NeuroFlash Guide - How to use the AI text generator

neuroflash Guide - How to use the AI Text Generator

neuroflash is currently one of the best AI text generators for the German language and even offers a free version. The integrated ChatFlash assistant, a browser extension and much more make it one of the most powerful tools for copywriters, bloggers and marketing professionals.

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neuroflash Guide

EUR 30.00

neuroflash is a comprehensive AI content suite that enables professional content creators and marketing teams to quickly and effectively create customized copy and images. It offers tools for branding, teamwork and content optimization in compliance with the GDPR. A free text is definitely worth it!

With neuroFlash, you can easily create great stories, blogs or whatever you want. And the best part? I’ll show you how easy it is!

What is neuroflash?

At its core, neuroflash is an AI-driven text generator. With the help of pre-installed templates, you can have various types of content such as blog posts, product descriptions or advertising texts created directly by artificial intelligence. The tool relies on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology from OpenAI. You can currently choose between GPT-4 and GPT-4.

neuroflash pays particular attention to the creation of high-quality German texts, as the company itself comes from Germany. It was one of the first providers to allow users to switch between the “you” and “you” forms.

neuroflash prices

Es geht ab € 30,00 monatlich los.
Prices start at € 30.00 per month.

neuroflash offers three different price plans. The affordable Standard plan is limited by a few features, but should still be enough for most users. However, if you run several websites, the Pro plan with several brand voices is practical.

StandardProBusiness plan
Limits30.000 words & 30 imagesUnlimited words & imagesUnlimited words & images
Premium Workflows
LanguageTool Premium
LLMsGPT-3.5GPT-3.5 & GPT-4GPT-3.5 & GPT-4
Brand Voice15unlimited
Price€ 30,00/month80.00 /month€ 300.00 /month

In the comparison of the tariffs, I have mainly listed the features with restrictions. All standard functions are included in all plans.

neuroflash Coupon Codes

If you are a new user, use the discount codes:

Standard package for €15 instead of €30 in the first month – discount code:


One-time 20% discount on an annual plan – discount code:


neuroflash functions: Everything at a glance

In addition to the actual AI-supported text generation, neuroflash comes with some practical additional functions that make the tool particularly powerful:

Content functions

  • 100 ready-made templates for creating different types of text such as blog posts, product descriptions, advertising copy, etc.
  • Text generation possible in 8 languages, including German of course
  • Switching betweenyou and you-form as well as dialect support
  • Grammar and spelling check via the integrated language tool
  • SEO analyses to optimize content for search (WDF*IDF and more)

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main functions:

ContentFlash – AI text generator

The centerpiece is the so-called ContentFlash, i.e. the AI text generator. This is also where I spend most of my time.

I don’t even know where to start. The functions are extensive and often offer several steps. That’s why I would have to cover them all with screenshots if I wanted to show everything.

Hunderte Prompt-Vorlagen für jeden erdenklichen Anwendungsfall.
Hundreds of prompt templates for every conceivable use case.

However, the prompt templates are certainly a central point. Everything is nicely divided into categories or can be found using the search function.

Erstelle deine eigenen Prompts
Create your own prompts

If you have special use cases that are repeated, you should create and save your own prompts. You can do this via the same menu. The prompts are then also accessible in the practical Chrome extension.

An unbeatable combination, I tell you!

I would particularly like to highlight the “Write blog article” template at this point. You can use it to create a complete 2,000-word blog post in no time at all:

  1. Enter a title
  2. Create an outline with headings
  3. Let the AI fill all paragraphs with content

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a fully developed article in your hands. Of course, you shouldn’t publish the AI texts unedited. However, this approach can save an enormous amount of time, especially for simpler topics, if you only need to polish the raw version afterwards.

ChatFlash: A directly integrated GPT assistant

Der Chat neben dem Editor.
The chat next to the editor.

With ChatFlash, neuroflash has integrated a complete ChatGPT clone into the tool, so to speak. Not only can you generate texts, but you can also ask general questions to the AI and make full use of its enormous knowledge base.

The nice thing is that the chat is always available in the sidebar. You can therefore ask further questions or generate text blocks at any time while writing in the editor.


Die Workflows im ContentSlash.
The workflows in ContentSlash.

The name workflow may be confusing. You don’t create your own workflows here, but use predefined ones for narrowly defined tasks.

At the time of writing, there is the blog post and the social media post workflow.

The wizard guides you step by step to the finished content. You fill in the fields and click on “Next” until your text is ready.

ImageFlash – Generate AI images

Der Bildgenerator
The image generator

You’ve already guessed it, ImageFlash is an image generator based on artificial intelligence.

As you can see in the screenshot, the available functions are unfortunately very rudimentary. I would like to see more fine-tuning.

I had originally only entered “AI text creation tool”. The “Optimize input” button expanded my prompt as follows:

Image in computer graphics, bird's eye view: an AI text creation tool in action. In the style of Alex Andreev.

The result was a rather bizarre image. But that’s how I usually feel about AI image creation. I tend to have little luck with the results.

Integrated language and SEO analysis

An absolute highlight for me is the LanguageTool for checking grammar and spelling. This allows you to see directly where the AI may have made mistakes and optimize the texts accordingly.

Die SEO-Analyse im Editor.
The SEO analysis in the editor.

Even if neuroflash cannot keep up with professional SEO tools when it comes to SEO analysis, the integration of some important metrics such as the WDF*IDF analysis is very helpful. This allows content to be prepared for search engine optimization, at least at a basic level.

Brand Hub

Brand Hub - Markenstimmen
Brand Hub – brand voices

The Brand Hub makes the difference between bland AI texts and captivating content in your writing style.

In addition to the brand voice, you can also manage information such as product details, target groups or keyword lists here. Can be used for your texts at any time.

I have created a brand voice for each of my websites and projects. It stores attributes such as tonality, style and perspective. Don’t worry, the tool will help you if you don’t yet have a brand personality.

PerformanceFlash & ResearchFlash

PerformanceFlash is an online tool to help authors and brands optimize their texts so that they trigger the desired emotions and associations in their target groups. Here are the key points, simplified:

  1. Real-time feedback on copy: You get instant feedback on how your copy might resonate with your readers, particularly in terms of the emotions and thought associations triggered.
  2. Adaptation to goals and topics: You can use the tool to create texts for specific goals and topics. To do this, you first select what you want to achieve and specify a topic.
  3. AI-supported text suggestions and analysis: The platform uses artificial intelligence to generate suggestions for texts and analyze how well they are likely to be received by your target group.
  4. One-click optimization: You can adjust and improve your texts with just one click, based on feedback from the tool.
  5. Flash score: The tool offers a so-called flash score, which allows you to compare and evaluate the potential impact of your texts before they are published.
  6. Increase marketing ROI: By optimizing your texts, you can achieve better marketing results and make your campaigns more effective.
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For example: If you want to launch an advertising campaign for a new product, you can use PerformanceFlash to ensure that the description of the product evokes exactly the emotions and associations that encourage people to buy. The tool gives you suggestions on how to change your copy to better resonate with your target audience.

An ingenious tool. Not so useful for blogging, but advertising texts and social media can benefit enormously from it. Unfortunately only available with the €300.00 Business Plan.

The browser extension

In my opinion, the neuroflash browser extension for Chrome and Firefox is a very practical function. This means you always have the writing AI to hand and can use it on any platform – whether in Word documents, emails, content management systems or social networks.

neuroflash Browser-Erweiterung
neuroflash browser extension

If, like me, you like to write directly in the WordPress block editor, the browser extension is a real blessing.

How I create high-quality texts with neuroflash

In my personal content creation process, I mainly use AI tools like neuroflash at an early stage to get a basic text, or more precisely, a first rough draft.

As mentioned at the beginning, I often use the blog article workflow for this at the start. In just a few minutes, I have a 2,000-word article including headlines and complete text.

Blogpost Workflow mit zusätzlichen Informationen und meiner Brand Voice.
Blog post workflow with additional information and my brand voice.

Very important! Use the functions of the Band Hub to personalize your texts. This will make you stand out from the AI crowd. You can take a look at my ChatGPT prompt, where I achieve similar results using few-shot prompting.

However, this is followed by the crucial manual part: I revise and optimize the AI version extensively according to my ideas and content specifications. In this way, I avoid qualitative or content-related deficiencies and ensure a high-quality, target group-relevant article.

In my experience, this approach is primarily suitable for articles on less complex topics. Here, the AI can take over the majority of the pure “writing work”.

However, the more demanding and specific the content is, the more manual revision is required. For highly complex topics, I therefore often only use AI for initial brainstorming and structuring.

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Very good text quality thanks to the German origin of the tool
  • Wide range of templates for all possible text types and applications
  • Practical additional functions such as ChatFlash, browser extension, SEO analyses, etc.
  • Free version available to get started


  • Higher price compared to some competitors
  • Compared to other AI text generators, the blog post generator offers too few functions
  • The text editor does not support links

Who is neuroflash suitable for?

neuroflash is suitable for a wide range of users and teams who want to improve their content production with the help of artificial intelligence. Here are some groups for whom neuroflash is particularly suitable:

  • Professional content creators: individuals who regularly produce content, such as writers, bloggers, and journalists, can benefit from fast and diverse text creation to enrich their work and make it more efficient.
  • Marketing Teams: Teams working in marketing and advertising can use neuroflash to quickly produce creative and targeted content such as blog posts, social media posts, and advertising copy.
  • Businesses: Companies of all sizes looking to make their brand communications consistent and effective will find neuroflash a tool to create customized content that reflects their brand voice.
  • Social media managers: People responsible for planning and implementing social media strategies can use neuroflash to create engaging posts that drive interaction and reach.
  • Web developers and designers: Content creation for websites and digital projects can be simplified with neuroflash by quickly generating text for web pages, blogs and product descriptions.

neuroflash is also suitable for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and freelancers who want to improve their communication and content output. The platform also offers special features for teams, such as document and template sharing and a unified brand voice, which increases collaboration and efficiency.

The best alternatives to neuroflash

In addition to neuroflash, there are several other exciting AI text generators on the market. Particularly worth mentioning here are

  • Jasper: The best-known and most versatile AI writing assistant worldwide, popular in the blogging scene
  • Agility Writer: Super comprehensive AI blogger with mass function
  • KoalaWriter: Internationally very popular AI writer.
  • SEOWriting: Inexpensive alternative to Agility Writer and KoalaWriter
  • WriteSonic: Inexpensive tool with a good price-performance ratio
  • GetGenie: Tool specially designed for WordPress content creators

Depending on your individual needs and budget, one of these candidates may even be more suitable for you than neuroflash itself. A proper test is often worth its weight in gold here.

Help and support

Der Supportbereich im Online-Tool.
The support area in the online tool.

The support from neuro-flash is pleasantly quick and helpful. I either use the chat directly in the tool or emails.

In most cases, you won’t even need human support, because video tutorials, live webinars and an extensive help center cover every conceivable question.

I also like the fact that all updates are presented and explained.

Personal neuroflash experience

I have spent the last two years immersing myself in the world of AI. That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time with Python and the OpenAI API interface. Training my own models has also captivated me for a long time. That’s why I only recently started using ready-made tools like neuroflash.

However, the time savings and quality of the results speak strongly in favor of a well thought-out tool. neuroflash shows its strengths as a constant companion, or much more assistant. The Chrome extension and the many ready-made text types in particular make daily tasks easier.

If you really want to create almost finished and pre-formatted blog posts, a tool like Agility Writer might be more suitable.

But what do other users actually say about neuro flash? You can find mostly positive feedback on the usual review portals:

  • “Finally a really good AI text generator that also masters the German language perfectly. The quality of the texts is really impressive!” (5 stars)
  • “As a blogger for travel topics, neuroflash is a huge relief for me. The article templates make writing so much more efficient without having to sacrifice quality massively.” (4 stars)
  • “Unfortunately, the tool is quite expensive, especially for private individuals like me. But at least there is a free version with which you can test neuroflash extensively.” (3 stars)

The only negative aspect is the comparatively high price for many private users. However, the price level is not unusual for professional applications in agencies and companies.

neuroflash Howtos

👉 This is what happens next

  • Experiment with different templates and functions of neuroflash to see which are best suited to your specific needs.
  • Deepen your knowledge of content creation and SEO by reading further articles to optimize your texts even better for search engines.

neuroflash Guide


neuroflash is a comprehensive AI content suite that enables professional content creators and marketing teams to quickly and effectively create customized copy and images. It offers tools for branding, teamwork and content optimization in compliance with the GDPR. A free text is definitely worth it!

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