes by Restored 316: simple, uncluttered and inviting
Feminine themes by Restored 316: simple, uncluttered and inviting

Restored 316 – a brief overview

With Restored 316 Designs you can extend the scope of the “standard” Kadence plugin with numerous childish and feminine themes. You can choose between ready-made themes, where you only need to adjust colors and layout (or not even that), and “rough” website design templates. What they all have in common is the simple and feminine interface, which is especially suitable for blogs and inviting online stores.

Restored 316 was founded in 2008 with an explicitly female target group. However, it goes without saying that the service is not only aimed at female entrepreneurs and bloggers, but equally at their male counterparts.

Advantages and scope of Restored 316 for your website

Feminine WordPress themes from Restored 316 are a great choice for anyone who wants to create a sleek, detailed and inviting blog or online store. Some advantages you have with Restored at a glance

  • Attention to detail: all feminine themes include the building blocks you need to make it as detailed as possible. At the same time, Restored 316 promises that you will be able to design your site with the building block as it is seen in the demo.
  • Extensive support: The Restored 316 team is available to answer your questions by phone and email. You will receive precise support for both technical and content-related issues. However, only in English.
  • Intuition: Restored 316 promises to make all themes as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible.
  • Flexibility: At Restored 316 you won’t find any design “off the shelf”. All themes are individually and extensively customizable. Also a combination of single elements of several themes are possible – and desired!

Individual feminine themes at a glance: The Child Collection from Restored 316

Restored 316 offers you a wide range of themes that fit almost every website genre. You enjoy maximum flexibility and benefit from the favorable conditions. For single feminine themes you pay a fixed price between 100 and 200 dollars, with which you buy a lifelong right of use. There are no further costs.

In our opinion, we present three particularly great feminine themes from the Child Collection.

1. The Thyme Theme: Perfect for recipe ideas, food blogs & Co.

Thyme WordPress-Theme
Thyme WordPress-Theme

With the “Thyme” theme, the name says it all – it’s all about food and drink! With this design, Restored 316 especially addresses food bloggers and bloggers who want to inform about sustainable nutrition, for example.

The theme offers three homepage options and an integrated Instagram template that allows you to direct your users from Instagram to your homepage. Integrated recipe cards allow you to present your self-designed recipes in a visually appealing way or to send them as newsletters to your readers. The block editor makes designing the page itself a breeze and allows for many adjustments even afterwards.

In addition to three predefined color palettes, you can also choose a completely individual color design for your homepage with the Thyme Theme. Kadence’s integrated construction kit makes it as simple and clear as possible for you.

By the way: The features of Kadence Premium, such as the AMP optimization for mobile reading, you use with Restored 316 and your site created with it, of course!

2. Sage theme: universal design for all types of blogs and stores

Sage WordPress-Theme
Sage / Sage WordPress-Theme

The Sage theme impresses with a simple basic design arranged in blocks, which you can customize almost unlimitedly, both in terms of color and positioning. Basically, you have four homepage options and an Instagram page template to choose from. The latter allows you to give users on Insta a direct impression of your website – and thus draw potential customers’ attention to your blog.

Integrated sales page templates offer you the possibility to create your first sales page with just a few clicks and to customize it as well. The integration of WooCommerce (a plugin that allows you to build a full-fledged online store into any kind of website) makes it as easy as can be for you here.

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Other features & benefits of Sage Theme:

  • Speed: The theme is optimized for core web vitals.
  • Customizable header and footer, according to your taste.
  • Predefined and individual color palettes – more choice is not possible.
  • Block editor for simple and clear page design.

3. The Glamour Theme: Perfect for fashion, lifestyle or your first online store

Glamour WordPress-Theme
Glamour / Shine WordPress-Theme

With the Glamour Theme you decide for probably the most flexible and individual theme, whereas Restored 316 generally convinces with a lot of flexibility. Here, too, the name says it all, because “Glamour” offers a simple, but promising and high-quality homepage interface. As with all themes, you can customize the colors and layout to suit your individual needs.

Basically, you can choose from four ready-made homepage options. The familiar Instagram page template, with which you can redirect your users directly from Instagram to your blog or store, is also on board here again. And: WooCommerce, the simple and inexpensive store extension for your website, can be implemented and made ready for use with just a few clicks. M It doesn’t get any simpler than this!

You will find the classic block editor in the Glamour theme as well. But since the design is very individual in most points, we can’t present it to you in too much detail here. The best thing to do is to get an impression of the Glamour Theme on the Restored316 website!

The Block Collections: Decide for the perfect mixture of individual themes!

With the so-called Block Collections, the creators of Restored 316 primarily want to address users who are not interested in a specific theme, but in a “group” of thematically matching blocks.

WordPress block collection on the theme Travel / Journey
WordPress block collection on the theme Travel / Journey

An example: The presented Glamour Theme contains different Gutenberg blocks that fit to very different themes. You can create an online store, your travel blog or a website about fitness based on the theme. With a block collection, you now decide to buy the best food or travel blocks from the individual themes. So you don’t have to look through all the designs in a cumbersome way, but directly get a collection of themes that fit the theme.

Here you can find the 10 best themes for travel blogs.

Usually, you know what you want your site to be about before you create it. Therefore, in many cases it makes sense to choose, for example, the very flexible and open Glamour Theme and then adapt it to the individual theme of your blog / store with the appropriate Block Collection. The possibility to combine different designs is one of the biggest strengths of Kadence and Restored 316 – so take advantage of it as much as possible!

A short overview of available Block Collections at Restored 316

Restored 316 Block Collections - Feminine Themes
Restored 316 Block Collections
  • Travel: The best travel-themed blocks with matching colors, captions, and background accents.
  • Farmhouse: Here you will find the most beautiful blocks in the design of the classic country house, especially with an eye on the color scheme.
  • Darling: For everything on the theme of love, friendship and relationships – with the Darling blocks you decide on the right accents.

By the way: For the Block Collections Restored calls prices between 79 and 99 dollars. From our point of view, this model is more than fair, since you save yourself the time-consuming search and the purchase of several themes. Have a look at the Block & Theme Collections in more detail!

Additionally, Restored 316 offers “Funnels” – these are page templates with which you can present your customers exactly the products and/or services they are interested in. The goal of a funnel is to move the customer to the final purchase decision (if you will, to the “exit of the funnel”) and to present them with various “touchpoints” along the way. Included in each bundle is a sign-up page, a sales page, and a thank you page. In addition, they contain a waiting list with an integrated newsletter, which automatically notifies interested parties when their desired product is available again.

Digression: How to install the Kadence plugin with the Restored 316 themes in your WordPress interface

Finally, a quick overview of how to install and set up the plugin and feminine themes on WordPress:

  1. Sign in. Click on “Plugins” at the top and then click on the “Add New” button. Find the Kadence plugin and add it.
  2. Click on the “Install” button. Once the plugin is installed, you will need to activate it using the button of the same name. Here you will enter the code that you received to your email address when you purchased Kadence WP.
  3. After registration and installation, you can add additional themes by clicking on “Add Themes & Themes” in the “Themes” section.
  4. Once the process is complete, you can use your Restored 316 themes as usual in the WordPress editor.

Conclusion: Kadence WP and Restored 316

Especially for blogs and smaller online stores, Kadence is a great way for users to quickly and easily create their professional web presence.

With Restored 316 you expand the available designs with primarily feminine themes. But don’t worry: the editor is so versatile and flexible that the possibilities go far beyond that. Try Kadence WP and Restored 316 for yourself during the free 30-day trial period!