Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Thrive Quiz Builder - New content for your blog and social media

With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can playfully acquire new customers or resegment existing lists. But with a quiz you also have a whole new form of content on your site, which also works very well on social channels.

Create impressive quizzes in minutes that look like 100 hours of programming. With the WordPress Quiz Builder plugin, you build online quizzes right in the editor.

Thrive Themes is one of the biggies when it comes to high-quality plugins for WordPress. Especially Thrive Leads and the Content Builder hang all competitors. The latest product is Thrive Theme Builder . A WordPress theme with complete freedom over your changes.

How much will the plugin cost me?

Thrive Suite Prices
Thrive Suite Prices

Thrive’s products are market leading, but unfortunately they are not free. Therefore, here is the pricing breakdown once again.

The Thrive Quiz Builder is not only available as Thrive Suite membership. You can then use all Thrive products on 5 sites.

The standalone plugin costs $97.00 annually and can only be used on one site.

Thrive SuiteThrive Suite Agency
AudiencePrivate and sole proprietorAgencies and web designers
Use on client websitesnoyes
Price$ 299.00 / Year$ 588.00 / Year
To OfferTo Offer
Thrive Suite Price List – Prices with annual payment

With 30 days money back guarantee


Thrive Themes Dashboard

For installation you can find the Thrive Product Manager in the Member Dashboard of Thrive Themes. You can now upload the plugin .zip file as usual in the plugins menu of WordPress and activate it afterwards. In this article you can read how to install the plugin.

After that you have the item Product Manager in the WordPress admin menu. The first time you click on it, you need to connect to the dashboard. Enter your login details and now go to Log In.

Install Thrive Plugin

Now select Thrive Quiz Builder and click on Install selected products.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Quiz Plugin WordPress
WordPress Quiz Plugin

The quiz builder is one of the most comprehensive on the WordPress market. This is also the claim of the creators.

But the tool wasn’t built just for quizzes. Thrive Themes specializes in generating leads. That’s exactly what this WordPress quiz plugin is all about.
The WordPress quiz plugin helps you increase your reach and attract new customers.

Well created quizzes always have the potential to go viral. Especially on Facebook, we’ve known this for years.

You can always combine your quiz with Thrive Leads to generate a new email subscriber right after the brainteaser. Or sell your product.

Thrive Quiz Builder Tutorial

Thrive Quiz Builder Dashboard
Thrive Quiz Builder Dashboard

We will start in a blank Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Dashboard.

1. Create Quiz

After clicking Add New Quiz, you can choose a template for list building or social shares.
Alternatively, you can start your brain game completely free: Build from scratch.

Choose template or create completely free
Choose template or create completely free

Build from scratch – Without template

Start with an empty template.

List building – Subscribers

Email Vorlage

This template is optimized to collect new email subscribers. The reader can see the results page only if he is subscribed to your newsletter.

Social shares – Share

Social Vorlage

You want more shares for your page or article, then select this template. Social share buttons will be displayed on the results page so your quiz can be shared and get more reach.

I start without a template – from scratch – and click CONTINUE.

Assign quiz names
Give the WordPress quiz a name

In the next step you assign a name for the quiz and select CONTINUE again. Now the mind game is created.

In the next four steps you will be guided through the creation process.

2. Select type

Quiz Typ
Type for your first quiz

Now you are in the overview for the newly created quiz.

The black box will guide you through the next steps. Change Type indicates that we should select a quiz type first. Click on the corresponding button.

Select quiz type
Select Thrive Quiz Type

The type indicates how the result will be displayed at the end.
You have four options:

  1. Number: Display the result as a number.
  2. Percentage: Display the result as a percentage value.
  3. Category: The result is a category of a topic.
  4. Right/Wrong: Were the questions answered correctly or incorrectly.

The quiz type Right/Wrong is a new addition. That’s why I want to try them out. CONTINUE.

Quiz settings
Quiz settings

The next settings define what happens after a question is answered.

  • Load next question
  • Highlight correct answer (Highlight correct answer)
  • Highlight and provide feedback on answer

Now there are different possibilities. In my case I can highlight the correct answer after X seconds or when the user presses the Next button.

I choose 10 seconds and press SAVE.

3. Determine style

Quiz Style
Continue to Quiz Style

Back in the dashboard, it’s on to choosing a style. Select Choose a Quiz Style.

Select Quiz Style
Choose a Quiz Style

Currently there are four predefined styles to choose from.

I’ll choose the first one called Light Blue and click on CHOOSE STYLE.

4. Create quiz questions

Questions: create the questions
Questions: create the questions

The most important part of a quiz. The questions!

In the third section you define the actual quiz questions. To do this, click MANAGE in the Questions box.

Thrive Quiz Builder Questions Editor
Thrive Quiz Builder Questions Editor

Now you are in the actual question editor. The heart of the WordPress plugin.

Of course, there’s not that much to see here yet. Just the quiz start and an Add Question button, which we’ll press right away.

Quiz with pictures or text
Text or Images Quiz

In the popup you have the choice between three types of questions:

  • Multiple Choice with Buttons (multiple choices with buttons)
  • Multiple Choice with Images (multiple choices with images)
  • Open Ended Question

I stick with the first choice with multiple choices and buttons.

Create a question with multiple answers
Create a question with multiple answers

When creating the question, you can always optionally add an image. After that, the question and as many answers as you want.
Depending on the type, points or percentages can be given for the answers. But not in this example. Only the winner with the check mark at correct answer.

Besides text, you can also create the question using video or audio.

See also
Thrive Optimize Guide - A/B Tests for WordPress

The individual questions can be freely moved and linked in the overview. A modern visual way of quiz creation.

When you are done with the question, click SAVE.

Create more questions or click Save.
The finished quiz

Now you can create more questions and move and link them freely.

several quiz questions
Example with several questions

But this simple guessing game is finished with one question. I end with SAVE & EXIT.

5. Quiz result page

Quiz result page
The results page

The results page is especially important if you want to collect email addresses or social shares.

Please click on MANAGE in the results section. Alternatively a redirect would be possible.

Thrive Quiz Edit Results Page
Edit the results page of the game

This page should be optimized for your readership. Therefore, you can use A/B testing to test several variations for effectiveness. The pages can be cloned or archived.

The blue button takes us further to the page editor.

If you are already using another Thrive Themes product, you probably already know the Thrive Architect WYSIWYG editor. With it, you can customize the results page according to your needs. My tip, use the keyboard shortcuts in Thrive Themes editor.
The Quiz Result placeholder will then spit out the result based on the brain game.

Customize Thrive Quiz Result Style
Customize Thrive Quiz Result Style

Don’t forget to click on SAVE WORK. With that, your first WordPress quiz is ready.

This video shows step by step how to create your first game:

The finished quiz

Copy Shortcode
Copy shortcode

Once you are done, it can be pasted anywhere using a shortcode.

Copy this code.

Example [tqb_quiz id='65']

Thrive Quiz Shortcode im WordPress Editor einbauen
Paste shortcode in WordPress editor

You can paste the shortcode anywhere on your posts or pages. This is exactly where your WordPress quiz game will appear.

Thrive Architect Quiz Element
Thrive Architect Quiz Element

Or, if you’re using Thrive Architect, it’s even easier with the quiz element.

Thrive Quiz Builder - question answered
Thrive Quiz Builder – Question answered

This is what the question quiz looks like on my test blog. Marked in green is my answer.

Thrive Quiz ready result page
The finished result page

And now the finished results page.

I really chose the easiest way everywhere and did not make any adjustments. That’s why my example looks a bit empty and unattractive, of course.

But the creation is really done within a few minutes. Even if you haven’t used Thrive Quiz Builder before.

Reports and Statistics

Thrive Quiz Reports and Statistics
Thrive Quiz Reports and Statistics

All Thrive products come with clear and customizable reporting. It’s the same with the quiz builder.

Directly in the overview page, the number of completions and the subscribers and shares are displayed for each quiz.

More detailed and with filters it goes again on the reports page.

With these statistics you have all the necessary data for optimization at hand.

More features

The quiz software for WordPress comes with many features. I would like to list the most important ones here.

A/B tests

Quiz Splittest
Create multiple variants

Only big agencies and professionals can perform elaborate split tests?

Not true!

As with all Thrive Themes products, you can create A/B test variants with Quiz Builder. The variants are played out evenly. After a set time and a certain number of insertions, a winner can be chosen. Based on the collected data, of course.

The winner is then switched as a new original and the worse variations are paused again.

One-Click Import and Export

Import and Export

As of 4/15/2020, you can export your quiz on one WordPress installation and import it again on other installations. There have been numerous requests for this feature.

Of course, you must also have Thrive Quiz Builder installed on the target site. If that’s the case, you’ll have any quiz installed in just a few steps.

Tutorials: How to create a successful quiz?

Every beginning is hard! On your first attempt, you’re sure to have countless questions. Thrive University offers two free video tutorials.

How do I use quizzes to increase conversions?

Thrive University: How to Use Quizzes to Boost Conversions
Free short for your first quiz
  • Lesson 1: Choose a goal and a quiz type
  • Lesson 2: Write an engaging quiz title
  • Lesson 3: Build powerful results pages
  • Lesson 4: The golden rules of quizzing
  • Lesson 5: How to promote your quiz
  • Lesson 6: Use your quiz insights wisely

Free of charge

To the course

Segmentation with Quiz Builder and ActiveCampaign

Kurz für Fortgeschrittene: E-Mail Segmentierung
Advanced Segmentation Brief

How to Take Advantage of the Infinite Segmentation Power of Quizzes in ActiveCampaign?

This course is advanced and teaches how to segment your newsletter subscribers using Thrive Quiz Builder. ActiveCampaign is used as the autoresponder. However, the tutorial will also work with other providers.

  • Lesson 1: Create a segmentation quiz
  • Lesson 2: How to create automations in ActiveCampaign

Free of charge

To the course


Thrive University
Thrive Themes University

Thrive Themes offers excellent support. The list of help is large.
For all products there are

  • Manuals
  • the Knowlegde Base
  • Webinar recordings
  • Support forum
  • E-mail support

at your fingertips.

Across the board, you can continue your education with many courses at Thrive University. These online courses are broken down into smaller lessons, making them a bit easier to consume.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Ultimate quiz plugin
  • Many ready templates
  • Integrations
  • Backend in English only


Thrive Quiz Builder has scored very well with me. A quiz can be created quickly and without much effort. I was almost astonished.
That’s why I give it a full five points. Also the price for the WordPress Quiz Plugin is good. Especially because you get the updates here for a lifetime, and only for the support after a year again have to extend.

Go for it!



  • One year later the plugins and themes from Thrive Themes are available again individually.


  • Thrive products are now only available with Thrive Suite.

02.09.2020 – Version 2.3.1

  • Visual editing of questions for minimalist style.

23.07.2020 – Version 2.2.18

  • New quiz style: survey/survey

11.06.2020 – Version 2.2.16

  • You can now send quiz answers and results in an email from to your quiz takers or to yourself when someone submits a quiz.

21.2020/05 – Version

  • Send quiz results as tags or custom fields

15.04.2020 – Version 2.2.15:

  • Import and export your Thrive Quiz Builder quizzes with one click.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review


With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can playfully acquire new customers or resegment existing lists. But with a quiz you also have a whole new form of content on your site, which also works very well on social channels.

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